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Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2017



Deon Franklin Bahr, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1968-2017.[16]

Lynn Eugene Vermeer, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1969-1997.[16]

George Woods Haecker, Jr., Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-2017.[16]

Gary R. Bowen, Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2017.[16]

Gary L. Goldstein, Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-1998.[16]

Dale W. Brown, 1995-_.[16]

Dan M. Worth, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1995-_.[16]

Paul C. Jeffrey, Omaha, Nebraska, 1995-_.[16]

Daniel A. Spiry, 1997-_.[16]

Robert H. Carpenter, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1998-_.[16]

Robert G. LeZotte, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1998-_.[16]

John F. Sinovic, Omaha, Nebraska, 1998-_.[16]

Jim Berg, 2000-_.[16]

Pam Schoonover, 2000-_.[16]

Gill Peace, 2008-_.[16]

Cleveland Reeves, 2016-_.[16]

Dennis Coudriet, 2016-_.[16]

Kristine Dorn, 2016-_.[16]

The predecessor firm of Bahr & Hanna was founded in 1968 by Deon Bahr and Robert Hanna. The Omaha office was opened in 1971 when George Haecker joined the firm, then known as Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker. The prominent firm is known for three areas of architectural specialty: historic preservation, education, and religion.[10]

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NEBRASKA STATE CAPITOL, Restoration and renovation (Courtesy, BVH)
ARCHITECTURE HALL, University of Nebraska (Courtesy, BVH)

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1977-2017

Omaha, Nebraska, 1977-2017

Lineage of the Firm

1968-1969: Bahr & Hanna, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1970-1971: Bahr, Hanna & Vermeer, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1971-1976: Bahr, Hanna, Vermeer & Haecker, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

1977-2017: Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1971-1981: employed Keith Dubas, Architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1974, 1976-1997: employed Ronald L. Mercer, architect (1974, 1981-1997) and project architect (1976-1980).

1975-1998: employed Gary R. Bowen, associate (1977-1980), architect (1981-1986), vice president (1987-1997), and president (1998) in the Omaha office. .[13]

1975: employed Mike Goldenstein, Architect.[13]

1976-2001: employed Robert G. LeZotte, Architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1977-1980: employed Craig L. Hinrichs, Draftsman in the Lincoln office.[13]

1979, 1983-1999, 2003: employed Paul C. Jeffrey, architect, later in 2003 elected president.[13]

1979: employed Dale Brown, architect.[13]

1979, 1981-1986: employed Perry L. Poyner, architect.

1979-1998: employed Gary L. Goldstein, architect (1979-1998) and vice president (1986-1998).

1980-1989: employed Milo E. Cowdery, architect.

1982-1997: employed Steven W. Weber, Architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1983-1992: employed Dennis J. Lyon, architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1984: employed Bradley Robert Milton, architect in the Omaha office.[13]

1985-1986: employed Michael D. Alley, Architect, in the Omaha office.[13]

1985: employed Lori M. Krejci, architect trainee.

1986: employed Mark L. Wolterman, architect in the Omaha office.

1987-1998: employed Anthony C. Hazuka, architect.

1987-1996: employed John F. Sinovic, architect in the Omaha office.[13]

1990-1993: employed Loren Dean Miller, architect.

1993-2000: employed Michael E. Daily, Architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1996-1998: employed Joseph P. Brudney, architect in the Omaha office.[13]

1995-1999: employed Robert H. Carpenter, architect in the Lincoln office.[13]

1995: employed Gill Peace, architect.[13]

1998: employed Scott A. Lunberg, Architect in the Omaha office.[13]

1995: employed Jim Berg, architect.[13]

1990-2011: employed Nicolette L. Amundson, Architect in the Omaha office.

