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John Latenser & Sons, n.d.
Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1978

Partners and family:

John L. Latenser (1858-1936), Architect, 1915-1936

John Latenser, Jr. (1888-1978), Architect and Engineer, 1915-1970

Frank J. Latenser (1890-1973), Architect, 1915-1973

George Latenser (1903-1940), Builder, 1929-1932

Frank Nestor "Nes" Latenser (1925-2006), Engineer, 1948-1978

James Seymour Latenser, Engineer, 1949-1956

William Banks Latenser (1926-____), Architect, 1953-1978

John Latenser & Sons was a prominent Omaha firm founded by John Latenser, who had already been in practice in Omaha since 1885. In 1915 he brought his two architect sons, John, Jr., and Frank, into the practice as partners and changed the firm's masthead. The practice was incorporated in 1934. Later, the sons of the sons became the third generation of Latenser architects to partner in the firm. The firm dissolved in 1977, and segued into William Latenser & Associates, Architects.

When founded in 1914, the two sons "assumed active direction of the business." John L. Latenser remained "as advisor, critic, and coordinator." By design of the elder Latenser, the two sons had specialized in their college work to take charge of the two principal departments of an architectural practice--architectural design and structural engineering. Frank J. Latenser took charge of the "Designing and Supervision Department," while John Latenser, Jr. took charge of the "Structural and Mechanical Engineering-General Administration Department."[20] Nonetheless, the elder Latenser was still more active than critic and advisor from time to time, as his design for St. Peter Church in Omaha (1924) and other activities attests.[21][22]

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Omaha Athletic Club, 1917 (Lynn Meyer)

Lineage of the Firm

1885-1915: John L. Latenser (1858-1936), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska.

1915-1977: John Latenser & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1978-ca. 1997: William Latenser & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

Lineage of John Latenser’s Sons

1. John L. Latenser (1858-1936), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1885-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1936)

2. John Latenser, Jr. (1888-1978), Architect and Engineer (John L. Latenser, 1912-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1970)
3. John F. Latenser, MD
3. William Banks Latenser (1926-____), Architect (Latenser & Sons, 1953-1978, and Latenser & Associates, 1978-1997)
4. William B. Latenser, Jr.
4. Robert L. Latenser
4. Paul Miller Latenser, Architect (other Omaha firms, ca. 1987-2000+)
4. Matthew A. Latenser
2. Frank J. Latenser (1890-1973), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1913-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1973)
3. James Seymour Latenser, Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1949-1956)
3. Frank Nestor "Nes" Latenser (1925-2006), Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1948-1978)
2. George Latenser (1903-1940), Builder (With Latenser & Sons, 1929-1932; independent builder thereafter.)

Other Associations

1923: employed P. P. Lewis, draftsman.

1924-1925: employed Knox F. Burnett.

1937-1966: employed Herbert C. Fraenkel, draftsman (1937-1945) and architect (1946-1966).

1941-1946: employed Richard (Sam) Freeman, draftsman.

1945: employed Jack Comp Jackson, architect and engineer.

1946-1947: employed George Clyde Money.

1946-1947: employed Alex Weinstein.

1950-1969: employed John Joseph Tewhill, Jr., draftsman (1950-1954) and architect (1955-1969).

1951-1954: employed Donald Henry Korff, architect.

1953-1959: employed Mozeal A. Dillon, draftsman (1953-1957) and architect (1958-1959).

1954-1956: employed Ira Carrithers, Jr., draftsman.

1956-1962: employed John Henry Rump, engineer.

1969-1973: employed Gale Q. Whitney.

1974-1977: employed Frederick Henry Kalvelage, Jr., draftsman.

Buildings & Projects

For the earlier work of the patriarch of the firm, see John L. Latenser's entry.


Sanford hotel 2w.jpg
Sanford Hotel (Conant Hotel) (1916-1917), (Lynn Meyer)

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Building (1915), 2566 Farnam Sat., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0209-016)

State Medical School Hospital (ca. 1916), Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

Center School expansion (1916), Omaha, Nebraska (DO09:0115-005)

Sanford Hotel (Conant Hotel) (1916-1917), 1913 Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:484][14][15] (DO09:0124-038) National Register narrative

Gandt Residence (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:568]

Hyannis School (ca. 1916-1920), Hyannis, Nebraska.[11:532]

University of Omaha, South Lab Building No. 11 (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:533]

School, District No. 66 (ca. 1916-1920), Saunders County, Nebraska.[11:538]

Herring, Carter Lake House (ca. 1916-1920), Carter Lake, Iowa.[11:551]

Ford Van & Storage - Simmons Brothers Warehouse (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:554]

School, District No. 25 (ca. 1916-1920), Washington County, Nebraska.[11:560]

Ashland Park School, District #4 (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:561]

Lister Hospital, Concrete Framing (ca. 1916-1920), Unknown location.[11:564]

Leon Millard Residence (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:565]

Bancroft School, Old Building (ca. 1916-1920), Bancroft, Nebraska.[11:487]

Walnut Hill Pumping Station (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:488]

Moorhead Residence (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:493]

Commercial High School (Old Technical High School) (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:498]

Alterations, Studebaker Building (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:420] cf. [11:511]

Omaha City Department of Street Cleaning & Maintenance (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:514]

Alterations and First Unit, Hoagland Block (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:516]

Barnard Garage (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:517]

Alterations, Hamilton Apartments (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:520]

Orchard Wilhelm, Thomsen Beldin Co. (ca. 1916-1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:529]

Monroe Jr. High School (ca. 1916-1920), Monroe (?), Nebraska.[11:530][a]

Garage (1917), 3124-28 Harney, Omaha, Nebraska.[15] (DO09:0210-027)

Rialto Theatre and Bus Depot (1917), 121 S 15th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:48][8][11:537] cf. [11:935] (DO09:0123-004)

Omaha Athletic Club (1917), 1714 Douglas, Omaha, Nebraska.[5][6:117][8][11:513] (DO09:0124-004)

Mercantile Storage & Warehouse Company (ca. 1917-1920), 701-11 s. 11th/1013-1023 Jones St, Omaha, Nebraska.[7][8][11:545] (DO09:0121-033)

University of Nebraska Lab (1918), Lincoln, Nebraska.[16]

Smith Bros. Building/Ford Warehouse (1919), 1024 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[14][15] (DO09:0125-037)


