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Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska, 1951-1954


Frank N. McNett, Grand Island; and Omaha, Nebraska

Frank N. McNett & Company was an architectural firm in business during the 1950s, in Scottsbluff-Gering.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska, 1951, 1954

Educational & Professional Associations

Frank Nelson McNett, Omaha; and Grand Island, Nebraska

McNett, Stanage & Company, Scottsbluff-Gering, Nebraska

Burrill & McNett, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

Other Associations

1949-1950: employed Hermann Benson Riherd, architect.

1949-1950: employed Keith Maurice Skeels, draftsman.

1949-1962: employed Edverd James Huntemer, architect.

1950-1954: employed Eugene Arvon Griffiths, architect.

1951-1954: employed Edgar Leroy Coleman, specification writer & construction superintendent (1951-1952), and designer-draftsman (1951-1952).[2][3]

1952-1955: employed Robert Reginald Hinde, Jr., architectural draftsman.

Buildings & Projects

St Anthonys Hospital (1950), 2nd & Adams, O’Neill, Nebraska.[1]



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