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Kearney, Nebraska, 1946-1983


John Peter Helleberg, Sr., 1946-1967

John Peter Helleberg, Jr., 1948-1969

Rex Staal Helleberg, 1956-1969; 1969-1985

Helleberg & Helleberg was a prolific architectural firm that practiced in Kearney, Nebraska.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Kearney, Nebraska, 1952, 1955-1956, 1958, 1960-1961, 1963-1968, 1971-1975, 1978-1983

Lineage of the Firm

1911-1913: Wurdeman & Grabe, Architects, Columbus, Nebraska.

1914-1923: Grabe & Helleberg, Architects, Columbus, Nebraska.

1923-1946: John P. Helleberg, Sr., Kearney, Nebraska.

1946-1985: Helleberg & Helleberg, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1956-1958: employed Franklin Nesseth Bunker, architect.

1960-1983: employed Frederick Alman Lohmann, architect.[3]

1964-1968: employed Richard J. Stacy, draftsman.

1965: employed Robert James Kirkendall, draftsman.

1967-1968: employed Kenneth Herman Streich, draftsman.

ca. 1975-1985: employed David. A. Ritz, Architect, Architect-in-Training.[3]

Buildings & Projects


From 1946 to 1967, Helleberg, Sr. and Helleberg, Jr. were the owners and partners in the firm.

Greater Kearney Corporation Apartments (1946), Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Kearney Civic Auditorium (1946-1947), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:504][3:605]

Addition (1947), Gibbon School, Gibbon, Nebraska.[2]

Dormatories (1947), Boys Training School, Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Utility Building (1947), Consumers Public Power, Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Memorial Field Grandstand (1947), Harmon Park, Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Johnson’s Dry Cleaners (1947), Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Palmer Brothers Corporation Office (1947), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3]

Bates Motor Company (1947), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[3]

Ayres Building (1947), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[3]

Consumers Headquarters Building (1947-1949), 2025 Ave A, Kearney, Nebraska.[4]

J. G. Love house (1948), Ravenna, Nebraska.[3]

Peterson Garage (1948), Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

Store Front (1948), Liberty Cleaners, Kearney, Nebraska.[3]

First Presbyterian Church (1948), Campbell, Nebraska.[3]

Auditorium and classroom addition (1949), Odessa School, Odessa, Nebraska.[2][3:596]

Veterans Memorial Building (1949), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:597]

Twin Valley Membership HQ (1949), R. E. A., Cambridge, Nebraska.[3:598]

Remodel (1949), Fort Kearny National Bank, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:599]

Cambridge Library (1949), Cambridge, Nebraska.[3:600]

Bethesda Home (1949-1950), Bethphage Inner Mission, Axtell, Nebraska.[3:4901][a]

Park School (1950), Kearney, Nebraska.[2][3:610]

Emerson School (1950), Kearney, Nebraska.[2][3:609]

Bryant School (1950), Kearney, Nebraska.[2][3:608]

District 19 School (1950), Darr, Nebraska.[2][3:601]

Auditorium and classroom addition (1950), St. Paul School, St. Paul, Nebraska.[2][3:606]

Office Building (1950), O’Neill, Nebraska.[3:607]

United Presbyterian Church (1950), Minden, Nebraska.[3:611]


Presbyterian Church (1951), Ord, Nebraska.[3:612]

J. E. Maser hosue (1951), Kearney, Nebraska.[3613]

Rural school (1952), Elwood, Nebraska.[2]

Vocational Agriculture Shop (1952), Ansley School, Ansley, Nebraska.[2]

Stratton Grade and high School (1952), Stratton, Nebraska.[2]

District 4 School (1952), Gosper County, Nebraska.[3:5201]

Bethany Old Peoples Home (1952), Minden, Nebraska.[3:5202]

Sacred Heart Hospital (1952), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:5203]

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (1952), Bertrand, Nebraska.[3:5205]

Josten-Wilbert Vault Building (1952), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5206]

Stratton Grade & High School (1952), Stratton, Nebraska.[3:5207]

Vocational Agriculture Building (1952), Ansley, Nebraska.[3:5208]

John Gorgan house (1952), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5210]

District 74 School (1953), Funk, Nebraska.[2][3:5301]

Remodel (1953), McCook Library, McCook, Nebraka.[3:5302]

Methodist Church (1953), Oxford, Nebraska.[3:5303]

Jensen Memorial Library (1953), Minden, Nebraska.[3:5304]

Trinity Evangelical Free Church (1953), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:5305]