St. Peter Church of Omaha, 1924 (D. Murphy)
Masonic home.w.jpg
Nebraska Masonic Home, Original Building, ca. 1920 (Lynn Meyer)

Fontenelle Garage (June 1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:570]

Talmage Residence (1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:571]

Trimble Bros. Warehouse (1920), 812 Jackson, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:571][14][15] (DO09:0067-008)

Douglas County Courthouse, Restoration Tracings (1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:573]

Consolidated School and addition (1920), Shelby, Iowa.[11:580][11:612]

Pacific Storage Building (1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:583]

Ernest Sweet Store Building (1920), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:589][cf.11:921]

Additions to Douglas County Courthouse (1920), 1701 Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[7] (DO09:0124-015) National Register narrative

Addition to Paxton & Gallagher Warehouse (1920), 1007-11 Jones, Omaha, Nebraska. (DO09:1-49)

Omaha Crockery Company Building (1920), 1122 Harney St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0123-094)

Holy Name High School (1921), 2901 Fontenelle Blvd, Omaha, Nebraska.[12:125][15] (DO09:0336-002)

Holy Name School & Church (1921), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:590]

West Point Public High School (1922), west side Colfax between Park &, West Point, Nebraska.[11:29] (CM05-010)

Minne Lusa Elementary School (1922), 2630 Ida St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8][10][11:620] cf. [11:676] (DO09:0245-003)

Building (1922), 5227 S. 20th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8]

North High School (1922-1924), 4410 N. 36th St./4323 N. 37th St, Omaha, Nebraska.[8][10] (DO09:0341-002)

Kimball Laundry (1923), 1502 Jones St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0121-067)

St Peter Church of Omaha (1924), 2706 Leavenworth, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:141][8][22][cf.6:475][cf.6:644][d] (DO09:0207-024)

South High School (1925), 4519 S. 24th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0100-027)

Union State Bank - Service Life Insurance Building (1926), 1904 Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:121][8] (DO09:0124-033)

Omaha Bee-News Building (1927), 1703 Jackson St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0122-006)

Sam El Gilinsky Building (1928), 1009 Howard, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:134]

Arrow Hotel, aka Community Hotel (1928, 1931), Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska.[11:814] cf. [11:3101]

Grade Change, Central High School, 20th & Dodge St., Omaha, Nebraska.[11:591]

Remodel, St. Mary Magdalen (1920s), Cheyenne, Wyoming.[11:592]

Frank Latenser Farm Residence (1920s), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:597] (DO00-001)

Addition, Mercy Hospital (originally St. Bernards) (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:598]

Alterations, Hoagland Block (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:609]

St. Mary Magdalen Parish Cathedral Hall (1920s), Cheyenne, Wyoming.[11:613]

St. Phillip Neri School (1920s), unknown location.[11:617]

Phi Rho Sigma Chapter House (1920s), unknown location.[11:621]

North High School (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:622]

McLaughlin Residence (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:625]

Advance Rumley Thresher (1920s), unknown location.[11:627]

North Wing Addition, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:629] cf. [11:646][11:4833]

Omaha Fire Engine House No. 19 (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:631]

Memorial Stadium (1922-1923), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:633][17][23][b]

North Lab (1920s), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:646]

Sam Rees Residence, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:647]

Nebraska Masonic Home, Original Building (ca. 1920), Plattsmouth, Nebraska.[11:650] cf. [11:4730]

Swanson Store (1920s), Blair, Nebraska.[11:651]

Douglas County Garage (1920s), Original & New Building (originally Assistance Bureau Building), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:664] cf. [11:4902]

Lobby (1920s), Hotel Hamilton, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:665]

South Omaha High School, Old High School & Remodel (1920s), South Omaha, Nebraska.[11:670] cf. [11:682]

Proposed Addition (1920s), Louisville School, Louisville, Nebraska.[11:677]

Hospital Building #11 (1920s), University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:683]

Nebraska Power Station #13 (1920s), unknown location (?).[11:684]

Mullen Residence (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:685]

Hill Creek School District #36 (1920s), Washington County, Nebraska.[11:693]

Service Building (1920s), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:697]

Union State Bank (Service Life Building) (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:698]

Temple Israel (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:243][11:699]

Alterations (1920s), Omaha Field Club, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:700]

Calhoun School (1920s), Fort Calhoun (?), Nebraska (?).[11:706]

Western Bridge & Construction Company (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:718]

Neu Theater (1920s), Carroll, Iowa.[11:727]

Charles Harding Residence (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:731]

Porch (1920s), House of Good Shepherd, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:733]

Alterations (1920s), Sunderland Building, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:734]

Approaches, Remodel & Beautification of Grounds (1920s), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:433] cf. [11:740][11:3526]

Eggers O'Flyng (1920s), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:805]

Nebraska City Building & Loan (1920s), Nebraska City, Nebraska.[11:807]

Mrs. Francis Ragan Residence (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:808]

Capitol Plaza (from Lueder Construction, 1920s), unknown location [Broken Bow?], Nebraska.[11:814] cf. [11:3101]

Clearview Home (ca. 1929-1931), Douglas County Home for the Indigent, 105 S 49th, Omaha, Nebraska.[2][11:824]

Addition (1920s), Sanford Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:914][cf.11:484]

Dye House & Store (1920s), Dresher Brothers, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:915][11:922]

Restoration (1920s), Sommers Store, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:916] cf. [11:478]

Convent and Proposed Confessionals (1920s), House of Good Shepherd, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:917]

Yellow Cab Garage (1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:943]

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Administration bldg .w.jpg
Administration Building, 1937-1940 (Lynn Meyer)

Loan administrators (1930s), Public Works Administration in Nebraska.[19]

Harrison Elementary School (1930), 5304 Hamilton St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0440-003)

Commercial Building (1930), 617 S. 20th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0122-045)

Central High School (Mesker Bros., St. Louis, Missouri, 1920s), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3001]

Harrison School (1930), Harrison (?), Nebraska.[11:3003] cf. [11:4909][11:5106]

Douglas County Hospital (1930), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3014]

Boiler House, Shop and Garage (1930), Clearview (Douglas County), Nebraska.[11:3015]

North Lab (1930), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3021]

Capitol Plaza (from Lueder Const.) (1931), Broken Bow (?), Nebraska.[11:3101] cf. [11:814]

South Omaha Legion Hall (1931), South Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3102]

