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Norfolk, 1960, and Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1968

DBA: B. H. Backlund Associates, Engineers & Architects, Omaha, Nebraska, 1952-1968

Brandon H. Backlund, Engineer, was president and treasurer of B. H. Backlund & Associates.[4] He served on the Ethical Practices Committee of the National Society of Professional Engineers from 1955-1956.[5]

Backlund’s company was organized in Omaha in 1952, first as Backlund & Jackson, then as B. H. Backlund & Associates. The company focused on “[e]ngineering reports and investigations; economic feasibility studies; comparative construction cost analyses; services and fees evaluations for government and industry; organization and management conception and implementation; engineering and architectural design; preparation of plans and specifications; master planning; city, community, regional planning; construction administration, management, surveillance, inspection, layout; land surveying, subdivision, [and] development.”[4]

In 1971, Backlund discontinued his private practice, and partnered in McGaughy Marshall McMillan & Backlund, Engineers, Omaha, Nebraska, as vice-president.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1962-1968

Norfolk, Nebraska, 1960

Educational & Professional Associations

1946: engineer, U. S. Army Engineers, Omaha, Nebraska.

1948: salesman, Dunbar Insurance, Omaha, Nebraska.

1949-1951: field engineer, Portland Cement Company, Omaha, Nebraska.

1952-1953: Backlund & Jackson, Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

1954-1970: engineer and owner, B. H. Backlund & Associates, Engineers & Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1971-1976: vice-president, McGaughy Marshall McMillan & Backlund, Engineers & Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[a]

Other Associations

1958-1967: employed James T. Casperson, architect.

1972: employed Anthony C. Hazuka, draftsman.

Buildings & Projects

Photo Studio (1953).[6][7][b]

Cuming County Courthouse (1953-1955), West Point, Nebraska.[1:104][b]

Fremont National Guard Armory (1954), Fremont, Nebraska.[3]

Mills County Courthouse (1958), Glenwood, Iowa.[2]

Brown County Courthouse (1959-1960), Ainsworth, Nebraska.[1:107]

Boyd County Courthouse (1966), Butte, Nebraska.[1:111]


a. Last Omaha directory listing, 1976.

b. In association with Jack Comp Jackson.[6][7]


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