O. P. Skagg Store (1953), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:5307]

Gymnasium and Auditorium (1953), Loomis, Nebraska.[2][3:5308]

School (1953), Boys Training School, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5309]

Buffalo County Assistance Building (1953), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5310]

John P. Helleberg, Sr. house (1953), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5311]

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church (1954), Smithfield, Nebraska.[3:5402]

B.P.O.E. Building (1954), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[3:5403]

District R-3 School (1954), Phelps County, Nebraska.[3:5404]

Faith Evangelical united Brethren Church (1954), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5405]

All Saints Church (1954), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:5406]

Christ Lutheran Church (1954), Grand island, Nebraska.[3:5407]

Men’s Dorm (1954), Luther College, Wahoo, Nebraska.[3:5408]

St. John’s Lutheran Church (1954), Culbertson, Nebraska.[3:5410]

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (1954), Grand Island, Nebraska.[3:5411]

Home Sarepta (1955), Bethphage Mission, Axtell, Nebraska.[3:5502]

District 22 School (1955), Dawson County, Nebraska.[3:5503]

R.E.A. HQ Building (1955), Alliance, Nebraska.[3:5504]

Salem Lutheran Church (1955), Stromsburg, Nebraska.[3:5505]

District R-6 School (1955), Phelps County, Nebraska.[3:5506]

District R-7 School (1955), Phelps County, Nebraska.[3:5507]

B.P.O.E. Elks building (1955), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5508]

District 28 School (1955), Buffalo County, Nebraska.[3:5509]

Education Unit (1955), First Methodist Church, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5510]

Medical Arts Building (1955), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5511]

Kearney Creamery (1955), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5512]

Grade School Addition (1955), Funk, Nebraska.[3:5513]


In 1956, Rex Helleberg joined his father and brother in the firm as an architect and partner.

B.P.O.E. Building (1956), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:5601]

Project for Coliseum and Student Union (1956), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5602]

Hilltop Lanes Bowling Alley (1956), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5603]

B.P.O.E. Lodge 1434 Building (1956), McCook, Nebraska.[3:5604]

West Hall and North Hall Dormatories (1956), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[1][3:5605][3:5606]

Memorial Union and Dining Hall (1956), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5607]

Bethesda Mennonite Church (1956), Henderson, Nebraska.[3:5608]

First Presbyterian Church (1956), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:5609]

District 11 School Addition (1956), Clarks, Nebraska.[3:5610]

District 72 School Addition (1956), Cairo, Nebraska.[3:5611]

Observation Tower (1956), Ground Observation Corps, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5612]

Rosenberg Building (1956), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:5613]

St. Ann’s High School (1957), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:5702]

Nebraska Turkey Growers Association Building (1957), Gibbon, Nebraska.[3:5705]

Youth Center (1957), Harmon Park, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5707]

Addition (1957), First Investment Company, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5708]

Optical Building (1957), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5710]

Addition (1958), Kearney Public Library, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5801]

Addition (1958), American Lutheran Church, Cozad, Nebraska.[3:5802]

Hellman Store Front (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5803]

Hammer Hotel (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5804]

Avenue “I” and 34th Street Elementary Schools (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5805]

Kenwood School Addition (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5806]

Park School Addition (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5807]

Administrative Unit (1958), Whittier School, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5808]

Elementary School & Gymnasium (1958), Callaway, Nebraska.[3:5809]

Buffalo County Jail Building (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5812]

Storefront (1958), Claussen Shoe Store, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5814]

Kearney High School (1958), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5816]

Utility Building (1958), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:5817]

Additions (1958), General Telephone Company, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5819]

United Lutheran Church (1958), Laurel, Nebraska.[3:5820]

Reddish & Reddish Office (1958), Alliance, Nebraska.[3:5822]

Kearney Clinic (1959), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5902]

Proposed Grandstand (1959), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5903]

District R-105 School (1959), Pleasanton vicinity, Buffalo County, Nebraska.[3:5905]

Henderson Community School Addition (1959), Henderson, Nebraska.[3:5906]

Nursing Home (1959), Henderson, Nebraska.[3:5907]

Store Building (1959), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5908]

Greenhouse (1959), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5908A]

Married Student Housing (1959), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5909]

Men’s Dorm (1959), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5910]

Women’s Dorm (1959), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:5911]

Physical Education Bldg. (1959), Kearney State College, 26th St. & 15th Ave., Kearney, Nebraska.[1][3:5912]

Education Unit (1959), First Methodist Church, Red Cloud, Nebraska.[3;5913]

District 32 School (1959), Hazard vicinity, Sherman, County, Nebraska.[3:5914]

