Emil Schreier (1862-1924), Builder-Architect

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Schreier 2013 09 05w1.jpg
Emil Schreier, ca. 1910s
Verdigre, Nebraska, 1891-1924

Emil Schreier was born on April 25, 1862 in Austria, the son of Jana (aka Johanna & Jennie) Scheinor and John Schreier, Cabinet Maker. His parents came to America when he was about three years old and settled in Chicago, where his father was engaged as a cabinet maker. When he was about nine, the family moved to Knoxville, near Verdigre, Nebraska.[1][2][5]

Schreier was one of the original Czech settlers in Knox County, located in the Pischelville community in 1870 along with his father, Jan Srajer (1827-1892), and brothers Vincent and Raimond.[3][4] He worked for thirty-three years in the lumber business in Verdigre. He also built the Nebraska State Bank Building in Verdigre in 1911.[3] He married Mary Novacek in 1889 and they had three sons and a daughter. Their son Emil Paul became a notable architect in Nebraska. Schreier's Lumber is the oldest active business in Verdigre, with three generations of Schreiers following Emil in the family business.[6] Emil Schreier died in 1924.[3][4][5][6]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Educational & Professional Associations

1892-1918: employee, The Horton Lumber Yard, Verdigre, Nebraska.[1][3][5][6]

1902-1908: stockholder, Knox County Bank and Bank of Verdigre, Verdigre, Nebraska.[4]

1918: partner with Joseph Klappal, Lumber Yard, Verdigre, Nebraska.[1][3][5]

1919-1924: owner, Schreier Lumber Yard, Verdigre, Nebraska.[1][3][5][6]

Buildings & Projects

Nebraska State Bank Building (1911), Verdigre, Nebraska.[3:387-88]



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