Clifford L. ‘Mac’ McKellips (1907-1991), Architect

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Fairbury, Nebraska, 1938-1941; and North Platte, Nebraska, 1954-1976

DBA: C. L. McKellips, Architect

Clifford McKellips was born July 5, 1907 in Albion, Nebraska to James and Ella Chandler McKellips. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana, then practiced architecture in Fairbury. McKellips served in the Army Air Corps from 1943-1945 at the Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio, and moved to North Platte in 1954. There, he practiced independently for twenty years before becoming assistant to the City Engineer. He retired in 1977.

McKellips married Murial Haws on June 14, 1931, in Fairbury, Nebraska. They had one daughter, Mary Ellen. McKellips was described in his obituary as being an "avid outdoorsman." He was also a member of the First United Methodist Church and the Elks Lodge, as well as the American Legion.[2] McKellips died June 29, 1991 in North Platte.[2]

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Educational & Professional Associations

____: University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.[2]

1938: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-47; February 22, 1938.[3]

1938-1941: architect in private practice, Fairbury, Nebraska.[a]

1941-1954: at Dayton, Ohio, with Sunshine Biscuit Company, and two years with the Army Air Corps.[2]

1954-1969: architect in private practice, North Platte, Nebraska.

1970-1976: architect and engineering aid, City Engineer’s Office, North Platte, Nebraska.

1977-1991: retired.

Buildings & Projects

District 78 School (1937), rural Jefferson County, Nebraska. (JF00-005)

North Platte Public Library (1966-1967), North Platte, Nebraska.[1][4]

Dr. Raines Residence (n.d.), North Platte, Nebraska.[4]


a. Fairbury city directories list him from 1938-1945.


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