Robert Reginald Hinde, Jr. (1924-2001), Architect

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North Platte, Nebraska, 1951-2000

Robert Hinde, Jr. was born in Hayes, Kansas on October 30, 1924.[2][3] Before studying architecture, Hinde served as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps from 1943-1945.[2][3] He attended the University of Nebraska, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, in 1951.[2][3] During his career, Hinde served on the North Platte Planning Commission in 1968, was a member of the Mayor’s Civic Steering Committee in 1969, and was a member of the Community Improvement Committee in 1969.[3] Hinde passed away on June 18, 2001, in North Platte.[4]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

North Platte, Nebraska, 1957-1997

Educational & Professional Associations

1943-1945: Corporal, United States Marine Corps.

1951: Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][3]

1951-1952: architectural draftsman, Wilson & Co, Salina, Kansas.[2]

1952-1955: architectural draftsman, Frank N. McNett & Company, Architects, Grand Island, Nebraska.[2]

1955-1957: architectural draftsman & chief architect, Shaver & Shaver, Kansas, 1955-1957.[2]

1957-1973: architect and partner, Hinde & Laurinat, Architects, North Platte, Nebraska.[3]

1974-1975: architect and partner, Hinde, Laurinat & Nelson, Inc., Architects, North Platte, Nebraska.

1978-1979: architect and partner, Hinde & Nelson, Architects, North Platte, Nebraska.

1980: senior principal, architect, and partner, Hinde, Nelson & Harrison, Inc., Architects, North Platte, Nebraska.

1981-1986: architect and partner, Hinde & Harrison, Architects, North Platte, Nebraska.

1987-1997: Robert R. Hinde, North Platte, Nebraska.

1998-2000: architect and partner, Gardner Hinde Davis, North Platte, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

KNOP-TV (1958), North Platte, Nebraska.[2][a]

Sucgang Medical Building (1958), Alliance, Nebraska.[2][a]

First Congregational Church (1958), Chadron, Nebraska.[2][a]

Junior-Senior High School (1959), Morrill, Nebraska.[2][a]

Elementary School (1960), Dix, Nebraska.[2][a]

Stanford Lodge Motel (1960), North Platte, Nebraska.[2][a]

Bayard Elementary School (1968), Bayard, Nebraska.[3][a]

Ome Shoemaker Residence (1969), Cambridge, Nebraska.[3][a]

Perkins County Community Hospital (1969), Grant, Nebraska.[3][a]

Hyannis Junior-Senior High School (1970), Hyannis, Nebraska.[3][a]

Heritage Plaza Retirement Village (1970), Cambridge, Nebraska.[3][a]

Multipurpose Senior Citizen Centers for the West Central Nebraska Area Agency on Aging (ca. 1980-1981), Benkelman, Nebraska.[5][b]

Benkelman Elementary School (ca. 1981-1982), Benkelman, Nebraska.[5][b]

Remodel of Scotts Bluff County Courthouse (1979-1981), Gering, Nebraaska.[5][b]

Passive Solar Plan for Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Robinson (ca. 1982).[5][b]


a. These projects were done for Hinde & Laurinat.

b. These projects were done on behalf of Hinde, Nelson & Harrison, Inc., Architects


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