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Omaha, Nebraska, 1967-1971


Robert A. Teig, Omaha, Nebraska.

Robert Luther Johnson, Omaha, Nebraska.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1967-1969, 1970-1971

Lineage of Related Partnerships

1953-1961: Edward J. Sessinghaus & Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1957-1961: Sessinghaus & Teig Associates, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1967-1971: Teig & Johnson, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1974-1978: Teig & Olsen, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

Other Associations

1967-1968: employed Linda Pounds Olsen, draftsman.

1967-1969: employed Richard A. Ross, draftsman (1967-1968) and architect (1969).

1967-1971: employed Larry P. Crouch, draftsman.

Buildings & Projects

House (1959), 7622 Belmont, Ralston, Nebraska.[4][b]

Action, Incorporated, Apartment Building (1964), 1702 N 73rd St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][c]

Ritmus Realty Apartment Buildings (1964), 8220 Blondo, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][c]

Danish Brotherhood of America National Headquarters Building (1965-1966), 3717 Harney, Omaha, Nebraska.[2][a][c] (DO09:0319-086)


a. Teig & Johnson, architects-of-record; Edward J. Sessinghaus, design architect.[2][3]

b. This is the earliest mention thus far of a "Teig & Johnson" partnership, eight years before they formalized the arrangement and advertised by that name in city directories.

c. This attribution to Teig & Johnson predates their formal organization as a partnership, at least as far as city directories record such. See also note [b].


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4. "Oak 'Grows' From House - View Fools Eyes," Omaha World-Herald (July 5, 1959): F-1.


Compilation of this page has benefited from research contributions submitted by Patrick Thompson, architectural historian, Restoration Exchange Omaha, various dates between April 20 and April 23, 2016.

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