Arrow Hotel - Community Hotel (1931), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[11:3101] cf. [11:814]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1931), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3103] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3209][11:3211][11:3520][11:4101][11:4323][11:4408]

Omaha Lutheran Hospital (1931), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3107]

Downs Garage (1931), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3110]

Organ Chamber, Trinity Cathedral (1931), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3114]

Addition (1931), Lothrop School, unknown location (?).[11:3115]

Heating, Laundry & Boiler House (1931), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3118]

Hog House & Dairy Farm Buildings (1931), Clearview (Douglas County [Poor Farm]), Nebraska.[11:3125 cf. [11:4103]

Addition to Nurses Home (1931), University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3126]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1932), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3209][11:3211] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3103][11:3211][11:3520][11:4101][11:4323][11:4408]

Hays Residence (1932), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3212]

Alterations (1932), George A. Hoagland Residence, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3218]

Old and New Tracings, Arcadia School (1933), Arcadia (?), Nebraska.[11:3312]

Brainard School (1933), Brainard, Nebraska.[11:3316]

House (1933), 5311 Nicholas St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0438-190)

House (1934), 669 N. 57th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[8] (DO09:0436-026)

Dr. J. J. Keegan Residence (1934), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3401]

Coad Stores (1934), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3405]

Bakery Addition (1934), Sommers Store, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3406]

Addition (1934), Ansley School, Ansley, Nebraska.[11:3414]

Kimball Laundry (1934), (Omaha or Kimball ?), Nebraska.[11:3418]

Dan Monen Residence (1935), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3502]

J. P. Webster Garage (1935), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3507]

Proposed Omaha Civic Center (1935), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3510]

Castelar, Central Park, and Miller Park Schools (1935), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3511] cf. [11:390][11:411]

Bartlett School District #25 (1935), Wheeler County, Nebraska.[11:3515]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1935), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3520] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3209][11:3211][11:3520][11:4101][11:4323][11:4408]

Alliance City Hall & Auditorium (1935), Alliance, Nebraska.[11:3523]

Approaches, Remodel & Beautification of Grounds (1935), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3526] cf. [11:433][11:740]

Dawes County Courthouse (1935-1937), Northeast corner 4th & Main, Chadron, Nebraska.[7][11:3517] (DW03-081)

Holt County Courthouse (1935-1937), east side 4th between Benton & C, O’Neill, Nebraska.[7][11:3509][13:100] cf. [11:4003] (HT13-053) National Register narrative

Bellevue School (1936), Bellevue, Nebraska.[11:3601]

Omaha City Auto Testing Station (1936), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3606]

Carroll County Home (1936), Carroll County, Iowa (?).[11:3607]

Auditorium (1936), Dodge, Nebraska.[11:3608]

Dold (Skinner) Packing (Nebraska Iowa Packing Company) (1936), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3614]

Dr. M. Lathrop Residence or office (1937), Wahoo, Nebraska.[11:3709]

Additions (1937), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3712]

Administration Building (1937-1940), Omaha University, 6115 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3701] (DO09:0543-004)

State of Nebraska Tuberculosis Hospital, Men’s Building (1938), U.S. Hwy 30, Kearney, Nebraska.[9][11:3814]

State of Nebraska Tuberculosis Hospital, Administration Building (1938), U.S. Hwy 30, Kearney, Nebraska.[9][11:3814]

Nemaha County School District #34 (1938), Brownville, Nebraska.[11:3817]

Men’s Dorms (1938), Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska.[11:3818]

City Hall (1938), Holdrege, Nebraska.[11:3821]

Swimming Pool (1938), Holdrege, Nebraska.[11:3826]

Omaha Docks (1938), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3832]

Northrup Jones Store (1939), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:3904]

Field House (1939), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3907]

Addition (1939), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3914]

Airport (Post Office, C.A.A. Building, Remodel Administration Building, Crash House, Boiler House, Etc.) (1939), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:3916]

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Benson library 2w.jpg
Benson Library (1941) (Lynn Meyer)

Alterations (1940), Orchard Wilhelm, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4001]

Vault Floor - Old Light Well (1940), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4002]

Holt County Court House (1940), O’Neill, Nebraska.[11:4003] cf. [11:[11:3509]

Walter B. Roberts House (1940), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4005]

School (1940), Friend, Nebraska.[11:4006 cf. [11:5225]

Boiler Plant, Plot Plans, and Campus Studies (1940), Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska.[11:4008]

Alterations (1940), First National Bank, Falls City, Nebraska.[11:4011]

First Federal Savings & Loan (1940), unknown location.[11:4013]

Swanson Office Building (1940), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4017]

Alterations (1940-1941), Douglas County Hospital, 4102 Woolworth Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:184][11:4005]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1941), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4101] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3103][11:3209][11:3211][11:3520][11:4323][11:4408]

Shop Addition (1941), School, Valley, Nebraska.[11:4102]

Hog House & Dairy Farm Buildings (1941), Clearview (Douglas County [Poor Farm]), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:4103] cf. [11:3125]

Benson Library (1941), Benson, Nebraska.[11:4104]

Admiral Theater, Original Building (1941), 40th & Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4105]

T. F. Naughtin Residence (1941), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4106]

Upland Home (1941), Unknown location, Nebraska.[11:4108]

Engineering Annex (1941), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4111]

Physical Education Building (1941), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:4114 cf. [11:4433]

Gymnasium (1941), Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska.[11:4115]

Peru State Teachers College, Miscellaneous, (1941), Peru, Nebraska.[11:4115] cf. [11:4923][11:5004][11:5210][11:5412][11:5918][11:6023]

Centralized Relief Building (1941), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4122]

Modification Center (1942), Fort Crook, Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:4210]

Nebraska Inspection Bureau (1942), unknown location.[11:4211]

Pine Branch Library (1943), unknown location.[11:4306]

Auditorium (1943), State Guard Armory, unknown location (?).[11:4309]

Lutheran Old Peoples’ Home (1943), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4312]

Athletic Field (1943), Tech High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4314]

F. C. E. Assembly & Manufacturing Building (1943), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4320]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1943), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4323] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3103][11:3209][11:3211][11:3520][11:4101][11:4408]

Webster Sunderland Building (1943), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4330]

Children's Memorial Hospital (1944), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No.#]

Searle Petroleum (1944), Council Bluffs (?), Iowa.[11:4403]