Trinity Lutheran Church (1959), Columbus, Nebraska.[3:5915]

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (1959), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:5916]


First Methodist Church (1960), Elwood, Nebraska.[3:6002]

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (1960), Grand Island, Nebraska.[3:6004]

Trinity Lutheran Church (1960), Arapahoe, Nebraska.[3:6005]

B.P.O.E. Building (1960), Scottsbluff, Nebraska.[3:6006]

Bethany Home (1960), Minden, Nebraska.[3:6007]

Borup Activities Building (1960), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska.[3:6008]

Girl’s Dorm (1960), Platte Valley Academy, Shelton, Nebraska.[3:6009]

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (1960), North Platte, Nebraska.[3:6011]

John P. Helleberg, Jr., house (1960), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6012]

First National Bank Drive-In Facility (1960), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6013]

Foot Bridge (1961), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6101]

District 119 School & Gymnasium (1961), Amherst, Nebraska.[3:6102]

Education Unit (1961), First Methodist Church, Superior, Nebraska.[3:6103]

First Christian Church (1961), Grand island, Nebraska.[3:6104]

Education Unit (1961), First Methodist Church, Shelton, Nebraska.[3:6105]

Education Unit (1961), First Methodist Church, Ainsworth, Nebraska.[3:6106]

Charles H. Dana Hall of Science (1961), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska.[3:6107]

Jefferson County Memorial Hospital (1961), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:6108]

First Federal Savings & Loan (1961), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6109]

Fonner Park Mezzanine Addition (1961), Grand Island, Nebraska.[3:6110]

Hillcrest Nursing Home (1961), McCook, Nebraska.[3:6111]

Library (1962), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6201]

Platte Valley State Bank (1962), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6202]

City of Kearney Housing Authority, 50 units (1962), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6204]

First Federal Savings & Loan (1962), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6205]

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (1962), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:6206]

District 1 Elementary School and Gymnasium (1962), Juniata vicinity, Adams County, Nebraska.[3:6207]

Buffalo County Judicial Building (1962), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6208]

Helleberg Company (1962), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6209]

Food Service Building (1962), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6210]

Medical Arts Building (1962), 31st & Central Ave, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6211]

Valley County Memorial Hospital (1963), Ord, Nebraska.[3:6301]

Westmark Evangelical Church (1963), Loomis, Nebraska.[3:6302]

Superior High School (1963), Superior, Nebraska.[3:6303]

Addition (1963), U. S. Post Office, Lexington, Nebraska.[3:6304]

Holling Hall (1963), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska.[3:6305]

Food Service Building (1963), Platte Valley Academy, Shelton, Nebraska.[3:6307]

First National Bank (1963), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:6308]

Additions (1963), Student Center, Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[1][3:6309]

J. A. Baldwin Manufacturing (1963), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6311]

Mount Carmel Home (1963), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6312]

Day Room Addition (1963), Bethphage Mission, Axtell, Nebraska.[3:6313]

Additions (1963), Gibbon High School, Gibbon, Nebraska.[1][3:6314]

Men’s Dorms (1964), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6401]

One Unit Armory (1964), Ogallala, Nebraska.[3:6402]

Cherry County Jail Building (1964), Valentine, Nebraska.[3:6403]

American Lutheran Church (1964), Cozad, Nebraska.[3:6406]

Fillmore County Hospital (1964), Geneva, Nebraska.[3:6407]

Administration Building (1964), Bethphage Mission, Axtell, Nebraska.[3:6408]

Post Office (1964), Fullerton, Nebraska.[3:6409]

Post Office (1964), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:6410]

Fairbury Housing Authority, 60 units (1964), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:6412]

Elementary School and Gym (1964), Trumbull, Nebraska.[3:6413]

Ord High School Stadium (1964), Ord, Nebraska.[3:6414]

Science Building, Phase I (1964), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6415]

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (1964), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:6416]

One Unit Armory (1964), Alliance, Nebraska.[3:6417]

Campus Center (1964), McCook Junior College, McCook, Nebraska.[3:6418]

First Christian Church (1964), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6419]

National Guard Armory (1964), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:6420]

Classroom Addition (1964), American Lutheran Church, Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:6421]

Women’s Residence (1965), Center I, Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6501]

First Methodist Church (1965), Red Cloud, Nebraska.[3:6502]

Campus Center (1965), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska.[3:6503]

Men’s Dormitory (1965), Dana College, Blair, Nebraska.[3:6504]

Addition (1965), Northeast School, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6505]

