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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1915-1924


James Tyler, Jr., Lincoln, Nebraska

Eugene H. Brandt, Lincoln, Nebraska

James Tyler, Lincoln, Nebraska

In the last years of his life, James Tyler rejoined his son James, Jr. in architectural practice as Tyler, Brandt & Tyler while continuing to serve as Lincoln's water and light commissioner. Eugene H. Brandt died in 1918 and James Tyler, Sr. died in 1919, but the firm name continued unchanged until at least 1924.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1916-1918, 1920-1922, 1924

Educational & Professional Associations

1883-1892, James Tyler (1844-1919), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska

1893-1907, James Tyler & Son, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska

1907-1915, Tyler & Brandt, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska

Buildings & Projects

House for George Fawell, Jr. (1915-1916), 2401 Ryons Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Drawings for a one-story frame residence for Dr. J. M. Birkner (1915), perhaps 2009 Sewell Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7][a]

Two-story frame & stucco residence for Miss Catherine E. Grow (1915), 3515 Poppleton Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska.[8][b]

First National Bank of Adams (1915-1919), Adams, Nebraska.[6] Extant (2021) as Adams State Bank.(efz)

One-story frame residence for Arthur Jensen (1915), Minden, Nebraska.[9]

Two-story brick residence for Bert Faulkner (1915), 24th & South Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]

$6,000 two-story frame & stucco residence for Mr. Boone (1916), Fairbury, Nebraska.[13]

$5,000 two-story frame & stucco residence for J. W. Dickenson (1916) Fairbury, Nebraska.[11]

Scottsbluff National Bank, with the Weller Co. & Wm. Frank store buildings (1916), Scottsbluff, Nebraska.[31][c]

$5,000 two-story brick & stucco residence for Woods Bros. Investment Company (1916), 14th & Van Dorn Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

$4,500 two-story brick & stucco residence for Woods Bros. Investment Company (1916), 14th & Van Dorn Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

$2,800 1.5-story frame bungalow for Woods Bros. Investment Company (1916), 14th & Van Dorn Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Dwelling for Woods Bros. (1916), 1134 Hill Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2]

Dwelling for Woods Bros. (1916), 2635 South 11th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

Preliminary plans for six-unit, three-story apartment building (1916), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12]

Remodeling brick store building for Emma H. Holmes (1917), 1124 O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Remodeling and addition to Farmers' State Bank (1917), Columbus, Nebraska.[14][15]

Remodeling and addition to Store Building for Arthur Gray (1917), Columbus, Nebraska.[15]

Remodeling bar to lunch room, Savoy Hotel (1917), NW corner of 11th & P Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[16]

Plans for remodeling American State Bank (1917), Lincoln, Nebraska.[17]

Santee State Bank (1917), Santee, Nebraska.[18]

Citizens' State Bank (1917), Lyons, Nebraska.[19]

Citizens' State Bank (1917), Western, Nebraska.[20]

$5,000, two-story, frame & stucco residence for Charles Stoops (1917), David City, Nebraska.[21]

Home State Bank (1918), Dunning, Blaine County, Nebraska.[5]

Remodeling Elks Club (1918), Fairbury, Nebraska.[22]

$15,000 Garage for Hagerman & Mitchmore (1919), Liberty, Nebraska.[23]

$7,000 Farmers & Merchants Bank (1920), Murdock, Nebraska.[24]

Mt. Zion Baptist Church (1922), SE corner of 12th & F Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[29][30]

Garage for Smith Brother (1922), Havelock, Nebraska.[25]

Remodeling Central Hotel (1922), 1325 P Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[26]

W. F. Cramb residence & garage (1922), Fairbury, Nebraska.[27]

Auditorium addition for Board of Education (1922), Adams, Nebraska.[28]


a. Dr. J. M. and Mrs. Elvira Birkner obtained a building permit (#6602, issued May 29, 1916, estimated cost of $4,000) for a residence at 2009 Sewell Street in Lincoln in May of 1916. Nebr. Building & Investment Co. was their contractor. The application for the permit lists J. R. Kruse as their architect. In the 1914 Lincoln city directory, Kruse was manager of Schaaf Manufacturing Co., a millwork business of building contractor Conrad A. Schaaf. In 1920, Kruse was a draftsman for Camp-Hallett Co. in Lincoln, which manufactured truck cabs and bodies. The house on Sewell is a handsome stuccoed bungalow with very low pitched gable roofs. It seems plausible that Kruse adapted a Tyler design, but that cannot be stated with certainty based on the available information.

b. American Contractor lists a project by James Tyler, Jr. for "Miss Katherine E. Gow" at "35th & Poppleton avs." in Omaha. Catherine Gow resided at 3515 Poppleton according to Omaha city directories. The frame house is a modified American foursquare.

c. Early postcards show this bank occupying a handsome two-story commercial building with additional storefronts to either side. J. P. Guth of Omaha designed an earlier office for the newly founded Scottsbluff National Bank in 1909 that measured just 25-feet-wide and offered a second story that was a virtual false-front, covering only a small portion of the building's length.


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