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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1903-1918

Eugene H. Brandt was born October 24, 1867 in Illinois, the son of John and Georgeanna Brandt. His family moved to Missouri when he was very young. His father was listed as a carpenter in the 1870 U. S. Census and as a farmer in 1880.[1][2][3] Eugene graduated from the University of Illinois College of Engineering with a bachelor of science degree in architecture in 1897.[9][a] He first appears in city directories of Lincoln, Nebraska as a draftsman in the office of J. Tyler & Son in 1903. Midway through that year, James Tyler, Jr. was appointed the State Architect of Nebraska and shortly thereafter he hired Brandt as Assistant State Architect.[4][5] Their tenure was brief and problematic, as they were appointed without an appropriation to pay their salaries, and when they later submitted warrants for payment, most of them were refused (at least initially). A legislative committee also investigated whether Tyler was undertaking private architectural work in violation of his state contract. Their posts were eliminated in 1905.[6] That same year Brandt married Jessie Palmer, sister of James Jr.'s wife Julia.[7] The brothers-in-law continued to practice together in the office of J. Tyler & Son, then in 1907 reorganized as Tyler & Brandt, Architects. Brandt was listed in the 1915 Lincoln city directory as an architect with A. W. Woods. That association was apparently very brief, as within that same year the firm of Tyler, Brandt & Tyler brought together father, son, and brother-in-law. Brandt died in 1918 at age 51 and James Tyler, Sr. died the next year at age 75. James Tyler, Jr. continued his architectural practice under the Tyler, Brandt & Tyler name until at least 1924, then under his own name for many more years.[1][8]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings


Educational & Professional Associations

1897: BS in architecture, University of Illinois.[9]

1903-1907: draftsman, then architect, James Tyler & Son, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1903-1905: Assistant State Architect of Nebraska.

1908-1915: architect and partner, Tyler & Brandt, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1915: architect with A. W. Woods, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1916-1918: architect and partner, Tyler, Brandt & Tyler, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

See James Tyler & Son, Architects; Tyler & Brandt, Architects; and Tyler, Brandt & Tyler, Architects.


a. Francis J. Plym was a classmate of Brandt, as was Meldora Ice, who "received the first diploma ever given to a woman at the University of Illinois for completing a course in the college of engineering." Brandt's thesis was listed as "Design for a city residence."[9]


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