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This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Note that links in boldface type represent architect and firm pages that are either more complete or are particularly well-developed. Links that are in red font are not live and represent pages that are still in queue. These pages may also have been deferred for lack of information or because the practitioner has more recently entered the scene. This index nonetheless provides a comprehensive list of those who practiced in Nebraska from 1854-2000. Files are kept for each.

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Babcock, Richard L., Architect; SEE Richard L. Babcock (1936-__), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1961-1976 (1988?)

Baca, Robert M., Associates, Architects; SEE Robert M. Baca Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968

Baca, Robert M., Architect; SEE Robert M. Baca, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968

Bachtold, Thomas E., Architect; SEE Thomas Eugene Bachtold, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-2000

Bachman, Merle S., Architect; SEE Merle S. Bachman, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 2003-2008

Backlund, B. H., Associates, Inc., Architects; SEE B. H. Backlund Associates, Engineers & Architects, Norfolk, 1960, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1968

Backlund, Brandon H., Engineer; SEE Brandon H. Backlund, Engineer, Norfolk, 1960, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1952-1968

Bacon, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry Bacon (1866-1924), Architect, New York, New York

Badami, John P., Architect; SEE John P. Badami, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Baggstrom, John Eric, Architect; SEE John Eric Baggstrom (1870-1943), Architect, Wausa, Nebraska, 1909-1917

Bahr, Deon Franklin, Architect; SEE Deon Franklin Bahr (1938-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1967-2000

Bahr & Hanna, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska

Bahr, Hanna & Vermeer, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-1975, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-1975

Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker, Architects, Lincoln, 1970-75, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, Architects, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2011

Bailey, Bruce, & Associates, Architects; SEE Bruce Bailey & Associates, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975

Bailey, Howard B., Architect; SEE Howard B. Bailey (1863-____), Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1888-1895

Bair, M. N., Architect; SEE Moses N. Bair (1863-1934), Architect, Auburn, 1893, Falls City, 1894-1907, and Hastings, Nebraska, 1909-1915

Baker, Arthur Dixon, Architect; SEE Arthur Dixon Baker (1868-1933), Architect, Omaha, 1888-1919; Gering, 1919-1922; and Grand Island, Nebraska, 1924-1933

Baker, Douglas S., Architect; SEE Douglas S. Baker, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1955-1959

Baker, Margaret A., Architect; SEE Margaret A. Baker, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-1955

Baker, R. W., & Son, Architects; SEE R. W. Baker & Son, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1899

Baker, R. W D., Architect; SEE Robert W. D. Baker (1835-____), Superintendent, Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1912

Baker, Ronald E., Architect; SEE Ronald E. Baker, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska,1977 -2000

Ballard, D.; SEE D. Ballard, Architect

Ballard, Byrl J. (Jack), Scenery & Fresco Painter; SEE Byrl J. (Jack) Ballard (1878-1952), Scenery & Fresco Painter, Diller, Crete, Lincoln, Omaha, Fairbury, and Beatrice, Nebraska (1900)

Bankers Realty Investment Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, ca. 1916-1919; SEE Francis Willford Fitzpatrick (1863-1931), Architect and Artist.

Barber, George F., Architect; SEE George F. Barber (1854-1915), Architect, Knoxville, Tennessee

Barclay, Heath J., Architect; SEE Heath Jason Barclay, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1965-1976; and San Antonio, Texas, -2003

Barrowman, T. T., Architect; SEE T. T. Barrowman, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska, 1891

Barstow & Lemm, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1906

Barstow, S. A., Architect; SEE S. A. Barstow, Architect, Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Basham, J. Keith, Architect; SEE J. Keith Basham, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, -1985-2000

Bassett, A. G.; SEE A. G. Bassett, Architect, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Bates, Alfred, Architect; SEE Alfred Bates (1829-1914), Architect, Chadron, Nebraska

Bates, Charles S., Architect; SEE Charles S. Bates (1860-1943), Architect, Chadron, Nebraska

