Henry Ives Cobb (1859-1931), Architect

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Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; and New York City, New York

Henry Ives Cobb was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1859.[4] Cobb studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the equally prestigious Harvard University.[4] He worked with Peabody & Sterns, Architects, in Boston, Massachusetts for a short time before moving to Chicago, where he started his own practice and became nationally recognized.[4] The Newberry Library, the Chicago Opera House, and the University of Chicago are among his notable Chicago commissions.[4] Cobb died in New York on March 27, 1931.[4]

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Offutt - Yost House, 1894-1895 (Lynn Meyer)

Buildings & Projects

Charles Offutt – Casper Yost house (1894-1895), 140 N 39th, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][2][3] (D009:0321-003)


a. Some sources also attribute the Guy C. Barton house of 1899 to Cobb as well. More definitive sources, however, show that house was actually built for John Withnell, and was designed by Fisher & Lawrie, Architects.[5]


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