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Lincoln, 1977-2016, and Kearney, Nebraska, 1993-2005


Kenneth B. Clark, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1946-1979 [e]

Albert Charles Hamersky, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska. 1964-1992 [12:25-32]

William D. Schlaebitz, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1964-1987 [12:34]

Charles L. Thomsen, Engineer, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1962-1980 [12:85]

Charles G. Nelson, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982-__.[12:116]

Harold L. Tarr, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982-__.[12:116]

Lowell S. Berg, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982-__.[12:116]

Bernard P. Rempe, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982-__.[12:111]

Joanne McCandless, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1982-__.[12:116]

Dennis Scheer, Landscape Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska. [12:112]

The Clark Enersen Partners, Architects was the successor firm to Clark & Enersen, Hamersky, Schlaebitz, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects, and the final and permanent name change for the firm that was founded in 1946. In 1977-1978, several developments occurred for the firm, including retired and newly appointed principals, a newly affirmed philosophy and corresponding company logo, an extended emphasis on communication, and a brand new office with many personalized changes to how the employees would go about their work.[12:79-81][13]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1977-2003

Lineage of the Firm

1946-1962: Clark & Enersen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1962-1971: Clark & Enersen, Olsson, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[d][g]

1972-1977: Clark & Enersen, Hamersky, Schlaebitz, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1977-2016: The Clark Enersen Partners, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.

1993-2005: The Clark Enersen Partners, Architects, Kearney, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1978-__: employed Patricia J. Birch, architect. 12:116]

1978-__: employed Robert A. Olson, architect.12:116]

1978-1993: employed Stephen L. Clymer, architect. 12:116]

1982-1994: employed Paul J. Brokering, architect.

1983-__: employed Dennis Scheer, Landscape Architect.12:112]

1986-1991: employed Charles G. Nelson, architect.

2001: employed Barry M. Ward, principal.

2003: employed JoAnne Kissel, principal.

Buildings & Projects


Plant Sciences Complex, East Campus, University of Nebraska (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Journal-Star Publishing Company Addition (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:169]

Ten Year Campus Plan, Union College (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:175]

Lincoln Electric System Service Center (ca. 1976-1979), 27th & Superior, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:169]

Physical Education, Health and Recreation Building, Union College (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:175]

Wilderness Park (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:171]

Tractor Test Facility (officially Agricultural Engineering Annex), University of Nebraska (ca. 1976-1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:172]

Hyde Observatory (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:102]

Landscaping, Nebraska State Capitol (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Lincoln Memorial Mortuary (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Centrum Retail Complex and Parking Garage (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][c]

Air National Guard Support Facility (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:175]

Fine Arts Auditorium remodel, Nebraska Wesleyan University (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

First Federal Lincoln (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Multi-Cultural Awareness Center (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Christ the King Church (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Coddington Street Fire Station (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Old City Hall renovation (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Veterans Administration Medical Center Addition (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Physicians Office Building, Lincoln General Hospital (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

First National Bank Operations Center (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Library, Union College (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

State Historical Museum (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Baumann Baseball Building, University of Nebraska (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Blessed Sacrament School Addition (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Southeast Community College Additions (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Madonna Rehabilitation Center (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

College View Post Office (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Cline Williams Wright Johnson and Oldfather Offices (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Lincoln Center Plan Update (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Morrill Hall Renovation, University of Nebraska (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

FirsTier Executive Offices (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Nebraska Book Store (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Dorsey Laboratories Landscaping (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Dietrich Linear Park (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Lancaster Manor (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][c]

Abel Stadium, Nebraska Wesleyan University (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Retired Priests Residence (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Cathedral School Addition (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Horse Barns, Nebraska State Fairgrounds (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Nebraska School Activities Association Building (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

West Bypass Study (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Havelock Bank Downtown (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Harris Laboratories Master Plan (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Centel Space Planning (ca. 1976-1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Pius X High School (1977), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:168]

Agricultural Engineering Renovation, University of Nebraska (ca. 1978), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:173]

Nebraska State Historical Society Heritage Center (1978-1979), 15th & H, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][12:98-99]

College View Seventh-day Adventist Church (ca. 1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][12:165]

Sunbird House (1979), 1220 Thunderbird Ave., Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:106]

Project for Troutdale-in-the-Pines Hotel (1979), Evergreen, Colorado.[12:162]

Project for Joint-Use Facility (1979), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:160]

Johnson County Courthouse (1979), Tecumseh, Nebraska.[12:173]

St. John Lutheran Church (1979), Beatrice, Nebraska.[12:174]


Renovation of Lincoln Community Playhouse (ca. 1980), Lincoln, Nebraska.[10][12:97]

Rock Island Railroad Linear Park (ca. 1980-1990).[10]

Downtown Renovation (J.C. Penney to NebHelp) (ca. 1980-1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]

Restoration and remodel of Sharp Building, renamed the American Charter Center (1980), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Proposal to renovate building for Nebraska State Historical Society Museum (1981), 15th & P Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]

Lincoln Mall (1983), J Street between Capitol and the County-City Building, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][a]

Fredstrom Elementary School (1983), Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][10]