Batie, David L., Architect; SEE David Lynn Batie, Architect, Orlando, Florida, and elsewhere

Baumer, William, Architect; SEE William Baumer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1866-1868

Baysel, Christian; SEE Christian Baysel (1857-1911), Civil Engineer, Omaha, Nebraska, 1892-ca. 1912

Beam, Eugene Allen, Architect; SEE Eugene Allen Beam (1934-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1965; and Sioux City, Iowa, 1966-1976

Beardslee, Charles Edward, Architect; SEE Charles Edward Beardslee (1932-____), Architect, Lincoln, 1965-1975, -2003; and Norfolk, Nebraska, 1979-1982

Beardslee, Christopher M., Landscape Architect; SEE Christopher M. Beardslee, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Beck, Victor F., Architect; SEE Victor F. Beck (1880-1943), Mason-Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1904-1917

Beckenbach, J. R., Jr., Architect; SEE J. R. Beckenbach, Jr., Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1971-1972

Beckenhauer, Robert Loren., Architect; SEE Robert Loren Beckenhauer (1931-2015), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1965-2004

Becker, John, Architect; SEE John Becker, Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1976

Beers, Jack, Architect; SEE Jack Beers, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-2000

Behlen, Walter D., Engineer; SEE Walter D. Behlen (1905-1994), Engineer, Columbus, Nebraska

Beidler, Herbert Bishop, Architect; SEE Herbert Bishop Beidler (1897-1979), Architect, Chicago, Illinois

Beindorff, Charles F., Architect; SEE Charles F. Beindorff (1862-1898), Architect,Omaha, Nebraska, 1876-1909

Bell & Berlinghof, Architects, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1888-91, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1893

Bell Creedon & Berlinghof, Architects, Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska, ca.1890

Bell, Charles E., Architect; SEE Charles Emlen Bell (1858-1932), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska (1883-1896?) and Council Bluffs, Iowa

Bell, Mifflin E., Architect; SEE Mifflin Emlen Bell (1846-1904), Architect, Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, D.C.

Bell, Thomas M., Architect; SEE Thomas M. Bell, Architect, York, Nebraska, 1886-1893

Bell, W. A., Architect; SEE William A. Bell (ca. 1838-____), Carpenter-Architect, York, Nebraska, 1884-1885

Bellangee, James W., Architect; SEE James W. Bellangee (1844-1915), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

Bellas, Charles, Architect; SEE Charles Bellas (1879-1966), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Bellas, Hugh, Architect; SEE Hugh Bellas (1847-1930), Builder-Architect, Auburn, Nebraska, 1893-1909

Beman, D. Scott, Architect; SEE D. Scott Beman, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1993-1999

Beman, S. S., Architect; SEE Solon Spencer Beman (1853-1914), Architect, Chicago, Illinois

Bemis & Fordham, Architects, Builders & Stone Cutters, Beatrice, Nebraska, 1870

Benes, Joseph, Architect; SEE Joseph Benes, Architect, Madison, Nebraska (1893)

Ben-Ora, Samuel, Architect; SEE Samuel Ben-Ora (1896-1978), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1945-1946

Benson, B. W., Architect; SEE B. W. Benson (1877-1926), Architect, Central City, Nebraska, 1915

Benson, John A., Architect; SEE John A. Benson (1937-2006), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-2000

Berchenko, Joseph, Architect; SEE Joseph Berchenko, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Berg, James B., Architect; SEE James Brian Berg, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Berg, Lowell S., Architect; SEE Lowell S. Berg, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Bergeron, Narcisse, Architect; SEE Narcisse Bergeron, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1891

Bergers, Gaylin F., Architect; SEE Gaylin F. Bergers, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1975-2000

Berggren, Jerry L., Architect; SEE Jerry L. Berggren, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1976-2000

Bergt, Richard L., Architect; SEE Richard L. Bergt, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Berigan, Jerry, Architect; SEE Jerry Berigan (1927-1997), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1958-1960