First Lutheran Church (1965), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6506]

Addition (1965), Methodist Church, Ainsworth, Nebraska.[3:6507]

Housing Project, 30 Unit (1965), Minden, Nebraska.[3:6508]

McCook Junior High School (1965), McCook, Nebraska.[3:6510]

Addition (1965), Kearney Clinic, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6512]

Grandstand Addition (1965), Fonner Park, Grand Island, Nebraska.[3:6513]

Science Building Phase II (1965), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6513]

K-12 School Complex (1965), Shelton, Nebraska.[3:6517]

K-6 School and Gymnasium (1965), Franklin, Nebraska.[3:6518]


In 1968, Helleberg, Sr. died, and in 1969, Helleberg Jr. died as well of a long-term illness, leaving Rex Helleberg the remaining partner and the owner of the firm until 1985.

Addition, Northeast Elementary School (1966), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6601]

Addition, Jefferson County Memorial Hospital (1966), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:6602]

First Presbyterian Church (1966), York, Nebraska.[3:6603]

Commercial Unit for George Kotsiopulos (1966), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6604]

Women's Residence Center II (1966), Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6605]

Zion Lutheran Church (1966), Scotia, Nebraska.[3:6607]

Clay Center High School (1966), Clay Center, Nebraska.[3:6608]

Addition, Activities Building (1966), Bethphage Mission, Axtell, Nebraska.[3:6611]

Cheese Factory (1966), Ravenna, Nebraska.[3:6614]

Addition, All Saints Church (1966), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:6615]

District 1-C Junior-Senior High School (1966), Clay County, Nebraska.[3:6616]

Addition II, Baldwin Manufacturing Company (1966), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6617]

Tri-County Junior-Senior High School (1966), Jefferson County, Nebraska.[3:6618]

The Evangelical Free Church (1967), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:6701]

Kearney Buick Garage (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6702]

Addition, B. P. O. E. Elks (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6703]

Educational Unit, First Methodist Church (1967), Geneva, Nebraska.[3:6704]

Medical Unit for R. F. Jester, M. D. (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6705]

Addition III, Baldwin Manufacturing Company (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6706]

Well Number 2, Baldwin Manufacturing Company (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6706]

Plainview Hospital (1967), Plainview, Nebraska.[3:6707]

Library, Dana College (1967), Blair, Nebraska.[3:6708]

The Nebraskan – Remodel Fort Kearney Room, Kearney State College (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6709]

Addition, The West Company Building (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6710]

Additional Facilities for Bruner Hall of Science, Kearney State College (1967), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6711]

Stadium, Dana College (1967), Blair, Nebraska.[3:6712]

Fillmore County Hospital Ambulance Garage (1967), Geneva, Nebraska.[3:6713]

Additions, Webster County Hospital (1967), Red Cloud, Nebraska.[3:6714]

Adams Central High School (1967), Adams County, Nebraska.[3:6715]

Addition, Franklin County School (1967), Hildreth, Nebraska.[3:6716]

Music/Theater Complex (with equipment), Kearney State College (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6801]

Eighty dwelling units (1968), Kearney Housing Authority, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6802]

Northeast Elementary School Expansion (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6804]

Additions, Senior High School (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6805]

Elementary School District 4R, Hamilton County (1968), Aurora, Nebraska.[3:6806]

Junior High School (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6807]

Intensive Treatment Building, Boys Training School (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6808]

All Faiths Chapel, Boys Training School (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6809]

F. O. E. Building, Lodge 2722 (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6810]

Additions and alterations, Medical Arts Building (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6811]

Addition, Library (1968), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:6812]

Terminal Building, Kearney Airport (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6813]

Evangelical Covenant Church (1968), Aurora, Nebraska.[3:6814]

North Addition, Baldwin Manufacturing Plant (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6815]

Gibbon Centennial Manor (1968), Gibbon, Nebraska.[3:6816]

Additions, Telephone Building (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6817]

Eaton, Yale & Towne, Inc. – Valve Division (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6818]

Construction Projects, Bethphage Mission (1968), Axtell, Nebraska.[3:6819]

Home Sarepta, Bethphage Mission (1968), Axtell, Nebraska.[3:6820]

Loup City Sewer (1968), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:6821]

Youth Development Center Administration Building (1968), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6822]

Military Science Building (with furnishings), Kearney State College (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6901]

Additions, Minden Hospital (1969), Minden, Nebraska.[3:6904]

Additions and alterations, Hitchcock County School (1969), Culbertson, Nebraska.[3:6905]

