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Norfolk, Nebraska, 1964-1967


Everett J. Simpson, Norfolk, Nebraska

Howard John Strong, Norfolk, Nebraska

When the legendary building career of Norfolk's J.C. Stitt ended, his practice was succeeded by the partnership of Howard Strong and Elbert Watson. Versions of this partnership continued to practice in Norfolk until the 1960s, when Strong began a career for the University of Nebraska.[1]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Norfolk, Nebraska, 1964-1967

Educational & Professional Associations

1889-1949: James C. Stitt, Architect, Norfolk, Nebraska.

1949-1953: Watson & Strong, Architects, Norfolk, Nebraska.

1954-1963: Howard J. Strong Associates, Architects, Norfolk, Nebraska.

1964-1967: Simpson-Strong Architects, Inc., Norfolk, Nebraska.

1968-1975: E. J. Simpson & Associated Architects, Inc., Norfolk, Nebraska.

Buildings & Projects

J & C Apartments (1964), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Fire Station (1964), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Central Plaza Apartment Building (1964), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church (1965), Hooper, Nebraska.[1]

General Wholesale Print Shop (1965), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

ABC Bowl Bowling Alley (1965), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Norfolk Public Schools Sr. High School (1965), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

R. J. Krueger Apartment Building (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Cobb Motors Garage Building (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

P.D. & I. Doctor's Building (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Kelly Monument Company (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Nebraska State Game Commission Office Building (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]

Elm Motel (1966), Wayne, Nebraska.[1]

Robertson Distribution Company Building (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[1]



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