Franz Joseph Schlichtig (1878-1969), Stone Carver

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1920

Franz Joseph Schlichtig was born on December 11, 1878 in Westhausen, Germany. He was one of seven siblings, and they were orphaned and raised by relatives when Franz was 14. He learned the trade of stone cutter or carver at a young age, serving as an apprentice for six years. Here, he learned to make his own tools for carving stone, which continued to be his tradition for the rest of his career. He was required to serve a certain amount of time in the German Army, and afterwards he decided to come to the United States. He was 26 years old when he arrived in Omaha, Nebraska in 1904.[2] He worked here as a stone carver and made a good wage until the "Crash of 1929", when he had to find some other forms of work to support his wife Anna and their four children.[1][2] Though he visited Germany again, he remained working in Omaha until his death on December 10, 1969 at the age of 81.[2]

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Educational & Professional Associations

1920: stone cutter, Omaha, Nebraska.[1]

Buildings & Projects


Baptismal font for St. John's Evangelical Church (n.d.), 24th & Vinton St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2][b]

Omaha Public Library (n.d.), Harney St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

Aquila Court Building (n.d.), 1615 Howard St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

St. Cecilia's Cathedral (n.d.), 701 N. 40th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

Beal Elementary School (n.d.), 48th & Center St., Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

Altar of Boys' Town Chapel (n.d.), Omaha, Nebraska.[2][c]


a. Not found in 1910 federal census data for Nebraska.

b. This was made of Bedford Stone and was a gift he made for the church. It is now displayed in First Central Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.[2]

c. Now replaced.[2]


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