New educational wing, First Presbyterian Church (1969), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:6906]

Rex S. Helleberg house (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6907]

Lutheran Student Center, Kearney State College (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6908]

Addition, Jefferson County Memorial Hospital (1969), Fairbury, Nebraska.[3:6909]

First National Bank Drive-In (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6910]

Addition and office remodel, The West Company (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6911]

Sargent Hospital (1969), Sargent, Nebraska.[3:6912]

Office remodeling, The Nebraskan, Kearney State College (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6914]

Student Union, Kearney State College (1969), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:6915]

Bethany Lutheran Church (1969), Minden, Nebraska.[3:6916]


Tradehome Shoe Store (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7001]

Gym and Pool, Eustis Public School (1970), Eustis, Nebraska.[3:7002]

Goddard Lockers (1970), Goddard, Kansas.[3:7003]

Fire Safety Corrections, Kearney State College (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7004]

Acoustics Modifications, Fine Arts Building, Kearney State College (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7005][5:22-23]

Warehouse Addition, Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7006]

V. A. T. Drive-up unit, Platte Valley Bank (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7007]

Valley Pharmacy (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7008]

Armstrong house (1970), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7009]

Minden Store (1970), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7010]

Downtown Improvement (1970), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7011]

Nursing Home (1971), Clarkson, Nebraska.[3:7101]

Demolition, Industrial Arts Building (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7102]

Additions, Bethlehem Lutheran Church (1971), Ravenna, Nebraska.[3:7103]

Addition, Sacred Heart Hospital (1971), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7104]

Addition, United Church of Christ (1971), Clay Center, Nebraska.[3:7105]

Office, Tollefsen-Elliott Lumber Company (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7106]

Nursing Home (1971), Custer, South Dakota.[3:7107]

Nursing Home (1971), Gretna, Nebraska.[3:7108]

Additions, The West Company Building (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7109]

First Baptist Church (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7110]

Classroom Addition, Aurora High School, Hamilton County (1971), Aurora, Nebraska.[3:7111]

Nursing Home (1971), Whitefish, Montana.[3:7112]

Nursing Home (1971), Deer Lodge, Montana.[3:7112A]

Addition, Clarks School District #11 (1971), Clarks, Nebraska.[3:7113]

Nursing Home (1971), Hudson, South Dakota.[3:7114]

Office, Anderson-Divan-Cottrell Insurance (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7115]

Sherman County Bank (original and revised) (1971), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7116]

Addition, Telephone Building (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7117]

Addition, Buffalo County Jail (1971), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7118]

Morgan House (1971), McCook, Nebraska.[3:7119]

Additions, Telephone Building (1972), Amherst/Sumner, Nebraska.[3:7201]

Additions, Elementary School (1972), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:7202]

Addition (Hinterlong Memorial Wing), Kearney County Community Hospital (1972), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7203]

Office Remodel (headquarters building additions and alterations), Dawson County Public Power District (1972), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7204]

Additions, Bethany Home (1972), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7205]

The Mall (1972), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7208]

Platte Valley State Bank (wall covering and furniture) (1972), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7209]

Additions, Howard County Community Hospital (1972), St. Paul, Nebraska.[3:7210]

Alterations and repairs, Polk School (1972), Polk, Nebraska.[3:7211]

Nursing Home (1972), Wathena, Kansas.[3:7212]

Bus Garage (1972), Superior, Nebraska.[3:7213]

Addition, Truck garage – Phase I, Dawson County Public Power District (1972), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7214]

Remodel, First Federal of Lincoln (1973), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7301]

Remodeling, Plainview Hospital (1973), Plainview, Nebraska.[3:7302]

Mental Retardation Building (specs) (1973), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:7303]

Cherry County Jail (1973), Valentine, Nebraska.[3:7304]

Drawings for Jack Haney (1973), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7305]

Demolition, Old Elementary School (1973) Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:7306]

Addition, School (1973), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:7307]

First Christian Church (1973), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7308]

Inspection, Gothenburg Housing (1973). Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:7309]

Lions’ Concession Stand, Centennial Park (1973), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7310]

Modification, Ambulance Entrance Canopy, Kearney County Community Hospital (1973), Minden, Nebraska. [3:7311]

Athletic Field, Loup City High School (1973), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7312]

Detached Auxiliary Teller’s Facility, Platte Valley State Bank (1973), Kearney, Nebraska. [3:7313]

Plant Expansion, Eaton Corporation (1973), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7314]

Spelts-Swanson Implement Company (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7402]

Sketches, Lewis Building (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7403]

