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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1890-1892

William C. Sisley was born in 1850, in England, then he arrived in America when he was 14 years old. He was a Seventh Day Adventist architect-superintendent who built many denominational structures, including Battle Creek Sanitarium and Union College. From about 1894 to about 1900, Sisley worked as the manager of the Review and the Herald Publishing House in Battle Creek, Michigan.[c] In addition to designing several buildings in South Africa, Australia, England, and the European continent, Sisley was the architect and builder for some buildings in Nebraska, Michigan, and Washington. He died in 1932.[6][9]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Battle Creek, Michigan, ca. 1890-1910.[4][ed]

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1890-1892

Educational & Professional Associations

ca. 1890-1910: Seventh Day Adventist architect-superintendent.[9]

ca. 1894-1900: manager, the Review and the Herald Publishing House, Battle Creek, Michigan.[6][c]

1901-1918: architect and builder, London, England.[9]

Buildings & Projects

William C. Sisley-Peter Eno house (ca. 1890), 3919 S 48th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8] (LC13:F03-034)

Union College Main Building (1890-1891), College View, 48th & Bancroft, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][2][a][b]

Haskell Home [orphanage] (1891-1894), Battle Creek, Michigan.[7]

Main College Building-Administration Building (1892), Walla Walla College, College Place, Washington.[4]

College Building (1909-1910), Stanborough Park, England.[5]


a. He is probably also responsible for the other initial buildings on the campus, such as South Hall and the boiler house.[1]

b. Morton and Watkins, and A. J. Sawyer, list him as architect and superintendent.[2][3]

c. Source [6] lists the dates of employment as 1894-1899, but source [9] lists the dates as 1896-1900.


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