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Norfolk, Nebraska, 1952-1967

Howard John Strong was born June 29, 1920 in Norfolk, Nebraska.[3][6] He attended Wayne State College for two years, the University of Nebraska, and night school at the University of Southern California.[3][4] After working for Stitt for several years, he worked in several partnerships in Norfolk. He practiced privately in Norfolk, later beginning a lengthy career as the planning architect for the University of Nebraska.[4][6] His wife's name was Shirley, and they had four daughters and one son. Strong died January 13, 1997.[6]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Norfolk, Nebraska, 1952-1967

Educational & Professional Associations

1937-1938: draftsman, James C. Stitt, Architect.[3]

1939-1941: tool designer, North American Aviation.[8]

1941-1942: U.S. Merchant Marine school, Portland, Oregon.[10]

1943-1945: U.S. Merchant Marine, WWII.[8]

1945-1949: draftsman, James C. Stitt, Architect[3]

1949- 1953: architect and partner, Watson & Strong, Norfolk, Nebraska.[3][4]

1951: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-252; December 29, 1951.[7]

1952-1964: architect and principal, Howard J. Strong Associates, Norfolk, Nebraska.[3][4]

1964-1967: architect and partner, Simpson-Strong Architects, Inc., Norfolk, Nebraska.

1967-1985: planning architect, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][6][8]

1985: staff architect, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1992: License expired December 31, 1992.[7]

Buildings & Projects


Gillette Dairy (1959), Norfolk, Nebraska.[3]

General Wholesale Coop (1959), Norfolk, Nebraska.[3]

Science Building (1960), Norfolk Junior College, Norfolk, Nebraska.[3]

Westside Elementary School (1960), Norfolk, Nebraska.[3]

E.U.B. Church (1961), Norfolk, Nebraska.[3]

Hartington Swimming Pool (1961), Hartington, Nebraska.[3]

Capri Motor Hotel (1961), Norfolk, Nebraska.[8]

Northeast Experiment Station (1963), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

New American Legion Home (1964), York, Nebraska.[8]

Delay First National Bank (1966), Norfolk, Nebraska.[4]

Neligh High School (1966), Neligh, Nebraska.[4]

Social Science Building Remodel (1968), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Administration Building Remodel-Mitchell Exp. Station (1968), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Nebraska Union Cashregister Counters (1968), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Broyhill Memorial Fountain & Plaza (1968), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[9:62-63]

Strong Residence (1969), 1721 S. 77th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

General Wholesale (1969), Norfolk, Nebraska.[4][8]

Mall Proposal (1969), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

University of Nebraska College of Business Administration (1969), Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Mount Olive Lutheran Church (1970), Norfolk, Nebraska.[4][8]

York Legion Club (1970), York, Nebraska.[8]

Assembly of God Remodel (1971), 56th & R., Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Howells Trinity Lutheran (1971), Howells, Nebraska.[8]

Warren United Methodist (1971), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Stanton Public Schools Shop Building (1971), Stanton, Nebraska.[8]

Burke Community Hospital (1972), Burke, South Dakota.[8]

Geneva United Methodist Church (1976), Geneva, Nebraska.[8]

Dewitt United Methodist Church (1981), Dewitt, Nebraska.[8]

Leigh Public School (1982), Leigh, Nebraska.[8]


State Game Commission Building (n.d.), Norfolk, Nebraska.


a. Photocopy on file (J. C. Stitt file), State Historic Preservation Office; includes a listing of all projects, plans, and tracings on file in the office of Howard J. Strong Associates, successor firm to Watson & Strong, Architects, which in turn was successor to J. C. Stitt, Architect. Only selected buildings have been culled from this publication for inclusion in the listings on this page, and then only those matching the dates of the above directory listings.


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