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Denver, Colorado, 1916-1932, Sterling, Colorado, 1919-1923


Joseph Wilson, Denver, and Sterling, Colorado

Arthur Scott Wilson, Denver, and Sterling, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Wilson & Wilson was a firm headed by the father and son duo of Joseph Wilson and Arthur Scott Wilson. Joseph Wilson, a Scottish immigrant with some architectural training, arrived in the United States in 1879, and made his way to Colorado by 1880, after briefly living in Chicago and Detroit. He began practicing architecture independently in 1893. The partnership with his son was established by 1916 after Arthur S. Wilson finished his architecture education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. [4]

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Compiled Directory Listings

Denver, Colorado, 1916-1922; 1924-1932[a]

Sterling, Colorado, 1921[a]

Buildings & Projects

Two story garage (1917), N Broadway, Denver, Colorado [1]

District 33 School (1921), Lorenzo, Nebraska (CN06-001)

Aurora Community Church (1922), Aurora, Colorado[2]

District 65 School (1923), 201 E Washington Ave., Venango, Nebraska (PR06-014)

Elyria School (1924), 4705 High Street, Denver, Colorado

Alger Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church (1925), 303 Maple Avenue, Eaton, Colorado [3] National Register narrative


Farmers State Bank, Sedgewick, Colorado [3]

High School, Sedgewick, Colorado [3]


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