Eugene G. Groves (1882-1967), Architect

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Denver, Colorado, 1914-ca. 1964

A prominent and well-known Denver architect, Eugene Groves was born in Dana, Indiana in 1882. He was educated at Harvard University after winning a national design contest. He began practice in New York, but relocated to Denver in 1914 for health reasons. He worked in a variety of revival styles early in his career, then moved into moderne design in the 1930s. He was distinguished in the latter by the use of poured, cast and reinforced concrete, and patented a system of concrete construction which was promoted and promulgated by his own enterprise, the Concreter Corporation. He died in 1967 in Denver.[2][3]

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First Christian Church Education Building, 1926 (D. Murphy)

Nebraska Buildings

First Christian Church Education Building (1926), northeast corner 16th & K, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][a]

First Christian Church (1927), northwest corner 17th & Boyd, Ashland, Nebraska.[1] (SD01-025)


a. The sanctuary was added to the Education Building in 1957; the architects for the sanctuary were Schaumberg & Freeman.


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