Buildings & Projects

1970s Work

Grace United Methodist Church (1977-1978), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][12][13:95][19:93][c] [ah]

Hovland-Swanson, Regency Fashion Court Shopping Center (1977), Omaha, Nebraska.[11] [af]

Bemis Company, Inc. (1977), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][12][c][k][aj]

Nebraska Federal Savings & Loan (1977), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][12][13:93][c][af]

Nebraska Department of Corrections Diagnostic & Evaluation Center (1978), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11] [ak]

Fuchs Machinery and Supply, Inc. (1978), Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][c][ad]

Restoration (1978), Burlington Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11] [aa][bb][af]

North Meadows Apartments (1979), Waverly, Nebraska.[13:95[c][al]

The Link (1977-1978), Architecture Hall, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][17][c][m][aa][ab][am]

Rehab and Repurpose (1980), Broatch Building aka Yellow Building, 1209 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[11][13:4-7][c][e][aa][ab][ba]

Addition (1979), Aalfs Residence.[11][12][c][ad]

1980s Work

DM201304 424 11w.jpg
Robert & Karen Duncan Residence Addition (1989). (Farshid Assassi Photo)
DM201305 200 11w.jpg
Union Pacific Railroad Harriman Dispatching Center (1989). (Farshid Assassi Photo)

Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (1980), Department of Corrections, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][12][c]

Pound Junior High School, Lincoln (1980), Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:95][c][an]

Central Park Mall, Marina City Park (1981) Omaha, Nebraska.[11][12][c][ag]

Keene Residence (1981) Crested Butte, Colorado.[13;95][c][ad]

Madison Center (1981), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska[13:107]

Rehab and Repurpose (1982), Gold’s Galleria, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:97][c][bb]

16th Street Mall (1982), Omaha, Nebraska.[13:97][c][af]

Nebraska State Fair Youth Complex (1983), State Fair Park, Lincoln.[3][13:95][c][bb]

Nebraska National Bank (1984).[13:97][c][af]

Omaha ParkTwo Parking Garage (1985), Omaha, Nebraska.[13:97][[#Notes]|[c][ad]]]

St. Columbkille Catholic Church (1985), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][20:122][c][af]

Food Court Pavilion (1985-1986), Gateway Shopping Center, Lincoln, Nebraska[4] [bc]

Papio Natural Resources District Offices (1986), Omaha, Nebraska. [13:99][c][bd]

Cochran House (1986), Denton, Nebraska.[13:99][c][an]

Restoration (1986), Western Heritage Museum (Union Station), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][13:99][aa][ab][af]

Calvary Presbyterian Church (1987), San Francisco, California.[13:107] [af]

Milton Abrahams Branch Library (1988), 5111 N 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:1-3][20:120][c][af]

Union Pacific Railroad Harriman Dispatch Center (1989), 615 South Ninth Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:9-11][f][bd]

Freer Gallery (1989), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.[13:99][x][ad]

Robert & Karen Duncan Residence Addition (ca. 1989), Lincoln, Nebraska. [18]

1990s Work

Beatrice Library (1990), Beatrice, Nebraska.[13:99][c][w][bf]

Sacred Heart Church (1990), Glyndon, Maryland.[13:99] [as]

Church of the Holy Spirit (1991), Sioux Falls, South Dakota.[13:99][c]

Kiewit Lodge (1991), Mahoney State Park, rural Saunders County, Nebraska.[13:99][c][bg]

Gene Leahy Mall, Central Park Mall (1976-1994), Fourteenth Street to Eighth Street, Farnam to Douglas, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:33-37][c][l][af]

Gallup International Center (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:101] [af]

Madeline Island Music Camp (1996), La Pointe, Wisconsin.[13:12-15][g][ad]

Western Historic Trails Center (1999), 3434 Richard Dowing Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[13:86-91][c][v][bh]

Bowen Residence (1998), Omaha, Nebraska.[13:42-45][c][n][af]

St. Wenceslaus Parish Complex (1998), 15353 Pacific Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:50-53][c][p][af]

Omaha Country Club Additions and Renovation (1998), Omaha, Nebraska.[13:99] [af]