U. S. O. Club Room (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4404]

Warehouse Additions, Misc., Carpenter Paper Company (1944), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4408] cf. [11:20][11:231][11:809][11:825][11:3103][11:3209][11:3211][11:3520][11:4101][11:4323]

Central Storage & Van (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4411]

McFayden Ford Automotive Garage (1944), 502 S 20th, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:51][8][11:4414] cf. [11:4728][11:4830] (DO09:0122-033)

New Office (1944), Wright & Wilhelmy Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4420] cf. [11:207]

New Ideas, Inc. (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4423]

Salvation Army Camp Mothers & Children (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4424]

Save More Supermarket (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4425]

Student Union, Kearney State Teachers College (1944), Kearney, Nebraska.[11:4428]

Chadron Hospital (1944), Chadron, Nebraska.[11:4429]

Remodel (1944), Omaha City Hall Offices, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4432]

Physical Education Building (1944), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:4433] cf. [11:4114]

Stadium (1944), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:4433]

Chief Theater (1944), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4435]


Tip Top Products (1945), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4505 cf. [11:4612]

Memorial Park (1945), Logan, Iowa.[11:4509]

Scott Nash Building (1945), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4510]

Independent Metal Products (1945), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4518]

Morton Motor Company Building (1945), 3301 or 3141-55 Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[8][11:4520] (DO09:0210-028)

Addition (1945), Belvedere School, 3775 Curtis Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4521]

Athletic Field (1945), South Omaha High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4525]

Carpenter Paper Company Plats (1945), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4528]

Remodeling (1945), Hill Hotel, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4531][a]

Garrison Town Site (1945), Garrison, Nebraska [?].[11:4535]

Miller Knuth Automotive Center (1946), 1724 Howard, Omaha, Nebraska.[8][11:4601] (DO09:0122-020)

Gymnasium and Auditorium (1946), Ashland Park School, 5050 S 51st, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4602]

Warehouse (1946), Orchard Wilhelm, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4604]

East Wing (1946), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4606]

St. Bernard's Hospital (1946), Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:4611]

Tip Top Products (1946), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4612] cf. [11:4505]

Mullen Hospital (1946), Mullen, Nebraska.[11:4613]

Proposed Madison High School (1946), Madison, Nebraska.[11:4615] cf. [11:448]

Quonset Huts and Addition to Kitchen (1946), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4616]

Fuchs Clayton (1946), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4617]

Dr. A. B. Pittman Animal Hospital (1946-1948), 4629 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:115][8][11:4622] (DO09:0320-001)

Retail Store (1946), Orchard Wilhelm, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4628]

H. A. Searle III Residence (1946), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4629]

Schuyler School (1946), Schuyler (?), Nebraska.[11:4630]

Webster Sunderland Building (1946), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4726 & 4634] [cf. 4330]

International Harvester Company (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4702]

Boiler House and Laundry (1947), St. Bernard's Hospital, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:4704]

Lutheran Hospital (1947), Sioux City, Iowa.[11:4707]

University Manufacturing Company (1947), Ford Engine Rebuilding Factory, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4711]

Union Stock Yards, Hotel & Sales Ring (1947), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4712]

KOAD Radio Transmitter Station (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4713]

Survey and Sketches (1947), St. Vincent Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa.[11:4715]

Auditorium, Vestibule, and Home Economics Department (1947), Omaha University (1947), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4721]

Alterations (1947), Administration Building, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4721] cf. [11:5537][11:5610][11:5613][11:5806][11:6014][11:6020][11:6029][11:6103][11:6103A][11:6333]

Fieldhouse (1947), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4723]

Webster Sunderland Building (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4726 cf. [11:4330][11:4634]

McFayden's Automotive Garage (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4728] cf. [11:4414][11:4830]

Building (1947), Saunders County Community Hospital, Wahoo, Nebraska.[11:4729]

Addition and Long Term Care Unit (1947), Saunders County Community Hospital (1947), Wahoo, Nebraska.[11:4729] cf. [11:6420]

Nebraska Masonic Home, Original Building, (1947), 1300 Ave D, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.[11:4730] cf. [11:650]

West Wing Office Addition (1947), Northern Natural Gas, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4732]

Baker Ice Machine Company (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4736]

Roberts Dairy Garage (1947).[11:4737]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1947), 22nd & St. Mary's, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4738]

Laborer's Temple (1947), Local 1140, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11: 4739]

Pilot Plans (1947), Construction Laborer’s Club House, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4739]

Friedan Lutheran Church (1947), Papillion, Nebraska.[11:4740]

Alamito Dairy Ice Cream Plant (1947), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4742]

Ambulance Entrance (1947), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4743]

Passage (1947), South Omaha High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4745]

Addition (1948), Hand Memorial Hospital, Shenandoah, Iowa.[11:4804]

Oakland Memorial Hospital (1948), Oakland, Nebraska.[11:4804] cf. [11:6209]

Chadron Telephone Exchange Building (1948), Chadron, Nebraska.[11:4805]

Loveland School District #66 (1948), unknown location (?).[11:4807]

Kitchen (1948), Dr. Richard Young, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4812]

Fuchs Machinery & Supply Company (1948), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4815]

St. Elizabeth Hospital (1948), Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:4815]

Sibbersen Residence (1948), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4816]

Hog Shed Extension (1948), Union Stock Yards, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4818]

Warehouse, Factory and Office (1948), Federal Envelope & Carpenter Paper Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4824]

Porch Enclosures (1948), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4827]

Addition (1948), Bancroft School, Bancroft (?), Nebraska.[11:4830]

McFayden's Automotive Garage (1948), Omaha , Nebraska.[11:4830] cf. [11:4414][4728]

Remodel (1948), Tully Hat Shop, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4831]

North Wing Addition (1948), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4833] cf. [11:629][11:646]

Proposed Medical Research Lab & Animal Research Lab (1948), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4833]

Cornerstone (1948), Furnas County Court House, Beaver City, Nebraska.[11:4834]

Eastern Nebraska Public Power District (1948), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4836]

Furnas County Courthouse (1949), block between R & S, 9th & 10th, Beaver City, Nebraska. (FN02-038)

Duplex (1949), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:No#]

County Garage (1949), Clearview (Douglas County [Poor Farm]), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:4901]

Douglas County Garage (1949), Old Assistance Bureau Building, Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:4902] cf. [11:664]

Remodel (1949), Federal Reserve Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4904] cf. [11:6625]

