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Beatrice, Nebraska, 1900-1902


George A. Berlinghof (1858-1944), Architect

Richard W. Grant (1862-1939), Architect

The architectural partnership of Berlinghof & Grant was brief but productive. The firm announced its formation in 1900 and was listed in the directory for Beatrice and Gage County in 1902, after which the partners continued in individual practice.[1][a]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Beatrice, Nebraska, 1902.

Buildings & Projects

Brick and stone store building for J. H. Clearman (1900), Minden, Nebraska.[3]

Methodist Episcopal Church (1900), Minden, Nebraska.[4]

A "modern dwelling" for Mrs. Van Arsdale (1900), Beatrice, Nebraska.[5]

Alterations on flat building and on residence for D. W. Cooke, Beatrice, Nebraska.[5]

Dwelling for J. O. Jeffrey (1900), Wymore, Nebraska.[5]

Old North Annex Building (1901-1902), Ingleside, Hastings Regional Center, Hastings, Nebraska.[2][6][8][12][15][b]

Rebuilding project for Nebraska State Penitentiary (1901), Lincoln, Nebraska.[7][13][14][c]

Russell County Courthouse (1901-1903), Russell, Kansas.[9][10][11]


a. Improvement Bulletin, a trade publication, noted "R. W. Grant, of Lincoln, and G. A. Berlinghof, of Beatrice, have formed a partnership, and will maintain offices at both places."[1] The Lincoln office may have been established only briefly as both men remained residents of Beatrice and the Lincoln city directories do not reflect the partnership. A few projects cited in Improvement Bulletin in 1900 refer to the partners as "of Lincoln and Beatrice" or to Grant as "of Lincoln."

b. Improvement Bulletin notes that at "Hastings, NEB.--George A. Berlinghof, architect, of Beatrice, Neb., has prepared plans for a fireproof chapel and kitchen for the local institution, to cost $10,000.”[12] Nebraska State Journal on May 6, 1901, advertised a "Notice to Contractors" for proposals for erection of a new fireproof building for the Hastings asylum, noting that the plans and specifications could be seen at the Beatrice office of Berlinghof and Grant.[15]

c. Omaha Daily Bee of May 1, 1901 reports, with a dateline "Beatrice, Neb., April 30" that "George A. Berlinghof of this city was today awarded the contract for architectural plans and specifications for the new penitentiary building at Lincoln." A few days later Nebraska State Journal noted that $75,000 was appropriated to rebuild the penitentiary "but that amount will not be enough to make all the necessary improvements....In size and shape the new building will resemble the old building....Mr. Grant visited all the leading prisons in the west for the purpose of obtaining ideas of the latest improvements in prison construction." [13][14][16]


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