Holy Rosary Church (1998), Pine Ridge, South Dakota.[13:99] [c][af]

DeNeve Plaza Student Housing (1999) University of California, Los Angeles, California.[13:68-71][s][bj]

Center for Great Plains Studies Building (1999), Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:99] [bj]

Rehab and Repurpose (1999), Richards Hall, University of Nebraska City Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:101] [bk]

Restoration (1999), St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, 701 North 40th Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:82-85][c][u][as]

Woods Cottage (1999), La Pointe, Wisconsin.[13:103][y][ad]

Platte River Trust Headquarters Building (1999), 6611 Whooping Crane Drive, Wood River, Nebraska.[13:72-5][t][ay]

2000s Work

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church (2000-2001), West Des Moines, Iowa.[6][13:103][c][bl]

Southwest Iowa Performing Arts and Education Center (2000), Red Oak, Iowa.[13:101] [ad]

St. Paul United Methodist Church and addition (ca. 2010), Lincoln, Nebraska. [15] [bk]

Esther L. Kauffman Academic Residence Center (2001), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:46-49][c][o][bg]

Restoration (2001), Red Cloud Opera House, Red Cloud, Nebraska.[13:103] [ad]

North Star High School (ca. 2002-03), 5801 N 33rd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2] [an] in association with Sinclair Hille

Apartments conversion (2002), Old Federal Building, southeast corner 9th & P, Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]

Office of Bahr Vermeer Haecker, Architects (2002), 440 North Eighth Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:16-19][h][ao]

Marie Sandoz High Plains Center (2002), Chadron, Nebraska.[13:103] [be]

Duncan Residence (2002), Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:76-81][c][u][bf]

Fremont Middle School (2003), Fremont, Nebraska.[13:103][c][aq]

Van Brunt Visitors Center & Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center (-2003), west side 13th between Q & R Street, UNL, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7][8][9][b][an]assoc Centerbrook?

Ross Film Theater (2003), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:103][z][ar]

St. Andrews United Methodist Church (2004), Omaha, Nebraska. [13:103] [aq]

Restoration (2004), Whitcomb Conservatory, Doane College, Crete, Nebraska.[13:105][c][ad]

Frontier Harley-Davidson Building (2004), Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:99] [an]

Fremont Powerhouse Apartments (2005), Fremont, Nebraska.[13:105] [bn]

Douglas County Correctional Center (2005), 710 South 17th Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:24-27][j][ad]

Blue Orchid Restaurant (2005), 129 North 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[13:64-67][c][p][aw]

Connector Building (2006), Metropolitan Community College, South Omaha Campus, 27th and Q Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:58-63][c][q][ax]

Jackson Condominiums (2007), Omaha, Nebraska.[13:105] [at]

Renovations and Additions (1987-2008), Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, Nebraska.[13:103] [au]

2010s Work

Restoration (2010), Nebraska State Capitol, 1445 K Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[10][11][13:20-23][i][aa][bb][bo]

Concept Design, Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge (ca. 2008-2010), Omaha, Nebraska to Council Bluffs, Iowa. [15] [bp]

Auditorium and South Entrance, Lincoln Berean Church (2016-2017), 70th & Hwy 2, Lincoln, Nebraska.[14][ar]

Undated Buildings & Projects

Pickler House Restoration (n.d.), Faulkton, South Dakota.[11][aa][ab]

Omaha Building Consultation (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa][ab]

Cornish House Study (n.d.), (in association with Landmarks, Inc.).[11][aa][ab]

General Crook House (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa][ab]

Baylor Homestead (n.d.), Thurman, Iowa.[11][aa]

T.S.McShane Building (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Fontenelle Hotel Study (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Old W.O.W. Building Study (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

St. Joseph Hospital Reuse Study (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