St. Joseph Hospital, As Built & Fire Tower (1949), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4905][11:4912] cf. [11:5115]

Cafe and Kitchen (1949), Union Stock Yards, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4908]

Harrison School (1949), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4909] cf. [11:3003][11:5106]

Roy Feltman Residence (1949), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4910]

Addition (1949) Wahoo High School, Wahoo, Nebraska.[11:4915] cf. [11:431]

West River Crippled Children's Hospital (1949), Hot Springs, South Dakota.[11:4917]

Morrey Hall and Addition (1949), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:4918] cf. [11:5538]

Labor Temple-Carpenter Union (1949), 19th & California, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:4919]

Addition (1949), Capitol Liquors, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4922] cf. [11:4431][11:5619][11:6028]

Women’s Dormitory (1949), Kearney State Teachers College, Kearney, Nebraska.[11:4925]

School, Convent, Church & Auditorium (1949), Blessed Sacrament Church, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:4927]


Northern Natural Gas / Internorth Building, 1950 (Lynn Meyer)

Addition (1950), St Elizabeth Hospital, 1145 South, Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]

Northern Natural Gas Company Building / Internorth Building (1950), 2223 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[6:114][8][23] (DO09:0124-027)

Boiler House and Laundry Addition (1950), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5003]

Addition (1950), Scottish Rite Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5005] cf. [11:252]

Library (1950), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5006]

Onawa School (1950), Onawa, Iowa.[11:5007]

Vehicle Storage & Warehouse (1950), National Guard, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5009]

Alterations (9150), Exchange Building Lobby, Union Stock Yards, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5010]

Assistance Bureau (1950), Douglas County Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5015]

Remodel Dining Room & Men's Dormitory into City County Health Building (1950), Douglas County Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5015] cf. [11:371][11:6005]

Hospital (1950), Ellendale, North Dakota.[11:5016]

Service Building (1950), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5019]

Remodel (1950), Wright & Wilhelmy Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5022] cf. [11:207]

Addition (1950-1952), Hot Springs, South Dakota.[11:5026]

Kellom School (1950), unknown location.[11:5027]

Addition (1950-1951), St. Bernard's Hospital, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:5028]

Sidney High School (1951), Sidney, Iowa.[11:5101] cf. [11:462][11:5413]

John Deere Plow Company, David Cole Creamery Co. (1951), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5103] cf. [11:382]

Office Modification (1951), John Deere Plow Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5103]

Retaining Wall (1951), Central School, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5105]

Harrison School (1951), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5106] cf. [11:3003][11:4909]

Nebraska Consolidated Mills Company (1951), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5107]

Nursery (1951), St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:5109]

B. H. Cowdery Residence (1951), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5110]

Kitchen Addition (1951), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5115]

As Built & Fire Tower, St. Joseph Hospital (1951), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5115] cf. [11:4905][11:4912]

Prospective Factory (1951), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5116]

Remodel Treatment Room (1951), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5118]

Nebraska Psychiatric (Hospital?) (1951), Unknown location, Nebraska.[11:5121]

Onawa Fire Station (1951), Onawa, Iowa. [11:5124]

5th Floor Nurses Home (1952), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5202]

Chronic Disease Unit (1952), Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa.[11:5205]

Kitchen Remodel (1952), Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa.[11:5205]

Applied Arts Building (1952), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5207] cf. [11:5605]

Student Activities Building (1952), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5207]

Remodel & Air Conditioning (1952), Administration Building, Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5208]

Army Armory (1952), Hot Springs, South Dakota.[11:5214]

Play Pavilion (1952), Salvation Army, Omaha (?), Nebraska. [11:5215]

Young Clinic for 5 Doctors, Formerly Johnston Residence (1952), Omaha (?), Nebraska. [11:5216]

North Platte Memorial Hospital (1952), North Platte, Nebraska.[11:5219]

Annex (1952), Clearview (Douglas County), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:5220] cf. [11:5901]

Remodel (1952), Lutheran Hospital, Hot Springs, South Dakota.[11:5221]

Remodel (1952), Scottish Rite Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5223] cf. [11:252][11:5005][11:5632][11:5415][11:5630]

John Rogers Memorial (1952), Dodge, Nebraska.[11:5224]

School (1952), Friend, Nebraska.[11:5225] cf. [11:4006]

Vocational Arts Building (1952), Kearney State Teachers College, Kearney, Nebraska.[11:5127]

General Utilities Building (1952), Service Building, Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5228]

Miscellaneous, Joslyn Art Museum (1952), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5230]

Proposed Addition (1953), McFayden's Automotive Garage, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Nurses’ Home (1953), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5301]

High School (1953), Hot Springs, South Dakota.[11:5304]

Library Building (1953), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5305]

Connel Hall – Faculty Hall Apartments (1953), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5307]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1953), 30th & Hamilton, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5308]

Easy Parking Garage (1953), 19th & Howard, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5309]

Omaha Opportunity Center (1953), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5314]

Warehouse & Vaults Addition (1953-1954), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5315]

Nurses Home (1953), St. Vincent Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa.[11:5318]

Preliminary Sketches (1953), School Addition, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5319]

Nebraska-Iowa Non Stock Co-op Milk Association (1953), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5322]

Kelley's Bowlatorium (1953), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5327]

Addition & Service Elevator (1953), Mercy Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5336]

Beatrice Lutheran Hospital (1953), Beatrice, Nebraska.[11:5337]

Cherry County Courthouse Annex (1953-1956), Valentine, Nebraska.[11:5306][11:5625][13:105

Booth Memorial Hospital, Salvation Army (1954), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5401]

St. Paul's Catholic Church (1954), Plainview, Nebraska.[11:5404]

County Attorney’s Remodel (1953-1954), Douglas County Courthouse , Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5408]

First Westside Bank (1954), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5409]

Simmons & Long Clinic (1954), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[ [11:5410]

Receiving Home (1954), Douglas County Juvenile Home, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5411]

Remodel (1954), Scottish Rite Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5415] cf. [11:252][11:5005][11:5223][11:5630][11:5632]

Orpheum Theater (1954), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5417]

Addition (1954), Howard Kennedy School, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5418]

Fremont Eastern Star Masonic Home (1954), Fremont, Nebraska.[11:5425] cf. [11:471]

Dr. Hansen Offices (1954), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5426]

Rental Layouts (1954), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5426][11:5728][11:6219]