Beringer, David J., Architect; SEE David J. Beringer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1970-2008

Berk, Herman Agustus Gustav, Architect; SEE Herman Agustus Gustav Berk (1874-1936), Architect and Artist, Denver, Colorado, 1908-1913, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1935

Berlinghof, George A., Architect; SEE George A. Berlinghof (1858-1944), Architect, Omaha, 1882-1897; Beatrice, 1898-1904; and Lincoln, Nebraska, 1905-1944

Berlinghof & Davis, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1911-1917

Berlinghof & Grant, Architects, Beatrice, Nebraska

Best, Herbert Reynolds; SEE Herbert Reynolds Best (1862-1891), Architect, Boston, Massachusetts, 1884-1890; Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Beuttler, William, Architect; SEE William Beuttler (1883-1963), Architect, Sioux City, Iowa

Beuttler & Arnold, Architects, Sioux City, Iowa, 1912-1940

Beuttler & Son, Architects, Sioux City, Iowa, 1953-1963

Beyer, Albert William, Architect; SEE Albert William Beyer (1924-1997), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1961-1997

Bicak, Joseph Frank, Architect; SEE Joseph Frank Bicak (1920-2011), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1960-1986

Bick, George Washington, Architect; SEE George Washington Bick (1877-1948), Architect, York, Nebraska, 1910-1913

Bick, W. A., Architect; SEE W. A. Bick, Architect, York, Nebraska, 1911-13

Bigley, Bernard A., Architect; SEE Bernard A. Bigley (1911-1996), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1947-1976

Bilyeu, Aaron W., Architect; SEE Aaron W. Bilyeu, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1989-2000

Birch, Patricia J., Architect; SEE Patricia J. Birch, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2003

Birch, John S., Architect; SEE John Shelley Birch (1853-1940), Architect & Artist, Omaha & Lincoln, Nebraska, 1888-1889; Salt Lake City, Utah, 1892-1918

Birens, F.; SEE F. Birens, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1912

Birge, John R., Architect; SEE John R. Birge, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Bishop, Gary A., Architect; SEE Gary A. Bishop, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1990-2003

Biskup, Francis Valentine, Architect; SEE Francis Valentine Biskup (1923-2007), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1955-2001

Black Hills Company, The, Architects, Deadwood, South Dakota, 1909-1912; SEE John Philip Eisentraut (1870-1958), Architect

Blake, J. S., Architect; SEE Joseph Stillman Blake (1835-1898), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1887-1898.

Blake & Company, Architects; SEE Joseph Stillman Blake (1835-1898), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1888-1890.

Blake & Zander, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1895.

Blake, Miller & Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska; SEE Joseph Stillman Blake (1835-1898), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1887.

Bliss & Faville, Architects

Block, Kylan G., Architect; SEE Kylan G. Block, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1980-2000

Boehncke & Bohmrish, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1880-1881

Boehncke, Max Alexander Theodore, Architect; SEE Max Alexander Theodore Boehnke (1836-1903), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1884-1885

Bogdanovs, Boleslavs, Architect; SEE Boleslavs Bogdanovs (1917-1984), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966, Connecticut, 1971

Boger, Joseph, Architect; SEE Joseph Boger, Architect, South Omaha, Nebraska, 1893

Bohmrish, Louis, see Boehncke & Bohmrish, Omaha

Boileau, J. W., Architect; SEE J. W. Boileau, Architect, South Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Bollard, Donald C., Architect; SEE Donald C. Bollard (1885-1962), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1921

Boller Brothers, Architects and Theater Designers, Kansas City, Missouri, and Los Angeles, California

Bonet, Leo, Designer; SEE Leo Bonet, Designer, Chicago, Illinois

Bonge, Lynn E., Architect; SEE Lynn E. Bonge, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-2003

Borchman, A., & Sons; SEE A. Borchman & Sons, Contractors

Borer, Wayne M., Architect; SEE Wayne M. Borer, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1992-2000