Floor repairs, Jensen Memorial Library (1974), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7404]

Meier & Adkins building (1974), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7405]

Southwest Nebraska Medical Center (1974), McCook, Nebraska.[3:7406]

McCook Apartments (Romanoff’s) (1974), McCook, Nebraska.[3:7407]

Additions, Liberty Cleaners (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7408]

Addition, Telephone Building (1974), Pleasanton, Nebraska.[3:7409]

Mechanical Remodel, Telephone Building (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7410]

Cherry County Office Building (1974), Valentine, Nebraska.[3:7411]

Inspection, The West Company Addition (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7412]

Salvation Army Building (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7413]

Wayne Hendricksen Land & Cattle Company (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7417]

New York Life Insurance Office Building (Haney’s) (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7418]

Spelts Home Center (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7419]

Remodel, Educational Service Unit #11 (1974), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:7420]

Roof Repair and Entrance, Grace Lutheran Church (1974), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7421]

Sandy Creek School (1974), Clay County, Nebraska.[3:7422]

First St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (1974), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:7423]

First United Methodist Church (1974), Eustis, Nebraska.[3:7424]

Robert Walker’s residence (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7425]

Duplex Development (Altmaier’s) (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7426]

Athletic field Stadium seating (1974), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7427]

Gothenburg School Improvements (1974), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:7428]

Pressbox, Athletic Field (1974), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7429]

Air Conditioning System, Dixon Hall and Comes Hall, Youth Development Center (1974), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7430]

Municipal Building (1975), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7501]

Addition, Grace Lutheran Church (1975), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7502]

Gas Repairs, Housing Project (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7503]

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (1975), Sutton, Nebraska.[3:7504]

Adams Central Junior – Senior High School (1975), Adams County, Nebraska.[3:7505]

St. John’s Lutheran Church (1975), Yutan, Nebraska.[3:7506]

Computer Building (Lancaster’s) (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7507]

Buffalo County Historical Society (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7508]

Additions, Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing Company (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7509]

Garden Wall, Platte Valley Motor Bank (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7510]

Office Building, Dr. D. W. Beshore (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7511]

St. Mary’s Catholic Church (1975), Oconto, Nebraska.[3:7512]

Roof, Loup City School (1975), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7513]

Relocatable Classrooms, Imperial School (1975), Imperial, Nebraska.[3:7514]

St. Paul Lutheran Church (1975), Minden, Nebraska.[3:7515]

Addition, Mt. Carmel Home (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7516]

Veterinary Building (Regains) (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:75017]

Kearney State Bank (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7518]

Franklin Housing Project (1975), Franklin, Nebraska.[3:7519]

Report, Bethel Lutheran Church (1975), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:7520]

Platte Valley Motor Bank (39th & 2nd) (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7521]

Addition (downtown), Platte Valley State Bank (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7522]

Mt. Carmen Home (1900 & 1954 additions) (1975), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7523]

Addition, Trinity Lutheran Church (1975), Columbus, Nebraska.[3:7524]


Addition, Adams County School District No. 1 (1976), Juniata, Nebraska.[3:7601]

Office Building (Altmaier’s) (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7602]

Nebraska Job Center (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7603]

Kindergarten, Imperial School (1976), Imperial, Nebraska.[3:7604]

Borup Coliseum, Dana College (1976), Blair, Nebraska.[3:7605]

Humphrey & Hogg office building (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7606]

Evangelical Free Church (1976), Sumner, Nebraska.[3:7607]

Athletic Field (1976), North Loup-Scotia, Nebraska.[3:7608]

Fire Station, Municipal Airport (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7609]

Warehouse Addition, The West Company (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7610]

Relocatable Classroom Building (1976), Gibbon, Nebraska.[3:7611]

Child Development Day Care Center, Mid-Nebraska Mental Retardation Services (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7612]

Taco John’s (Lloyd Lunder’s) (1976), Northfield, Minnesota.[3:7613]

First Federal Savings & Loan of Dawson County (1976), Cozad, Nebraska.[3:7614]

Commercial Building (Tom Jensen) (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7615]

Buildings, LeRoy Meyers Construction (1976), Riverdale, Nebraska.[3:7616]

Four-plex (Emma Jane Wilder) (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7617]

Remodeling, Dr’s Clinic (1976), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7618]

Shop Addition, Adams Central High School (1976), Adams County, Nebraska.[3:7619]

Munro Office Building (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7620]

Platte Valley Drive-In Bank (South) (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7621]

Remodel, Buffalo County Highway Building (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7622]