St. Johns Catholic Church (n.d.), Tecumseh, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Healey Healey Brown Wieland & Glynn Law Office (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Spaghetti Warehouse (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Moyer & Moyer Law Offices (n.d.), Madison, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Former Omaha Public Library (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa][ab]

AK Riley Building Study (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][aa]

Post Office (n.d.), Nebraska City, Nebraska.[11][aa][ab]

Old Main Building (n.d.), Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][aa][ab]

Seward Civic Center (n.d.), Seward, Nebraska.[11]

Webermeier Memorial Library (n.d.), Milford, Nebraska.[11]

Carter Lake Library Study (n.d.), Carter Lake, Iowa.[11]

Lincoln Racquet Club (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Highland Country Club (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Peony Park (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Hilltop Country Club (n.d.), Wahoo, Nebraska.[11]

Millard Highland Post Office (n.d.), Millard, Nebraska.[11]

Maintenance Office Building Remodel (n.d.), City of Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Blair Central Business District Study (n.d.), Blair, Nebraska.[11]

University Place Development Plan (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Competition (n.d.), Downtown Education Center-State Office Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Atlantic Alley Study (n.d.), Atlantic, Iowa.[11]

Competition (n.d.), Rainbow Plaza, Niagara Falls, New York.[11]

Havelock Business District Development Plan (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Uni Place Street Beautification (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Children’s Memorial Hospital (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Addition (n.d.), Memorial Hospital, Seward, Nebraska.[11]

Martin Luther Home Master Plan (n.d.), Beatrice, Nebraska.[11]

Nebraska Psychiatric Associates (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Nursing Home (n.d.), Greely, Colorado.[11]

Nursing Home (n.d.), Arvada, Colorado.[11]

Addition (n.d.), Nursing Home, Davenport, Iowa.[11]

City-County Jail (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Hovland-Swanson (n.d.), Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Chicago Bar (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Spaghetti Bender (n.d.), Ralston, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Sartor-Hamann Jewelry Store (n.d.), Conestoga Mall, Grand Island, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Sartor-Hamann Jewelry Stores (n.d.), Downtown and Gateway Mall, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Knudsen, Berkheimer, Endacott & Beam Law Offices (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

State Security Savings Company (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Ellis & Guy Advertising (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Riverside Florist (n.d.), Regency, Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Crandlell’s (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Art World (n.d.), Gateway Mall, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Davis Cheuvront-Sutter Law Offices (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Riekes and Sons (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

First National Bank (n.d.), Fairbury, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Iowa Clothes (n.d.), Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11][ac]

All-Makes Office Equipment Company (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

J.B. Patton’s (n.d.), Omaha Nebraska.[11][ac]

Lincoln General Hospital Gift Shop (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Sun Newspapers (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Mattson, Ricketts, Davies, Steward & Calkins Law Offices (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11][ac]

Frankel, Nogg & Company (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Johnny’s Café (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Grandmother’s Bar (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Stern, Harris, Feldman Law Offices (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Ocean Wave (n.d.), Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11][ac]

Bahr Vermeer & Haecker (n.d.), Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Ben Simon’s (n.d.), Westroads, Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Ben Simon’s (n.d.), Atrium, Lincoln Nebraska.[11][ac]

Gilah (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Lawlor’s (n.d.), Gateway and Rathbone Village, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11][ac]

The Avenue (n.d.), Crossroads, Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Wolf Brothers Western Wear (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11][ac]

Kutak, Rock & Huie (n.d.), Minneapolis, Minnesota.[11][ac]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Superior, Nebraska.[11]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Friend, Nebraska.[11]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Bancroft, Iowa.[11]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Manning, Iowa.[11]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

HUD Housing (n.d.), Algona, Iowa.[11]

Heritage Square Apartments (FHA) (n.d.), Ord, Nebraska.[11]

Valley View Village (FmHA) (n.d.), Sheldion, Iowa.[11]

Ridgeview Village (FmHA) (n.d.), Cherokee, Iowa.[11]