Borham, Duane; SEE Duane Borham, Lincoln, Nebraska

Borner, William L., II, Architect; SEE William L. Borner, II, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975-2003

Borst, Thomas Butler, Architect; SEE Thomas Butler Borst (1840-1907), Architect-Builder, Omaha, Nebraska c1867-1869

Borst & Dufrene, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1868-1970

Bostater, John, Architect; SEE John Bostater (1815-1906), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1873-1880

Bostater & Gorball, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1876

Bott, Michael S., Architect; SEE Michael S. Bott, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, ____-2003

Bouchard, Louis C., Architect; SEE Louis Cyril Bouchard (1884-1965), Architect, Chicago, Illinois, 1910-1945

Bourgeois, L. J. B., Architect; SEE Louis J. B. Bourgeois, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1892

Bourgeois & Ditchner, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1891-1893

Bouton, Glen Wesley, Architect; SEE Glen Wesley Bouton (1914-1989), Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1945-1961

Bowder, Dale T., Architect; SEE Dale T. Bowder, Architect, Wahoo, Nebraska, -2000

Bowell, Calvin J., Architect; SEE Calvin J. Bowell (1870-1937), Architect, Omaha, 1912-1916; York, 1917; and Grand Island, Nebraska, 1921-1937

Bowen, Gary R., Architect; SEE Gary R. Bowen (1942-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1967-2003

Bower, Boyd Oliver, Architect; SEE Boyd Oliver Bower (1932-____), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1964-1969

Bowles, O. T., & Associates, Architects; SEE O. T. Bowles & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-1975

Bowles, Oscar T., Architect; SEE Oscar T. Bowles, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1975

Boyer, Delford Ulysses, Architect; SEE Delford Ulysses Boyer (1917-2005), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1950-1976

Boyer & Biskup Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1956-1973

Boyer, Biskup & Widstrom, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1963

Boyer, Biskup, Bonge & Associates, Architects, Norfolk, 1973-1975; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1974-1975

Boyer, Biskup, Bonge, Noll & Scott, Associates, Architects, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1975

Braasch, Kent B., Architect; SEE Kent B. Braasch, Architect, Broken Bow, 1975-1976; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1979-2000

Brabrook & Brown, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska, 1893

Bradley, Robert A., Architect; SEE Robert A. Bradley (1872-1929), Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1915-1929

Bradley, R. A., & Company, Architects; SEE R. A. Bradley & Company, Architects, Hastings, Nebraska, 1915, 1920

Brage, G. F., Architect; SEE G. F. Brage, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1893

Bramow, David E., Architect; SEE David E. Bramow, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1975-2000

Brandt, Eugene H., Architect; SEE Eugene H. Brandt (1867-1918), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1903-1918

Brenner, Ralph A., Architect; SEE Ralph A. Brenner (1892-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1921-1935

Brielmaier, Erhard, Architect; SEE E. Brielmaier & Sons, Architects, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1887-1960

Brigham, Norman R., Architect; SEE Norman R. Brigham (1887-1972), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1905-1970

Brim, Mark A., Architect; SEE Mark A. Brim, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1982-2000

Brinkman & Hagan, Architects, Emporia, Kansas

Brinkman, Henry William, 1881-1949, Architect; SEE Brinkman & Hagan, Architects, Emporia, Kansas

Brinkman, William A., Architect; SEE William Allan Brinkman, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-1976

Brisnehan, James R., Architect; SEE James R. Brisnehan, Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, 1999 -2000

Brockman, Harold James, Architect; SEE Harold James Brockman (1930-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1976

Broderick, John Carroll, Architect; SEE John Carroll Broderick (1923-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Brodersen, Jill M., Architect; SEE Jill M. Brodersen, Architect, South Sioux City, Nebraska

