John Latenser, Jr. (1888-1978), Architect and Engineer

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1912-1970

John Latenser, Jr. was born in Omaha, January 29, 1888, to John and Anna Nestor Latenser. He was educated at Omaha Central High School, and the University of Nebraska from 1906-1908. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Columbia University in 1912. From 1912-1933, Latenser worked for his father’s firm, John Latenser & Sons, and from 1933-1934 served as the State Engineer for the Public Works Administration; he was also a member of the Advisory Board. In 1934, Latenser was made the State Director of the PWA, a position he held until 1937, when he rejoined Latenser & Sons.[3] Latenser's role with the firm was principally in the general administration of the structural and mechanical engineering departments, including working drawings, specifications, and construction supervision.[6]

Latenser was a registered engineer in Nebraska, and a registered architect in New York. He was a member of the Omaha City Planning Commission & Board of Appeals. During World War I, 1917-1919, Latenser served as a Plant Engineer for the U.S. Shipping Board in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he also married his wife, Anna Banks, in February of 1919. Latenser was an active in the professional community, holding memberships in the Omaha Engineers Club, the Nebraska Engineering Society, and the ASCE. He was on the Review Board of the Omaha Building Code, and a member of the “C of C.”[3] He died in 1978.[1][2]

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Lineage of John Latenser’s Sons

1. John L. Latenser (1858-1936), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1885-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1936)

2. John Latenser, Jr. (1888-1978), Architect and Engineer (John L. Latenser, 1912-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1970)
3. John F. Latenser, MD
3. William Banks Latenser (1926-____), Architect (Latenser & Sons, 1953-1978, and Latenser & Associates, 1978-1997)
4. William B. Latenser, Jr.
4. Robert L. Latenser
4. Paul Miller Latenser, Architect (other Omaha firms, ca. 1987-2000+)
4. Matthew A. Latenser
2. Frank J. Latenser (1890-1973), Architect (John L. Latenser, 1913-1914, and Latenser & Sons, 1915-1973)
3. James Seymour Latenser, Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1949-1956)
3. Frank Nestor "Nes" Latenser (1925-2006), Engineer (Latenser & Sons, 1948-1978)
2. George Latenser (1903-1940), Builder (With Latenser & Sons, 1929-1932; independent builder thereafter.)

Educational & Professional Associations

1906-1908: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

1912: BArch, Columbia University, New York, New York.[3]

1912-1914: architect and engineer with John L. Latenser, Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

1915-1919: architect, engineer and partner, John Latenser & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1917-1919: plant engineer for the U.S. Shipping Board in Wilmington, North Carolina.[3]

1919-1933: architect, engineer and partner, John Latenser & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska.

1933-1934: State Engineer, U.S. Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Administration.[3][4]

1934-1937: State Director for the Public Works Administration.[3][a]

1937-1963: architect, engineer and president, John Latenser & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska.

1964-1966: architect, engineer and treasurer, John Latenser & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska.

1967-1969: architect and engineer with John Latenser & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska.

1970: retired, Omaha, Nebraska.

Principal Works


a. Registered Professional Engineer, ca. 1937, Nebraska, E-254.[5]


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