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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1916-1942

George Ralph Unthank was born in Arlington, Nebraska on March 4, 1875.[8] Unthank lived in Lincoln for 50 years, spending much of that time as a general contractor. He was a member of the Trinity Methodist Church and Lincoln Lodge 19, and he was elected President of the Nebraska Architects Association in 1953. He was married to Fanny Churchill and they had three children.[9] Unthank died on February 14, 1960; he was survived by his daughter, Mrs. George Underwood of Gainsville, Va.; his two sons, John Oliver and George Ralph, Jr., both of Lincoln; one brother, William Unthank of Omaha; and 5 grandchildren. [3][4][5][6]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1916-1942

Educational & Professional Associations

1904-1914: Post Office Clerk, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7]

1916-1942: Building/General Contractor.[7]

1944-1959: No profession listed.[7]

Buildings & Projects

George Unthank House (1907), 3229 R, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E09-418)

Monier House (1907), 3237 R, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E09-417)

House (1914), 2100 South St., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D06-0014)

Unthank House (1915), 1701 Sewell, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-206)

Schneider House (1915), 1715 Sewell, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-207)

Shinn House (1915), 1721 Sewell, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-208)

House (1915), 3301 S St., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E09-260)

Morrison House (1916), 2426 Park Ave., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-262)

Hays House (1916), 1725 Sewell, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-209)

House (1916), 2517 S. 13th, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:C05-148)

House (1916), 1267 S. 27th, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D07-0725)

House (1916), 1230 Harrison, Lincoln Nebraska. (LC13:C05-147)

House (1916), 535 S. 29th, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E08-163)

House (1916), 2525 S. 13th, Lincoln Nebraska. (LC13:C05-149)

House (1917), 727 S. 33rd, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E08-386)

House (1917), 2720 M St., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E08-106)

House (1919), 2610 Washington, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D06-0731)

House (1919), 2522 Washington, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D06-0697)

Sunderland/Hallam House (1920), 2100 Sewell, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-179)

Barnes Oil Company (ca. 1920), Highway 6 west side near ???, Ashland, Nebraska.[2] (SD01- 084) NRHP form and photos

House (1935), 3530 J St., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:E08-411)

House (1950), 2411 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D05-467)



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