Addition to Eleven-Eleven Building (1985), 11th & J Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Meridian Park (1986), 70th & 0 Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]


Pius X High School renovations/additions (ca. 1990-2000).[10]

O Street Skywalk (ca. 1990-2000).[10][b][c]

Star City Shores family aquatic center (ca. 1990-2000), Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]

Renovation of Folsom Children's Zoo (ca. 1990-2000), Lincoln, Nebraska.[10]


1 Landmark Center (2000-2003), 1000 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

Classroom, office, and sanctuary addition to Holy Savior Lutheran Church (ca. 2002), 4710 N 10th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2]

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation Building (ca. 2002-2003), Fallbrook Village, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Sheridan Lutheran Church (2003) corner of 70th Street and Old Cheney Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7]


Farm Credit Services of America Corporate Office Building 2 (n.d.), Omaha, NE.[5]

Beatrice Elks Lodge & Country Club (n.d.), Beatrice, Nebraska.[12:109,174]

Project for Phelps Performing Arts Center (n.d.), Holdrege, Nebraska.[12:163]

Project for Civic Center (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:163]

Project for Hi-Quiet Hotel (n.d.), Evergreen, Colorado.[12:163]

Project for Brandeis Block (n.d.), block bound by M, N, 10th, & 11th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:164]

Project for Chicago Towers (n.d.), Chicago, Illinois.[12:164][f]

Restoration of Ferguson Mansion and Carriage House (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:165]

Kearney First Methodist Church (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[12:166]

Lower Platte South NRD (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:167]

The Neihardt Center (n.d., Bancroft, Nebraska.[12:167]

Renovation, Preservation, and Restoration of the Nebraska State Capitol Building.[12:167]

DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center (n.d.), Blair, Nebraska.[12:168]

Multicultural Awareness Center (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:170]

Crescent Green Park Development (n.d.), along Salt Creek, Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:171]

Eucharistic Shrine of Christ the King (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:172]

Harvard Public Schools (n.d.), Harvard, Nebraska.[12:174]

Farmers State Bank (n.d.), Aurora, Nebraska.[12:175]

Hampton Public School (n.d.), Hampton, Nebraska.[12:175]

Sandhills Public School (n.d.), Dunning, Nebraska.[12:175]

Lake Traverse Indian Reservation Master Plan (n.d.), South Dakota.[12:175]

Mary Moppets Preschool (n.d.), Lincoln, several locations.[12:175]

Shelby Public School Addition (n.d.), Shelby, Nebraska.[12:175]

McCool Junction School Addition (n.d.), McCool Junction, Nebraska.[12:175]

Woods Park Tennis Courts (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:175]

Blue Valley Home (n.d.), Hebron, Nebraska.[12:175]

Plano High School (n.d.), Plano, Illinois.[12:175]

Nebraska Public Power District (n.d.), York, Nebraska.[12:175]

Cozad Resource Center (n.d.), Cozad, Nebraska.[12:175]

Peru State College Renovations (n.d.), Peru, Nebraska.[12:175]

Cody-Kilgore Unified school Addition (n.d.), Cody, Nebraska.[12:175]

Christ United Methodist Church Renovations (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:175]

Lincoln Housing Authority Office (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:175]

Syracuse High School Additions (n.d.), Syracuse, Nebraska.[12:175]

Downers Grove Police Facility (n.d.), Downers Grove, Illinois.[12:175]

Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge on the Missouri River Restoration (n.d.), Brownville, Nebraska.[12:175]

Fairmont School Addition and Renovation (n.d.), Fairmont, Nebraska.[12:175]

Hastings State Bank (n.d.), Hastings, Nebraska.[12:175]

Family YMCA Renovation (n.d.), Columbus, Nebraska.[12:175]

Honors & Awards

1978: International Award of Merit, Illumination Engineering Society, Lincoln Memorial Mortuary, Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:159]

1979: First Place Award, Regional Design Competition, Joint-Use Facility (Library, Fire Station, Health Center), Lincoln, Nebraska.[12:160]

2012: AIA Honor Award for Detail, Farm Credit Services of America Corporate Office Building 2.[5]


a. Designed by Lawrence A. Enersen.[6]

b. In association with Davis Fenton Stange Darling, Architects. [10]

c. Project completed by Davis, Clark & Associates, a joint firm of Davis & Wilson and Clark & Enersen, Olsson, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects. [12:24]

d. Because both Davis & Wilson, Architects and Clark & Enersen, Olsson, Burroughs & Thomsen, Architects submitted proposals for the Lincoln Air Terminal, the two firms joined together at this time to provide “construction projects of larger magnitude.”[12:24]

e. At the age of 68 in 1977, Enersen had to retire from the Board of Directors, but continued on staff as head of landscape architecture until his death in 1983.[12:77]

f. This preliminary design was worked on by The Delas Corporation, which included a Illinois firm, Wight & Company, and Clark Enersen Partners.

g. To accomplish large projects in the state of Colorado, The Clark Enersen Partners joined forces with Clapsaddle & Pond, Architects, a firm that Colorado-based C&E employee Alfons Hamersky knew well enough to help arrange. The two firms, when joined together in 1978, worked under a new entity that was named Jeffco.


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