Brodkey, A. H., Company, Architects; SEE Abe H. Brodkey (1901-1964), Architect

Brodkey, Abe H., Architect; SEE Abe H. Brodkey (1901-1964), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1941-1943

Broer, Erich H., Architect; SEE Erich H. Broer, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1907

Broer, Erich H., Architect; SEE Erich H. Broer, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Brokering, Paul J., Architect; SEE Paul J. Brokering, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1979-2000

Broline, O.L., Architct; SEE O. L. Broline (1876-1946), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1907

Brooks & Kruse, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1893

Brooks, W. S., Architect; SEE William S. Brooks (ca. 1861-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1892-1908

Brown, Charles H., Architect; SEE Charles H. Brown, Architect, Beatrice, Nebraska, 1888-1893

Brown, Dwayne R., Architect; SEE Dwayne R. Brown, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1989-2000

Brown, G. W., Architect; SEE G. W. Brown, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1914

Brown, J. Vincent, Architect; SEE J. Vincent Brown, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970

Brown, Randy, Architects; SEE Randy Brown Architects, Omaha, Nebraska

Brown, Randy G., Architect; SEE Randy G. Brown, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1993-2000

Brudney, Joseph P., Architect; SEE Joseph P. Brudney, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1990-2000

Bryan, James W., Architect; SEE James W. Bryan, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1893

Buch, Edmund C., Architect; SEE Edmund C. Buch, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1976-____; and Cypress, California, ____-2000

Buckley, Audrey L., Architect; SEE Audrey L. Buckley, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1992-2000

Budd, Wesley Riddle, Architect; SEE Wesley Riddle Budd (1910-1982), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1943-1944; and Salt Lake City, Utah, 1946-1962

Budler, Jack Jerome, Architect; SEE Jack Jerome Budler (1928-2013), Architect, Grand Island, 1966-1967; Lincoln, 1967-1971, and North Platte, Nebraska, 1973-2000

Built Rite, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-1954

Bukacek, J. Edward, Architect; SEE J. Edward Bukacek, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000

Bullington, Susan S., Architect; SEE Susan S. Bullington (1960-____), Architect, Grand Island, Nebraska, -2000

Bunker, Franklin Nesseth, Architect; SEE Franklin Nesseth Bunker (1924-1987), Architect, Des Moines, Iowa; Grand Island, 1954, Kearney, 1955-1958, and Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974-1976

Burdick & Boller, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1891-1895

Burdick & Burdick, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1902-1903

Burdick, I. E., Architect; SEE Isaac E. Burdick, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1891-1905

Burgett, Edgar William, Architect; SEE Edgar William Burgett (1919-1971), Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1957-1970

Burgett, Edgar W., & Associates, Architects; SEE Edgar William Burgett (1919-1971), Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1967-1970

Burgin, Robert Harry, Architect; SEE Robert Harry Burgin (1934-2012), Architect, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1965-2000

Burggraf & Son, Architects, Hastings, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Burke, Steven S., Architect; SEE Steven S. Burke, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1996-2000

Burkehead, George W., Architect; SEE George W. Burkehead (1858-1931), Architect, Sioux City, Iowa, ca. 1890-1911

Burnett, Knox F., Architect; SEE Knox F. Burnett (1903-1943), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1934

Burnham, Daniel Hudson, Architect; SEE Graham Burnham & Co., Architects, Chicago, Illinois

Burrell, Frederick L., Architect; SEE Frederick L. Burrell, Architect, Fremont, Nebraska, 1888-1889

Burrill & McNett, Inc., Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1971

Burrill, Loren S., Architect; SEE Loren S. Burrill (ca. 1907-1983), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1945-1980

Burroughs, Max, Engineer; SEE Clark & Enersen, Olsson, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska 1962-_

Buss, Richard Bradley, Architect; SEE Richard Bradley Buss, Architect, Hastings, Nebraska, 1971

Butler, _____, see Meyer & Butler, Nebraska City

Butler, John J., Architect and Builder; See John J. Butler (1839-1904), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1869-1904

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