Nurses Home No. 11, College of Medicine, University of Nebraska [Omaha] (1954), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5430]

Remodel (1954), Redick Tower Office Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5432]


Max i walker 2w.jpg
Max I. Walker Cleaners (1955), (Lynn Meyer)

Alterations (1955), City County Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5501]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1955), 46th & Cuming, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5503]

Smoke Screen (1955), Corrigan School, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5504]

Animal Research Lab (1955), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5505]

Basement Food Center (1955), Omaha Lutheran Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5507]

Addition & Remodel (1955-1956), Omaha Lutheran Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5507]

Psychiatric Unit & Remodel (1955), Omaha Lutheran Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5507]

Laundry & Warehouse (1955), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5512]

Music Department Annex (1955), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5513]

St. Mary's Church (1955), Columbus, Nebraska.[11:5518]

Dickerson Residence (1955), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5520]

United Printers (1955), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5526]

Interstate Printing (1955), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5526]

County Garage (1955), Clearview (Douglas County [Poor Farm]), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:5527]

Auditorium (1955), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5528]

Second Floor Remodel (1955), St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:5529]

Nurses Home (1955), St. Bernard's Hospital, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:5532]

Addition (1955), St. Mary's Hospital, Nebraska City, Nebraska.[11:5535]

Morrey Hall and Addition (1955), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:4918 & 5538]

Proposed Women’s Dorm (1956), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5601]

Dormitory (1956), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5601]

Applied Arts Building (1956), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5207 & 5605]

Paul Williams Residence (1956), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5607]

Addition (1956-1957), Northern Natural Gas, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5608]

Laundry Relocation (1956), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5609]

Headquarters Building (1956), Salvation Army, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5612]

Northside Bank (1956), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5616]

Addition (1956), Capitol Liquors, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5619] cf. [11:4431][11:4922]

Addition (1956), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5621]

Miscellaneous (1956), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5623]

Rehabilitation Center (1956), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5630][11:5633]

Remodel (1956), Scottish Rite Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5630][11:5632] cf. [11:252][11:5005][11:5223][11:5415]

Hattie B. Munroe Home of Nebraska Children's Center (1956), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5631]

Dr. J. P. Lord School (1956), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5632]

C. Lewis Meyer Memorial Rehabilitation Center (1956), Children’s Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5632][11:5633] cf. [11:5414]

Unit III, Phase I & IA (1956), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5635]

Addition (1956-1958), South Omaha High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5636]

Garage (1957-1958), Northern Natural Gas, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5702]

First Baptist Church (1957), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5703]

Kitchen Remodel (1957), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5705]

Shopping Unit & Auto Park (1957), Admiral Theater, 40th & Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5707]

Research Pavilion (1957), Nebraska Psychiatric Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5709] [cf. 5121]

West Nebraska General Hospital (1957), Scottsbluff, Nebraska.[11:5710]

Improvements (1957-1958), St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:5711]

Connell Hall A/C, Voc Ag Shop, Physical and Industrial Training Building, and Steel Smoke Stack (1957), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5712] cf. [11:5307]

Memorial Service Entrance (1957), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5715]

Fishbaugh Residence (1957), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5720]

Baum Iron Works (1957), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5722]

Dental Clinic (1957), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5726]

Auditorium Shop Tracings (1957), South Omaha High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5727]

Rehabilitation (1957), Goodwill Industries, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5730]

First Presbyterian Church (1957), Nebraska City, Nebraska.[11:5732]

Addition (1958-1959), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5802]

Sketches (1958-1960), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5802]

Proposed Facility (1958), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5802]

Dental Room (1958), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[[#References|11:5802]

Kitchen Remodel and Recreation Room (1958), Mercy Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5803]

Remodel Shop Wing (1958), South Omaha High School, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5811]

Addition and Laundry (1958-1963), Good Samaritan Hospital, (Kearney or Omaha?), Nebraska.[11:5812]

Clinical Lab (1958), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5815]

Proposed Women’s Dormitory (1958), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5826]

Men’s Dormitory (1958), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:5827]

Morgue (1959), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5908]

Addition (1959-1960), Gene Eppley Camp, Salvation Army, Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:5910]

Presbyterian Book Store (1959), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5911]

International Paper Company (1959), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5913]

Nurses Home (1959), St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:5916]

Industrial Arts Building (1959), Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska.[11:5918]

Addition (1959-1960), St. Peter & Paul, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5919]

Eppley Cancer Institute (1959), University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5921]

Nurses Home (1959), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5926] cf. [11:6220][11:6304]

Masonic Manor (1959), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:5927]

Service Life Building (1959), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:5928]


School of Nursing Addition (1960), St Elizabeth Hospital, South St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]

Miscellaneous (1960), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6003]

City County Health Center (Douglas County Public Health Center) (1960), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6005] cf. [11:5015]

Student Center (1960), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:6007] cf. [11:6210]

Dr. Dickerson Dundee Medical Clinic (1960), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6010]

Addition (1960), Bancroft School, Bancroft, Iowa (?).[11:6011]

Addition (1960), Corrigan School, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6012]

Cleaning Plant (1960), Max I. Walker Cleaners, 46th & Leavenworth, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6013]

International Paper Company (1960), Kansas City, Kansas.[11:6018]

Addition (1960), Jamestown Crippled Children's Hospital & School, Jamestown, North Dakota (?).[11:6021]

Construction Laborer’s Union (1960), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6022]

Cobalt Room (1960), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6024]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1960), 60th & Ames, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6026]

Addition (1960), Capitol Liquors (1960), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6028]

Addition (1961), McFayden's Automotive Garage, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6115]

Proposed Campus Entrance (1961), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Addition (1962), Nebraska Masonic Home, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.[11:6101] cf. [11:650][11:4730]

Addition (1961), United Printers, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6102] cf. [11:5526]

Bowling Alley (1961), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6103B]

Court Room Remodel (1961), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6105]

Remodel (1961), Nebraska Psychiatric Institute Hospital, Omaha, (?), Nebraska.[11:6106] cf. [11:5121]

Connell Hall (1961), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:6107] cf. [11:5307]

Addition (1961), Applied Arts, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6108]

Miscellaneous (1961), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6110]

Remodel (1961-1962), St. Elizabeth Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11:6112][11:6205]

Remodel (1961), Northrup Jones, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6114]

Uta Halee Home (1961), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6116]

Proposed Service Building (1961), Uta Halee Home, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:No#]

Parking Extension (1961), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6117]

SW Addition (1962), Library, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Units A and B (1962), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6201]

South Lab (1962), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6204]

1963 Window Betterments (1962-1963), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6207]

St. Marks Church (1962), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6208]

Oakland Memorial Hospital (1962), Oakland, Nebraska.[11:6209] cf. [11:4804]

Student Center (1962), Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Nebraska.[11:6210] cf. [11:6007]

Ten Year Plan (1962), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6211, 6511]

Penthouse Addition (1962), Capitol Liquors, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6212]

First Addition (1962), TV Studio, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6315(?)]

