Bernhardt Emil Muller (1878-1964), Architect

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New York City, 1906-1962

Bernhardt Emil Muller was a prominent American architect born in Fremont, Nebraska. on December 27, 1878.[1] After studying in Europe, he opened his own architectural office in New York City, in 1914. Muller designed many Mediterranean and Spanish-style houses in Opa-Locka, a city near Miami that was being built in the 1920s. Muller continued to work in architecture into the early 1960s. He died in September, 1964.[1]

Opa Locka FL city hall01.jpg
Opa-locka Company Administration Building--now City Hall, (ca. 1924) (By Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Educational & Professional Associations

1903-1905: student, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris [1]

1905-1906: architectural study and travel, Italy, France, Austria, and Germany [1]

1906: draftsman, Trowbridge and Livingston, Architects, New York [1]

1909: designer, Robert J. Reiley, Architect, New York City [1]

1912-1914: designer, D. Everett Waid, Architect, New York City [1]

1914-1942: owner, Bernhardt E. Muller, Architect, New York City [1]

1942-1955: interior designer for luxury ocean liners, George M. Sharp, Inc. [1]

ca. 1959-1962: owner, Bernhardt E. Muller, Architect, New York City [1]

Publications & Writings

Muller, B. E. Adapting leaden fittings to the modern house. (1930) New York: Lead Industries Association.

Muller, B. E. for Lorio Iron Works Ornamental ironwork by master craftsmen of old New Orleans.(1939), New Orleans, LA.

Muller, B. E. (1920). Portfolio of architectural views and sketches. New York, N.Y.



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