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Lincoln, Omaha and North Platte, Nebraska, 1995-2017


Lynn L. Jones, Architect, 1995-____.[2][a]

Robyn Myers, Interior Designer, 1995-1998.[2][4]

Douglas V. Elting, Architect, 1995-____.[2][a]

Matthew C. Metcalf, Architect, 1995-____.[2] President of the firm (2003) [1][a]

J. Matthew Morrissey, Mechanical Engineer, 1995-____.[2]

Wynn E. Mehlhaff, Architect, 1996-____.[4][b]

Michael Wachal, Structural Engineer, 1996-____.[4][b]

Wade W. Stange, Architect, 2001-____.[4][b]

The successor firm to Davis Fenton Stange Darling, the founding principals were DFSD employees Lynn L. Jones, Robyn Myers, Douglas Elting, Matthew Metcalf, and J. Matthew Morrissey. The firm, with offices in Lincoln and Omaha, opened a North Platte office through the purchase of two existing practices in 1997.[4] In 2003 the firm had 80 employees in three offices; 65% of the work was in health, and 70-85% of their work came from repeat clients.[4]

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Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, 2013 (D. Murphy)

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1995-2017

Lineage of the Firm

1910-1917: Berlinghof & Davis, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1917-1921; Ellery L. Davis, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1921-1968: Davis & Wilson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1969-1994: Davis Fenton Stange Darling, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1995-2017: Davis Design, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1995-1997: employed Philip A. Daubman, director.

1995-1999: employed Michael D. Marsh, architect.

1995-2000: employed J. Edward Bukacek, architect in the Lincoln branch.

Buildings & Projects

1990s Work

West Wing addition (1990s), First Plymouth Congregational Church, 2000 D St, Lincoln, Nebraska. (LC13:D07-045.3)

Norfolk Arts Center (1997-2000), Norfolk, Nebraska.[6]

Lied Science & Mathematics Center (1999-2000), Doane College, Crete, Nebraska.[4][7]

Huntington Elementary School (1999), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][4]

Larson-Juhl Center for Science & Environment (ca. 1999-2000), Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin.[4][7]

2000s Work

Security Financial Life Insurance Company Buiding (2000), Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][4][6]

Mount Ayr Medical Clinic (2000), Ringgold County Hospital, Mount Ayr, Iowa.[6]

Northeast Nebraska Dialysis Center (ca. 2000), Faith Regional Health Services, Norfolk, Nebraska.[7]

Classroom Addition (ca. 2000), Alliance Middle School, Alliance, Nebraska.[7]

Facelift and interior conversion (2000-2001), National Research Corporation Building, southwest corner 13th & Q, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][4]

Lockland Country Club (2001), Hastings, Nebraska.[4]

Husker Auto Group Buildings (2002), North 27th & I-80, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Crete Area Medical Center (2003), Crete, Nebraska.[4]

Bryan LGH East, College of Health Sciences Building (2003), Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Bryan LGH West Campus Expansion (2003), 16th & South, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Outreach Clinic and Lab Addition (2003), Dundy County Hospital, Benkelman, Nebraska.[8]

Dundy County Hospital Master Plan (ca. 2003), Benkelman, Nebraska.[8]

Westgate Bank Center (2003-2004), 6003 Old Cheney Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][8]

LifeQuest Center (2003-2004), Tabitha Health Care Services, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Ortner Center (2004), Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska.

"Farmers Mutual of Nebraska Building (ca. 2011-2013)", southwest corner 13th & K, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Honors & Awards

2011: Better Business Bureau Integrity Award, 2011 winner.[5]


a. Principal of the firm in the design section, 2003.[3]

b. Principal of the firm in the business section, 2003.[3]


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Other Sources

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