Arthur Erwin Duerschner (1922-1990), Architect

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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1947-1976

Arthur Edwin Duerschner was born in Sacramento, California on February 20, 1922.[1] Duerschner attended Concordia College for one year, from 1940-1941, after which he attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in 1943.[4][5][6] From 1943–1946, Duerschner served in the United States Army, after which he worked for the firm of Clark & Enersen, Architects as a Designer–Draftsman until 1955.[4] He was married in 1947 and had three children.[4][5][6][10] He was also active in the Nebraska chapter of the AIA and the Lutheran Alumni group of the University of Nebraska, and he was a member of Junior C of C.[4] Duerschner died on November 16, 1990.[1]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1953-1976

Educational & Professional Associations

1947-1955: designer-draftsman, Clark & Enersen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

1955-19__: Arthur Erwin Duerschner, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][5][6]

1967-1968: treasurer, AIA, Nebraska Chapter.[6]

1968-1969: secretary, AIA, Nebraska Chapter.[6]

1969-1970: vice president, AIA, Nebraska Chapter.[6]

1970-1971: president, AIA, Nebraska Chapter.[6]

ca. 1980s: City-County Planning Commission.[7]

ca. 1980s: head of Historic Preservation Committee.[7]

Buildings & Projects

Bethany Lutheran Church (1959), Minden, Nebraska.[5]

Lutheran Student Chapel(1959), University of Nebraska Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Peace Lutheran Church (1960), Alma, Nebraska.[5]

Peace Lutheran Church (1960), Arapahoe, Nebraska.[5]

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (1961), Lincoln, Nebraska.[5]

Vocational Training Center (1966), Beatrice, Nebraska.[6]

Martin Luther Home Dorm (1966), Beatrice, Nebraska.[6]

Sheridan Lutheran Church, Sanctuary (1953), 37th & Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Sheridan Lutheran Church, Sanctuary (1967), 37th & Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][9:115]

Joyce and Iddo Heinicke House (ca. 1967), 1038 N 1st St., Seward, Nebraska.[11]

Sheridan Lutheran Church (1968), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

T.P. Kennard House Restoration (1968), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][7]

Nehawka State Bank Addition (1969), Nehawka, Nebraska.[6]


Arthur Duerschner & James McKee, Lincoln: A Photographic History [7]

Honors & Awards

Sheridan Lutheran Church, K Parish Building selected for exhibition in contemporary religious arts & architecture, by Sioux City, Iowa, Art Center. [4]

1988: AIA honor, College of Fellows.[7]


a. Executive Director, Nebraska State Board of Architects and Engineers, City of Lincoln, Historic Preservation Commission.


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