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This page is a technical supplement to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects.

Every architect and architectural firm identified by the research for Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects is represented by a page in this web publication. The names were initially compiled from listings of self-identified architects or architectural firms as found in available Nebraska state or city directories from 1854-1976. The listings were later expanded using a variety of sources, as cited within the entries.[1][2] After 1937, Nebraska architects could identify themselves as such only if they were legally registered to practice, and pages are provided for those both practicing here, and known to have produced a building or project in Nebraska. The State Board of Examiners rosters were used in conjunction with city directories in expanding and refining the listings from 1937-2000.[3]

The format for each page varies according to the available information, but may include any or all of that described below:


The name of the practitioner or firm is given as the title to the page. For individuals, this includes the full name with birth and death years (in parentheses), as available. Known places of practice are then listed, along with any relevant “doing business as” (DBA) or “also known as” (AKA) names or titles.


A brief biographical or professional introduction to the individual or firm appears below the page title information. Some introductions will be more extensive, depending upon the state of current research. Citations or links to other major works on the individual or firm will be provided here, including those to other pages that are also posted to this wiki.

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

This section, if present, provides the years for which directories were consulted concerning the subjects. Specific directories are not cited unless required in an explanatory note. The reader may review a list of directories consulted in the Notes to this page section below. In most cases data from the directories will be found in the Educational & Professional Associations or Lineage of the Firm sections (see below).

Educational & Professional Associations

This section provides a summary chronology for the practitioner’s educational and professional career, revealing a kind of genealogy of influences, experience, and collaboration. Dates are based upon those given by the sources. In some cases this means conflicting information is posted. Efforts to resolve conflicting accounts will be ongoing, and will be explained in a note. We look to future research and/or contributions from the public to delineate the most accurate account possible.

Lineage of the Firm

This is an alternative section to “Educational & Professional Associations.” It displays the chronological evolution of related or interrelated firms, where the firm is more than an individual, is a partnership, or has multiple principals. Firms may or may not have their own page.

Other Associations

This section lists other significant associations, including the dates and nature of each. Such may include teacher-student relationships, work with collaborators, and employer-employee relationships. Entries to this section fundamentally begin to reveal architectural “genealogies.” Development of this section will be on-going.

Architectural Study Travel

This section is included when available. Such may provide insight into the regions or specific buildings that have informed or influenced the practitioner’s work.

Buildings & Projects

Here are found cited attributions to the actual buildings and places a practitioner contributed to the landscape. While intended to be specific to the person or the firm responsible for the building---that is, to correctly credit or attribute the creative and technical authorship---in the majority of cases individuals worked for firms, and firms relied on individuals to accomplish the work of the firm. Creative or technical attributions, therefore, are complex, and as best can be determined, buildings will be listed with each known contributor as well as with the firm. Notes are used to clarify the individual roles as revealed by source or as suggested by other research. The reader, then, should consult the various firm pages associated with an individual to gain a more complete picture of an individual’s career.

The identification of individual contributions will ultimately, it is hoped, allow the reader to discern the web of collaboration required to produce most buildings, which has become especially complex in the modern era. Attributions are initially entered here as indicated by the sources. Further work in resolving potential conflicting claims to authorship or in clarifying roles where multiple claims have been made, will involve an ongoing effort. The best attributions will be based on primary research, building by building. Some, therefore, have been made based upon the compiler's cumulative research. Links to other research that may be devoted to these issues will appear prominently in this section.

Format of the building listings

The building listing will include the following information, excluding any data that is not available:

  • Building or project name (usually given as the historic name—the name at the time of design and construction—as best can be determined);
  • Building dates, in parentheses, given as derived from the sources, but ideally to be inclusive of the inception of planning through occupancy or dedication, followed by a demolition date or a notation regarding its status, if known;
  • Address or vicinity, if known;
  • Town or vicinity of the building;
  • State;
  • Cited references for the attribution are given in numerical form, in brackets;
  • Notes of clarification may be given in lower case alpha form, in brackets;
  • The historic preservation site file number, if available, is given in parentheses (note that such file may be considered as a source, without citing the primary research filed therein).

As the work proceeds, the sum of cited sources will exist as a bibliography supporting the attribution and its original timeline.

Links from the building list

Some building listings will be linked to further information; as the work proceeds, more of these will be available. Links typically lead the reader to one or more additional sources:

  • Links encompassing the building name and date go to an image of the building, complete with descriptive caption, credits, and full source documentation;
  • Links encompassing the full name and location of the building typically go to a building page, with narrative description and history, additional images, bibliography, and links to more information;
  • A link at the end of the listing, designated National Register narrative, goes to an (off-site) pdf file of the National Register of Historic Places narrative description and history. The reader should be aware that, in many cases, new research may post-date the National Register research. Care should be taken in reading those documents and citing their conclusions. Generally, the data posted in this publication will be the most accurate and up-to-date available.
  • In the future, a link off the historic preservation site number will go to an (off-site) site data page; this, or another link, will also provide access to a map showing the location of unrestricted properties.

Publications, Writings, Visual Arts, Exhibitions, and Etc.

This section appears with a custom heading where relevant. Entries here include citations to the published or manuscript works of an architect, or to contemporary publications that feature the architect’s work. Visual arts and works appearing in exhibition are also included. Interpretive materials of an historical nature---those that post-date the architect's life---typically appear in the References or Other Sources sections, below.

Honors & Awards

This section appears as relevant, and includes honors and awards, both architectural and otherwise.


Notes include technical details and other clarifications made to data recorded on the page. A single note may refer to multiple data on the page. These are given in lower case alpha characters, bracketed in the text.


Citations to the data on the page. As with the Notes above, these are not provided in traditional footnote form in order to avoid repetition of the citation when it refers to multiple data. Citations are given in numerical characters, bracketed in the text.

Other Sources

Entries here include other sources of information about the firm or the architect that was not used as a References citation, or did not appear with the Publications & Exhibitions of the architect.

Page credits

As scholarship of the Nebraska State Historical Society and its collaborators, and unlike most wikis, entries here are signed, as appropriate. This is provided as a courtesy to scholars, students and others who may wish to use the work as a source in other research or publication, and who may wish to verify the authority behind the contribution. This, therefore, is not an anonymous work, and the public can rely on the information included here as the best research currently available. Contributions to this work are moderated; the dated authorship for each page will reflect the ongoing work and contributions.

Notes to this page

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[3] Nebraska State Board of Examiners for Professional Engineers and Architects Directories consulted: the examination of yearly reports, used through the year 2000, has been superseded by the Board’s website, at:

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