Addition (1962), Library, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6218]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1962), 70th & Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6221]

Warehouse (1962), John Deere Plow Company, Sidney, Nebraska.[11:6222]

St. Peter & Paul Church (1962), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6223]

William Jennings Bryan Jr. High School (1963), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6303]

Swimming Pool (1963), South Omaha High School, South and Monroe, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6309]

Addition (1963), Applied Arts, Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6319]

Bone Lab (1953), St. Joseph Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6320]

Booth Memorial Hospital (1963), Salvation Army, 40th & Dewey, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6321] cf. [11:5401]

Mary Our Queen Church (1963), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6322]

Karleen Memorial Library (1963), Beemer, Nebraska.[11:6326]

Early West Museum (1963), Northern Natural Gas, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6331]

Proposed Addition (1964), Applied Arts, Omaha University (1964), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Carroll County Courthouse (1964), Carroll, Iowa.[11:6401]

1964 Unit, Nebraska Psychiatric Institute Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6402] cf. [11:5121]

Staff Residence (1964), St. Michael's Hospital, Tyndall, South Dakota.[11:6404] cf. [11:6526]

Additions to Cornerstone Hall (1964, 1966, 1967), Christian Home, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:6405][11:6614][11:6701]

Addition (1964), Jamestown Crippled Children's Hospital & School, Jamestown, North Dakota (?).[11:6407]

Harry A. Koch Office Building (1964), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6412]

School Addition(s), Miller Park, Central Park & Castelar (1964), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6413]

Miscellaneous, Joslyn Art Museum (1964), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6415]

Addition & Long Term Care Unit (1964), Saunders County Community Hospital, Wahoo, Nebraska.[11:6420] cf. [11:4729]

Roof Deck & Addition (1964), Nebraska Masonic Home, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.[11:6421] cf. [11:650][11:4730][11:6101]

Orchard Wilhelm (1964), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6423]

Max I. Walker Cleaners (1964), 59th & Military, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6425]


Cupcake bank 2w.jpg
Omaha National Bank Satellite Facility aka “Cupcake Bank” (1968), (Lynn Meyer)

A R. Rang (1965), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:No#]

Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church (1965), Ralston, Nebraska.[11:6503]

Omaha Fire Station (1965), 48th & Mayberry, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6504]

Cris Rexall Drug (1965), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6505]

ETV 16 Expansion, Omaha University (1965), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6507]

Double Decking Sketches (1965), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6510]

Addition (1965), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6511]

Masonic Temple (1965), 19th & Douglas, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6513]

North Wing (1965), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6516]

CYO Parking Lot & Proposed Building (1965), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6516]

Naegle Advertising (1965), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6517]

Charlie Graham Buick (1965), 27th & Harney, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6519]

Addition (1965-1967), Lutheran Hospital, Grand Island, Nebraska.[11:6522][11:6618]

Addition (1960-1965), North Platte Memorial Hospital, North Platte, Nebraska.[11:6523]

Teenage Unit (1965), Children's Memorial Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6525]

Addition and Remodel (1965), St. Michael's Hospital, Tyndall, South Dakota.[11:6526] cf. [11:6404]

Mothers & Children Camp (1965), Salvation Army, (Sarpy County?), Nebraska.[11:6528]

School and Brace Shop (1965), Jamestown Crippled Children's Hospital & School, Jamestown, North Dakota (?).[11:6531]

Callaway Municipal Hospital (1965), Callaway, Nebraska.[11:6532] original by others

West Court Addition (1965-1966), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6533]

Paxton Hotel (1966), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6602]

Roosevelt School (1966), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6603][11:6626]

Early West Historical Museum (1966), Nebraska Historical Society, unknown location, Nebraska.[11:6604] cf. [11:6331]

Stairs and Remodel (1966), Paramount Furniture Store, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6605]

School Addition (1966), Mary Our Queen, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6606] cf. [11:6332]

F. H. Bucholz Residence (1966), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6607]

Gene Eppley Salvation Army Camp (1966), Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:6610]

Central Market Addition (1966), Ak Sar Ben Beef Company (1966), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6611]

Addition (1966), Scottish Rite Cathedral, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6613] cf. [11:252][11:5005]

Space Study (1966), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6615]

Creighton University Residence (1966), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6619]

Remodel (1966), Federal Reserve Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6625] cf. [11:4904]

Surveyor’s Building (1966), Douglas County, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6627]

Science Building (1966), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6628]

Arch, Lab Furnishings and Greenhouse, Allwine Hall (1966), Omaha University, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6628]

Addition (1967-1968), Elliott Manufacturing Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6702]

St. Francis Cabrini Convent (1967), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6707]

Computer Center (1967), Douglas County Courthouse West, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6708]

Prospective (1967), Dr. Teusch, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6709]

Service Building (1967), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6710]

Staff Cottage (1967), Salvation Army Camp, Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:6715]

Passage (1967), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6717A]

Proposed Addition (1967), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6717B]

German American Club (1967), 120th Street Site, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6720]

Douglas County Road Patrol Headquarters (1967), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6723]

Omaha National Bank Satellite Facility aka “Cupcake Bank” (1968), 1818 Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6801][18][c] (DO09:0126-025)

Veterans Club (1968), Dodge, Nebraska.[11:6804]

Juvenile Court & Public Defender Remodel (1968), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6806]

Eppley Science Building (1968-1971), University of Nebraska [Omaha], Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6811]

Council Bluffs Savings Bank (1968), Council Bluffs, Nebraska.[11:6812]

Townhouse Preliminaries, Armbock Estates (1968), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6814]

Hall of Justice (1968), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6820]

Renovation, Minne Lusa Pumping Station, Florence Treatment Plant (1968-1970), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6813][e]

