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This page is a contribution to the publication, Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. See the format and contents page for more information on the compilation and page organization.

Note that links in boldface type represent architect and firm pages that are either more complete or are particularly well-developed. Links that are in red font are not live and represent pages that are still in queue. These pages may also have been deferred for lack of information or because the practitioner has more recently entered the scene. This index nonetheless provides a comprehensive list of those who practiced in Nebraska from 1854-2000. Files are kept for each.

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Vacard, Joseph D., Architect; SEE Joseph D. Vacard, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-1968 (?)

Vachal, Petr, Mason; SEE Petr Vachal, Mason, Prague, Nebraska, 1893

Valk, Lawrence B.; SEE Lawrence Bolton Valk (1838-1924), Architect, New York City, ca. 1859-1899; Los Angeles, 1900-1924

Vallicott, Jay A., Architect; SEE Jay A. Vallicott, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000-2008+

Van Brunt & Howe, Architects, Kansas City, Missouri

Van Brunt, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry Van Brunt (1832-1903), Architect, Kansas City, Missouri

van der Rohe, Ludwig Mies, Architect; SEE Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), Architect, Chicago, Illinois, 1938-1969.

Vandoren-Hazaro, Stallings-Schnacke, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1970-1972

Vanek, Jan, Mason; SEE Jan Vanek (1824-____), Mason, Humboldt, Nebraska, 1891

Vastine, William Louis, Architect; SEE William Louis Vastine (1906-1938), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1930-1938

Vaughan, Louis, Architect; SEE Louis Vaughan (1853-____), Architect, Blair, Nebraska, 1893-1917

Veach, Clarence, Engineer, see Reed, Veach, Wurdeman & Associates, Columbus, Nebraska

Venard, Tessin & Associates, Inc., Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974

Vermeer, Lynn Eugene, Architect; SEE Lynn Eugene Vermeer (1935-2006), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1965-2006

Vidlak, Edward J., Architect; SEE Edward J. Vidlack, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1993-2001; Omaha, Nebraska, 2001-2006

Vieno, R., Architect; SEE Rupert Vieno (ca. 1846-____), Architect, David City, Nebraska, 1879-80

Vierk, Fritz Charles, Architect; SEE Fritz Charles Vierk (ca. 1903-1980), Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1945-1976

Vifquain, John A., Architect and Engineer; SEE John Albert Vifquain, Architect and Engineer, Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-2000

Vilicky, Vaclav, Architect; SEE Vaclav Vilicky (1844-1930), Architect, Wahoo, Nebraska, 1893

Vilums, Janis, Jr., Architect; SEE Janis Vilums, Jr., Architect, Lincoln, 1965; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1967-1983

Vlasnik, Robert L., Architect; SEE Robert L. Vlasnik (1935-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-; Waterloo, Nebraska, 2000-2008

Vogel, George R., Architect; SEE George Robert Vogel, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, -2000+

Volenec, Randolph J., Architect; SEE Randolph J. Volenec, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1972-

Voss, Henry, Architect; SEE Henry Voss (1843-____), Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1873-1908

Voss & Latenser, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1891-1893

Votava, Bartholomew A., Architect; SEE Bartholomew Allen Votava, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1966-2000+

Votava, Benjamin Anthony, Architect; SEE Benjamin Anthony Votava (1918-2009), Architect, Lincoln, 1952; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1953-

Vrana, Edward H., Co., Architects; SEE Edward H. Vrana Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1915-1917

Vrtiska, Ivan A., Architect; SEE Ivan A. Vrtiska, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska, 1971-2000

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