St. Edward Housing (FmHA) (n.d.), St. Edward, Nebraska.[11]

Northpark Place (FmHA) (n.d.), Centerville, Iowa.[11]

FHA Housing (n.d.), O’Neill, Nebraska.[11]

FmHA Housing (n.d.), Polk, Nebraska.[11]

FmHA/HUD Housing (n.d.), Hordville, Nebraska.[11]

FmHA Housing (n.d.), Waverly, Nebraska.[11]

FmHA Housing (n.d.), Milford, Nebraska.[11]

Imperial Village Townhouse (n.d.), Hastings, Nebraska.[11]

Raintree Apartments (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Bunker Hill Apartments (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Watergate Housing Complex (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Chateau Village (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[11]

Albert Apartments (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Candlewood Apartments (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Omaha Housing Authority Duplex Housing (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Syracuse Housing (n.d.), Syracuse, Nebraska.[11]

Hebron Housing (n.d.), Hebron, Nebraska.[11]

Beloit Housing (n.d.), Beloit, Kansas.[11]

Central States Distribution Center (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Misle Warehouse Facilities (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Metro-Mail Advertising Company (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Greenberg-Nogg Fruit Company (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Hertz Truck Rental (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

L.M. Kalin Distribution Center (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Sterling Distribution Company (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Industrial Label (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Logistic Addition (n.d.), National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

MAT Bus Garage (n.d.), City of Omaha, Omaha Nebraska.[11]

Evangelical Covent Church (n.d.), Ceresco, Nebraska.[11]

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (n.d.), Seward, Nebraska.[11]

Addition (n.d.), Southgate United Methodist Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Addition (n.d.), St. John Lutheran Church, Seward, Nebraska.[11]

Temple Israel (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Addition (n.d.), Northeast High School, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Southeast Community College Media Center (n.d.), Milford, Nebraska.[11]

Wrightstone Fine Arts Building (n.d.), McCook College, McCook, Nebraska.[11]

Remodel (n.d.), Technical High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Poumo Junior High School (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Central City Football Field & Track (n.d.), Central City, Nebraska.[11]

Remodel (n.d.), University of Mid-America, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Nebraska Federal Savings and Loan (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Havelock Bank (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Renovation (n.d.), First Investment, Kearney, Nebraska.[11]

Kearney Plaza Shopping Center (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[11]

York Plaza Shopping Center (n.d.), York, Nebraska.[11]

Holdrege Plaza Shopping Center (n.d.), Holdrege, Nebraska.[11]

Grover Plaza Shopping Center (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Westgate Supermarket (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Citizens State Bank (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

OK Tire Center (n.d.), Bellevue, Nebraska.[11]

Eisenberg Art Gallery (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Baker Square Shopping Center (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Ogden Place Shopping Center (n.d.), Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11]

Office Services Inc. (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Harrison Shoe Store (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Cedarnole Shopping Center (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Misle Truck Sales Offices (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Vrana Construction Company Offices (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Allen’s (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Morrison Quirk Office Building (n.d.), Hastings, Nebraska.[11]

Kodak Marketing Center (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Hinky Dinky Supermarket (n.d.), Fremont, Nebraska.[11]

Commercial Federal Savings and Loan (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Rodeck Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Kiechel Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Ash Residence (n.d.), Aspen, Colorado.[11]

Latta Residence (n.d.), Aspen, Colorado.[11]

Hoevet Residence (n.d.), Blair, Nebraska.[11]

McVea Residence (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

York Methodist Parsonage (n.d.), York, Nebraska.[11]

Steinberg Residence (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

Endacott Bunk House (n.d.), Garland, Nebraska.[11]

Toalson Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Trinity United Methodist Church (n.d.), 56th & Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[14]

Publications and Exhibitions

“What’s New in Downtown Planning,” Central Park Mall, Urban Design (Spring, 1977).[11][12]]

“Central Park Mall, Omaha” Process (Japan) (1977). [11][12]