Remodel, Old Bus Barn (Altmaier) (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7623]

Kearney Manor Community Building (1976), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7624]

Building, Dr. D. W. Beshore (1977). Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7701]

Warehouse Addition and Remodeling, The West Company (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7702]

Parker & Grossart Law Office (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7703]

Duplex (Dr. D. W. Beshore) (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7704]

Calvary Baptist Church (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7705]

Floyd Fetters’ residence (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7706]

Centennial Park Swimming Pool (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7707]

Remodel, CRVN Station (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7708]

Remodel, Catholic School (Altmaier) (1977), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7709]

Phone Mart, General Telephone Company (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7801]

Remodeling, All Saints Church (1978), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:7802]

Addition, Mt. Carmel Home (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7803]

Mid-Nebraska Mental Retardation Services (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7804]

Repairs, National Guard Armory (1978), Ogallala, Nebraska.[3:7805]

Warehouse (Jack Erickson) (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7806]

Office Expansion, Peavey Company (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7807]

Remodeling, Library (1978), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:7808]

Parking Lot, Spelts Home Center (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7809]

Addition, General Telephone Company building (1978), Miller, Nebraska.[3:7810]

Remodeling, The West Company (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7811]

Eustis Housing (1978), Eustis, Nebraska.[3:7812]

Office Remodeling, General Telephone Company (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7813]

Air conditioning – 2nd floor, General Telephone Company (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7814]

Good Samaritan Center (1978), Gibbon, Nebraska.[3:7815]

Remodeling, Howard County Hospital (1978), St. Paul, Nebraska.[3:7816]

Report, Peace Lutheran Church (1978), Alma, Nebraska.[3:7817]

Repairs, Kearney Clinic (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7818]

Lab Remodel, Plainview Hospital (1978), Plainview, Nebraska.[3:7819]

Remodel, Medical Arts Building (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7820]

Repairs, Kearney Manor (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7821]

Auto Repair building (1978), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7822]

Addition, Grace Lutheran Church (1979), Lexington, Nebraska.[3:7901]

Condominiums (Bryce Anderson) (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7902]

Additions, Eight telephone buildings (1979), (not specified other than Central Nebraska), Nebraska. [3:7903]

Toll Room Remodel, General Telephone Company (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7904]

Renovations, Auditorium and Gym, Franklin Public School (1979), Franklin, Nebraska.[3:7905]

Warehouse Addition, The West Company (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7906]

Law Office (Ron Tvrdik) (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7907]

Dressing Rooms, Sandy Creek School (1979), Clay County, Nebraska.[3:7908]

Retail Shops, St. James Square (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7909]

Apartments (Wayne Humphrey) (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7910]

Remodel, Platte Valley Motor Bank (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7911]

Apartment Units, BBC, Inc. (Arrowhead Village Condo’s) (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7912]

Youth Development Center (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7913]

School District No. 12 (1979), Odessa, Nebraska.[3:7914]

Sketches for Wayne Humphrey for office complex for R. Pollat (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7915]

Remodel, Spelts-Swanson Implement (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7916]

Sketches for Mack Brinegar (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7917]

Remodeling, Platte Valley Bank (downtown) (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7918]

Garage Addition, The West Company (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7919]

Morrow Insurance Building (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7920]

Hogg-Humphrey Building (1979), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:7921]

Fire Station (1979), Wilcox, Nebraska.[3:7922]

Emergency generator and sprinklers, Sacred Heart Hospital (1979), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:7923]


Porch Remodeling, Bethany Home (1980), Minden, Nebraska.[3:8001]

Roof repairs, Youth Development Center (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8002A]

Building repairs, Youth Development Center (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8002B]

Addition, General Telephone Company building(1980), Sumner, Nebraska.[3:8003]

Elevator, Bethel Lutheran Church (1980), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:80034]

Remodeling, The West Company, Inc. (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8005]

Addition, Tel-Star Motel (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8006]

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (1980), North Platte, Nebraska.[3:8007]

Crane Beam, Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8008]

Nursery Relocation, Sacred Heart Hospital (1980), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:8009]

Site study for Bank and Office Building (Dick Poston) (Northridge) (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8010]

Site study for four-plex (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8010A]

Veterinary Clinic (1980), Grand Island, Nebraska.[3:8011]

Remodeling, St. James Church (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8012]

Addition, Fairfield School (1980), Clay County, Nebraska.[3:8013]

Insulation, Medical Arts Building (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8014]

Addition and remodel, Medical Arts Building (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8015]

House at 1719 3rd Avenue (Karen Helleberg) (1980), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8016]

