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[[Image: |thumb|right|upright=1.0|alt= |Henry B. Neef House]]

Henry B. Neef House

NRHP Reference #: 10000758

NRHP Listing Date: 20100916


2884 Iowa Street, Douglas County, Nebraska

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During the late 1920s through Chicago's Century of Progress World's Fair in 1933 / 1934, a handful of American architects, engineers and steel companies raced to design an affordable and attractive "all-steel" house that would provide protection against vermin, weather and fire. In Omaha, Henry B. Neef, founder and president of Gate City Iron Works, hired architect Birger Kvenild to design a steel-framed house for his family that would double as a model home demonstrating the use of steel and ornamental iron in residential architecture. In addition to its welded steel frame, this Tudor Revival style house also features unique ornamental iron accoutrements designed and manufactured at Gate City Iron Works, as well as numerous other 1920s innovations including Gyp-lap, Sheetrock, and "Minnequa Triangle Mesh."

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