“Seven Lakeside Houses” Brandzel Residence, Architectural Record Book of Vacation Houses, (1977). [11]

“Lincoln, Omaha” Central Park Mall, A.V. Sorensen Library/Recreation Center, Skold House, Bahr House, Grace United Methodist Church, Fuchs Machinery & Supply, Mark Four Building, and Brandzel Residence, New Architecture in Nebraska (1977). [11][12]

“Whatever Happened to the Class of 06”, Preservation News, Architectural Hall, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska (1978). [11][12]

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Bahr Vermeer Haecker, Architects: Forty Years. Bahr, Vermeer Haecker, Architects, Omaha: Omaha Books, 2008 [13]

Honors and Awards

1977: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Nebraska Federal Savings & Loan/Bemis Company, Inc/Westroads Racquet Club.[12]

1978: First Place, University of Nebraska, College of Architecture Design Competition, Architectural Hall.[12]

1978: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Grace United Methodist Church.[11]

1978: Award, Nebraska Masonry Institute, Grace United Methodist Church.[11]

1979: Annual Design Award Program Citation, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Hall.[11]

1979: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Aalfs Residence Addition.[12]

1979: Award of Excellence, American Institute of Architects, Central States Region, Bemis Company, Inc.[12]

1980: Diagnostic and Evaluation Center, Department of Corrections, Lincoln, Nebraska.[12]

1981: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Pound Junior High School, Yellow Building, Diagnostic & Evaluation Center.[12]

1981: Award for Innovative Excellence, Nebraska Masonry Institute, Pound Junior High School.[12]

1983: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Keene Residence, Central Park Mall, Youth Complex (Nebraska State Fair) .[12]

1985: Honor Award, Nebraska Masonry Institute, St. Columbkille Church.[12]

1985: Merit Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, Schneider-Reichstadt Residence, Nebraska National Bank.[12]

1985: Honor Award, Nebraska Society of Architects, St.Columbkille Church, Gold’s Galleria.[12]

1985: Design Award. AIA Nebraska, 16th Street Mall.[13:97]

1985: Design Award, AIA Nebraska, Nebraska National Bank.[13:97]

1986: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Omaha Parktwo Parking Garage.[13:97]

1986: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Food Court Pavilion, Gateway Shopping Center.[13:97]

1987: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Cochran House.[13:99]

1989: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Papio Natural Resources District Offices.[13:99]

1991: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Church of the Holy Spirit.[13:99]

1991: Design Award AIA South Dakota, Church of the Holy Spirit.[13:99]

1992: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Mahoney State Park.[13:99]

1992: Design Award AIA Nebraska, Beatrice Library.[13:99]

1996: Design Award AIA, Nebraska, the Ore House.[13:101]

1996: Children’s Jury Award, AIA Nebraska, Field Club of Omaha.[13:101]

1998: Architectural Design Award, Faith and Forum magazine.[13:101]

2000: Grand Award, Masonry Institute of Iowa, St. Francis of Assisi Church.[13:103]

2003: Design Award, AIA Nebraska, Fremont Middle School.[13:103]

2005: Design Award, AIA Nebraska, Whitcomb Conservatory Restoration.[13:105]


a. In 1981: Principals: Deon F. Bahr, George W. Haecker, Lynn E. Vermeer, Gary Bowen, and Gary Goldstein. Associates: Robert G. Lezotte, Ronald L. Mercer, and James L. Handeland. Staff: Dan Spiry, William Ryan, III, Keith Dubas, John Chi, Scott D. Beman, Effie Miller, Carol G. Fette, Paul Jeffrey, Todd Wetherilt, Milo E. Cowdery, David Vaughan, Dale Brown, Allen Schroeder, Perry Poyner, Todd Rhoades. [1]

b. In association with Centerbrook Architects & Planners, Centerbrook, Connecticut; Bahr Vermeer & Haecker, Lincoln, Architects of Record.[9]

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