Remodel Shop, Activities, and Chapel (1969), Christian Home, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:6901]

Addition (1969), Elliott Manufacturing Company, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:6903]

Owens Optical Suite (1969), Doctors Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6905]

Drs. Filkins, Meissiner & Davis Remodel (1969), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6906][6911]

Liberty Tape (1969), Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:6908]

Scott Miller Office (1969), Doctor’s Rental Areas, Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6912]

Hall of Justice (1969), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6915]

Remodel (1969), Douglas County Northside Welfare Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6917]

District Court Remodel (1969), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:6918]


Gibb's Western Kitchen (1970), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7001]

Florence Branch and Southside Branch Offices (1970), Douglas County Offices, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7002][11:7004]

Warehouse Addition (1970), Capitol Liquors (1970), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7003]

Park Building (1970), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7006]

Interim Douglas County Jail Remodel (1970), 11th & Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7005][11:7007]

Window Betterments (1970), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7008]

Cafeteria (1970), Douglas County Social Service Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7012]

Warehouse (1970), Oriental Trading Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7013]

Master Plan (1971), Salvation Army, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:No#]

Scheme A, B, C & D (April 1971), Federal Reserve Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Remodel (1971), Paramount Furniture Store, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7101]

W. Dale Clark Librarv (1971-1975), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7102]

Dining Hall Addition (1971), Salvation Army Camp, Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:7103]

Hostel Remodel (1971), ENCOR, 3646 Burt, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7104A]

South, Northeast & Benson Family Services (1971), ENCOR, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No #]

New Hostel (1971), ENCOR, 4720 Blondo, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7105][11:7106]

Steeple Reconstruction (1971), Presbyterian Church (ca. 1856-1858), 2002 Franklin St, Bellevue, Nebraska.[11:7108] National Register narrative (SY02-022)

Improvements (1971), Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7110]

Florence Gatehouse (1971), Metropolitan Utilities District, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7111]

District Court Remodel (1971), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7112]

Ford Motor Company Office (1971), Armbock Estates, Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7117]

Catholic Sokol Hall Building (1971), South 13th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7118]

Service Building Warehouse Addition (1971), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11: 7119]

Douglas County Menke Circle Office Building (1971), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7120]

Physicians' Clinic (1971), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7121]

Douglas County Westroads Branch Office (1971), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7123]

Douglas County Corrections Facility Studies (1971), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7124]

Douglas County Juvenile Home, Community Corrections Renovations (1971), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7127]

St. Rose School (1972), Douglas County Mental Health Resources, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7204D]

Omaha Print Building (1972), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7208] cf. [11:5522]

Salvation Army Community Services Building (1972), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7209]

Jail Demolition (1972), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7213]

Structural Investigation (1973), Pottawattamie County Court House, Council Bluffs, Iowa.[11:7302]

Bowling Center - Polka Palace (1973), Dodge, Nebraska.[11:7303]

Air Conditioning (1973), Nebraska City (Morton James) Library (1973), Nebraska City, Iowa.[11:7305][11:7325]

District Courts 3, 7, 8 & 9 Remodel (1973), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7309][11:7310]

Winter Quarters Park (1973), Unknown location.[11:7311]

District Courts East 5, 6, 11 & 12 Remodel (1973), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7312]

Rhoten Meat Company (1973), Omaha (?), Nebraska.[11:7313]

Addition, Eugene C. Eppley Salvation Army Camp (1973), rural Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:7319]

Douglas County Welfare Building (1973), Burt Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7320]

City County Plaza, Douglas County Courthouse (1973), Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7321]

Remodel, Morton James Public Library (1973), Nebraska City, Nebraska.[11:7325] cf. [11:7305]

Juvenile Court (1973), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7327]

Cleaning & Tuckpointing (1974), Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7329]

Loading Dock Addition (1974), Capitol Liquors, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7403]


Office Remodel (1975), Wright & Wilhelmy Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Cooler Addition (1975), Capitol Liquors, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7501]

Remodel (1975), Hall of Justice, Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7502]

Swimming Pool (1975), Salvation Army Campp, rural Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:7504]

Warehouse Plan (1975), Capitol Liquors, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7506]

Cabin Addition & Roof Betterments (1975-1976), Salvation Army Camp, rural Sarpy County, Nebraska.[11:7507][11:7508]

Proposed Addition (1976), Doctor’s Building, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:No#]

Omaha Fire Station (1977), 35th & Ames, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7702]

Garage & Maintenance Shop Addition (1977), Clearview (Douglas County), Douglas County, Nebraska.[11:7703]

Service Building Addition (1977), Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7704]

Douglas County Papio Maintenance Warehouse (1977), 66th & Center, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7705]

Douglas County Welfare Building (1977), 42nd & Pacific, Omaha, Nebraska.[11:7706]


Field Club School (n.d.), 3512 Walnut St., Omaha. (DO09:0202-007)

Kennard School (n.d.), Kennard, Nebraska.[11:885]

Dental Building, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. (reported attribution)

Law Building, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. (reported attribution)

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a. Original building by John & Alan McDonald, Architects.[11:530][11:4531]

b. The design and construction documents were a pro bono collaboration between John Latenser, Jr. of John Latenser & Sons, and Ellery L. Davis of Davis & Wilson.[17][23:144]

c. Frank Nes Latenser is known to have supervised the construction of the "cupcake" bank.[18][23] George Woods Haecker, Jr. (1939-____), Architect, in personal communication with David Murphy and Lynn Meyer, Omaha, Nebraska, April 6, 2016, stated that Herb McLaughlin (1934-2015), a principal with Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz in San Francisco, was the designer of this building--though he will not appear in the record, as he was not registered in Nebraska. McLauglin was in Omaha working on the rehab plans for the old New York Life Building. McLauglin's obituary states, "At one time, McLaughlin was one of the largest renovation developers in the United States. His portfolio included the Cleveland Arcade, Chicago’s Dearborn Station, the Design Center, and the aforementioned Hallidie Building." See "Obit> Herb McLaughlin, 1934-2015: Margie O'Driscoll remembers the San Francisco architect," The Architects Newspaper July 7, 2015. Accessed April 7, 2016.

d. John L. Latenser, designer.[22]

e. The final drawings are dated December 15, 1969, and were sealed by Frank Nes Latenser, P. E. Vince Fallon, Associate, HDR, Omaha, Nebraska, email communication to the Nebraska State Historical Society, Historic Preservation Division, May 2, 2017


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