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Blair, Nebraska, 1891-1922

d.b.a.: Lou Vaughan & Co., Vaughan & Vaughan, Lou Vaughan.

Louis Vaughan was born in September 1853, in Wisconsin. He worked as a carpenter, architect, inventor and patent attorney in Blair, Nebraska. He was married to Ella (nee Sager) in 1885. In 1886 he lost a leg in a shotgun accident, but he worked as a builder and architect and traveled to job sites throughout his life. Ella and Louis had one son, Burl Byron. Vaughan also conducted an insurance business in Blair from the late 1890s until 1904, when he sold the business and worked briefly as a draughtsman in an Omaha architect's office.[31] An extensive practice as a patent attorney apparently occupied much of his attention in his later years. He died in Blair at age 69 on January 6, 1923.[1][2][4][5][6][39][e]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Blair, Nebraska, 1893-1895, 1902-1903, 1907, 1909, 1913, 1915, 1917

Educational & Professional Associations

1880: carpenter, Blair, Nebraska.[1]

1881-1882: Contractor & builder with L. H. Newell as Lou Vaughan & Co., Blair, Nebraska.[9]

1884-1885: Contractor & builder as Lou Vaughan, Blair, Nebraska.[10]

1887-1888: Contractor & builder as Vaughan & Vaughan with W[illiam]. C. Vaughan, Blair, Nebraska.[11]

1891: Draughtsman and Solicitor of Patents, Blair, Nebraska.[14][c]

1891-1922: architect, Blair, Nebraska.[2][15][f]

Buildings & Projects

Constructed "main part of Crowell Memorial Home," initially the private residence of Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Crowell (1884), Blair, Nebraska.[39]

A "fine large residence" for A. P. Howe (1888), "opposite the West Ward school building," Blair, Nebraska.[12]

Superintendent for construction, Washington County Courthouse (1889-1890), Blair, Nebraska.[13][c]

Blair Fire Department engine house (1891), Blair, Nebraska.[15]

Harry Rohwer farmhouse (1891), "on Moore's creek, north of the Rolf house," probably in vicinity of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.[16]

I. O. O. F. hall (1892), Blair, Nebraska.[8]

Blair school house (1893), Blair, Nebraska.[17]

"Banker Rix's new house" (1894), Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.[18]

Addition to Postmaster Wilkinson house (1896), "on the old Andrews ranche, near Ft. Calhoun," Nebraska.[19]

Sas Bros. brick department store (1896-1897), Blair, Nebraska.[20][21][41]

Fort Calhoun City Hall (ca. 1897), Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.[22]

Remodeling and repairing J. W. Mayle block (1897), Blair, Nebraska.[23]

Remodeling and adding story to J. B. Adams' residence (1897), Blair, Nebraska.[42]

Dodge County Bank (1899), Hooper, Nebraska.[3][45][b]

J. W. C. Kline residence (1899), corner of Grant and Second Streets, Blair, Nebraska.[26][43]

Henry Ruwe residence (1899), South Street, Blair, Nebraska.[27][44]

One-story frame Opera House for Frank Brooks and others (1899), Blair, Nebraska.[44][46]

Remodeling and enlarging Frank Skinner residence (1899), Blair, Nebraska.[47]

Mrs. Joe (Vickie) Johnson residence (1900), West Colfax Street, Blair, Nebraska.[24][48]

C. C. Crowell, Jr. residence (1900), Blair, Nebraska.[49]

I. C. Eiler house (1901), Blair, Nebraska.[25]

Carl Stroeger residence (1901), Blair, Nebraska.[50]

Plans for remodeling George Heller's dwelling (1902), Blair, Nebraska.[51]

Dr. F. B. Monroe residence (1902), Seattle, Washington.[52][g]

Frame dwelling for Z. S. Doane (1902), Fairfax, South Dakota.[53]

Two-story frame school house and town hall (1902), Naper, Nebraska.[54]

Repair and remodel residence of D. Z. Mummert (1903), Blair, Nebraska.[28]

Two-story frame dwelling for John Schmahling (1903), Blair, Nebraska.[55]

Store for Judge Hopewell (1904), Tekamah, Nebraska.[30]

Superintending erection of a residence for W. A. Bennett (1906), New York City.[32][d]

Frame bungalow for Thos. T. Osterman (1909), Blair, Nebraska.[33]

"plans for a fire house, city council chamber and bastile along side the present [city] hall (1913), Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.[34]

Bungalow for Mr. & Mrs. John Blaco (1915), Kennard, Nebraska.[35][36]

Two-story Home State Bank building with upper story Masonic lodge (1915), Kennard, Nebraska.[36][37]

Remodeling of the Mattthiesen Building form Masonic Temple Craft (1922), Blair, Nebraska.[38]


a. Not found in federal census in Nebraska in 1910.

b. Improvement Bulletin of 1899 notes that "Lou Vaughan, architect, of Blair, Neb., has prepared plans for a bank and office building for the Dodge County Bank. It will be 2-story and basement, 100-foot front, of Omaha pressed brick, Kasota and Portage stone...Cost complete, $7,000."[3]

c. "Lou Vaughan, Draughtsman and Solicitor of Patents." published a note in 1891 "The new court house is completed. You will now find me at my office, ready to bring to your service in the preparation of plans and specifications for buildings, or in soliciting patents for new inventions, the results of several years hard study and practical experience. Office with Attorney David."[14]

d. A Blair newspaper mentioned in 1906 "Lou Vaughan is in New York City superintending the erection of a residence for W. A. Bennett, a former Blairite, a dozen or fifteen years ago secretary of the Blair Horse Collar Manufacturing Co., and later proprietor of the Clinton Hotel. It is reported that Bennett has made a stake since leaving Blair and is in affluent circumstances, all of which his many friends will be glad to hear."[32]

e. Vaughan's obituary in Blair's Pilot-Tribune mentions that at the time of his marriage to Miss Ella Saeger in 1884, "he was erecting the main part of Crowell Memorial Home, then the private residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crowell and family." He was described as a Blair resident from 1869 and as "a man of much ability and an architect who has designed many buildings in Blair and Washington county, and his work will stand as a monument to him in years to come. He was a great reader, thinker and student and a conversationalist to whom it was a pleasure to listen."

f. The building trades journal Improvement Bulletin in 1897 published "The Outlook" of prospects in the construction field for the upcoming year, based on interviews with "a large number of the architects and engineers throughout its territory." Nebraskans including F. A. Henninger of Omaha, H. T. J. Fuehrman of Grand Island, James Tyler & Son of Lincoln, and Lou Vaughan of Blair were among the 44 individuals and firms responding. Vaughan opined: "The prospects for this year, while not flattering, are rather improving, and with the undoubted success of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition' I look for a general loosening up of Western business, especially the building interests."[40]

g. Improvement Bulletin announced in 1902 "Seattle, Wash.--Dr. F. B. Monroe, 533 17th av., has had plans prepared by Lou Vaughan, architect, of Blair, Neb, for a 2-story frame dwelling, 38x50, to cost $5,000. Will have plate and art glass, hard plaster, furnace, bath, electric bells and light, two grates and mantels, plumbing, screes, etc."[52]


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