Additions, McCook Senior High School (1981), McCook, Nebraska.[3:8101]

Bethphage Mission Custodial Foster Care Facility (1981), Holdrege, Nebraska.[3:8102]

Mechanical changes, Howard County Hospital (1981), St. Paul, Nebraska.[3:8103]

Additions, Rockwell Manufacturing (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8104]

Office Building (1981), Omaha, Nebraska.[3:8105]

New roof, Mid-Nebraska Mental Retardation Services (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8106]

Addition, Evangelical Free Church (1981), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:8107]

Parking Lot, Medical Arts (31st St. & 1st Ave.) (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8108]

Site study for Howard Hanson Construction at 19th Ave. & 40th St. (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8109]

Remodeling, Sandy Creek High School (1981), Clay County, Nebraska.[3:8110]

Parkview East Subdivision (1981), McCook, Nebraska.[3:8111]

Addition, Education Service Unit No. 10 (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8112]

Good Samaritan Hospital, North Entrance (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8113]

Additions, Grace Lutheran Church (1981), Central City, Nebraska.[3:8114]

Medical Office (1981), St. Paul, Nebraska.[3:8115]

Roof repairs, School Gym (1981), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:8116]

Adult Developmental Training Center, Mid-Nebraska Mental Retardation Services (1981), Ord, Nebraska.[3:8117]

New columns and beams, Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing, (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8118]

Energy Study, Hildreth Schools (1981), Hildreth, Nebraska.[3:8119]

Energy Study, Wilcox Schools (1981), Wilcox, Nebraska.[3:8120]

Ambry Club (1981), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8122]

Study, Youth Development Center (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8201]

Houses, Bethphage (1982), Des Moines, Iowa.[3:8202]

House sketches (2 bedrooms) (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8203]

House (2-3 bedroom) (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8204]

Parking Lot, Kearney Manor (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8205]

School (1982), Kansas.[3:8206]

Addition, General Telephone Company (1982), Republican City, Nebraska.[3:8207]

Addition, General Telephone Company (1982), Wilsonville, Nebraska.[3:8208]

Site study, Dick Poston (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8209]

New windows, McCook High School (1982), McCook, Nebraska.[3:8210]

Addition, Rectory and classrooms, St. John’s Church (1982), Minden, Nebraska.[3:8211]

Addition, Trinity Lutheran Church (1982), Arapahoe, Nebraska.[3:8212]

Roger Ihle House (1982), 29 Lakeside Drive, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8213]

Rockwell (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8214]

Nebraska Association Developmental Housing (1982), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:8215]

Building, George Ketsiopules (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8216]

Nursing Home (1982), Loup City, Nebraska.[3:8217]

Rest room design, KY Independent Plumbing (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8218]

Lloyd Wilke House (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8219]

Carport & Air Conditioning, Mt. Carmel Home (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8220]

Residence, Dick Poston (1982), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8221]

Farm House (1983), Danbury, Nebraska.[3:8301]

Physical Therapy Room, Plainview Hospital (1983), Plainview, Nebraska.[3:8302]

Lights, Platte Valley Bank (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8303]

Duplex (1983), 19th Ave. & 40th St., Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8304]

Adult Development Center, Mid-Nebraska Mental Retardation Services (1983), Hastings, Nebraska.[3:8305]

Hawthorne Jewelry (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8306]

Store remodel, Brass Buckle Inc. (1983), Manhattan, Kansas.[3:8307]

New Controls, Dudley Elementary School (1983), Gothenburg, Nebraska.[3:8308]

Proposed Shopping Center, Kearney Outpost (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8309]

Office study, Jerry Hellman (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8310]

Chapel, Bethany Home (1983), Minden, Nebraska.[3:8312]

Joseph’s of Kearney (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8313]

Webster County Community Hospital (1983), Red Cloud, Nebraska.[3:8314]

Store remodel, Brass Buckle Inc. (1983), Norfolk, Nebraska.[3:8315]

Store remodel, Brass Buckle Inc. (1983), Emporia, Kansas.[3:8316]

Six Bay Car Wash (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8317]

Loomis Housing (1983), Loomis, Nebraska.[3:8318]

Clothes racks, Liberty Cleaners (1983), Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8319]

Paul Helleberg House (1983), Danbury, Nebraska .[3:8320]

Building (1983), General Telephone Company, Kearney, Nebraska.[3:8311]


a. Probably functioning as the local architects, for a design of Olof Zacharia Cervin, Rock Island, Illinois.

b. Or additions to school in Gibbon.[3:5501]


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