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  1. NRHP: Abraham Castetter House
  2. NRHP: Agricultural Hall
  3. NRHP: Albert Watkins House
  4. NRHP: Albery and Lina Stenger House
  5. NRHP: Albion United States Post Office
  6. NRHP: Alfred and Sarah Frahm House
  7. NRHP: Alkali Station
  8. NRHP: Allas Apartments
  9. NRHP: Alliance Central Park Fountain
  10. NRHP: Amel H. Koop House
  11. NRHP: Anheuser-Busch Beer Depot
  12. NRHP: Anna C. Diller Opera House
  13. NRHP: Antelope Grocery
  14. NRHP: Aquila Court Building
  15. NRHP: Arbor Lodge
  16. NRHP: Argo Hotel
  17. NRHP: Arthur C. Storz Residence
  18. NRHP: Arthur C. Ziemer House
  19. NRHP: Ashland Bridge
  20. NRHP: Ashland Carnegie Library
  21. NRHP: Astro Theater
  22. NRHP: Auburn Historic District
  23. NRHP: Auburn United States Post Office
  24. NRHP: Auld Public Library
  25. NRHP: Balcony House
  26. NRHP: Barker Building
  27. NRHP: Barnes Oil Company
  28. NRHP: Barr Terrace; 19th Century Terrace Houses
  29. NRHP: Bassett Lodge and Range Cafe
  30. NRHP: Beatrice Chautauqua Pavilion and Gate House
  31. NRHP: Beatrice Creamery Company
  32. NRHP: Beatrice Downtown Historic District
  33. NRHP: Beatrice State Development Farm
  34. NRHP: Beattie/Miles House
  35. NRHP: Beebe and Runyan Warehouse
  36. NRHP: Behlen House
  37. NRHP: Bellevue College Dormitories
  38. NRHP: Bemis Omaha Bag Company Building
  39. NRHP: Ben Bonderson Farm
  40. NRHP: Benjamin and Mary Kellenbarger House
  41. NRHP: Bennington State Bank
  42. NRHP: Bennington State Park
  43. NRHP: Berkeley Apartments
  44. NRHP: Berry State Aid Bridge
  45. NRHP: Bertrand
  46. NRHP: Bethphage Mission
  47. NRHP: Big Blue River Bridge
  48. NRHP: Big Blue River Bridge, Grafton
  49. NRHP: Big Indian Creek Bridge
  50. NRHP: Big Papillion Creek Bridge
  51. NRHP: Blacksmith Shop
  52. NRHP: Blackstone Hotel
  53. NRHP: Blair High School
  54. NRHP: Bordeaux Trading Post
  55. NRHP: Boulevards Historic District
  56. NRHP: Bradford-Pettis House
  57. NRHP: Bradshaw Town Hall
  58. NRHP: Brandhoefer Mansion
  59. NRHP: Brenizer Library
  60. NRHP: Brenstrom Farmstead
  61. NRHP: Brewer Bridge
  62. NRHP: Bridge, Lorton
  63. NRHP: Bridge, Nebraska City
  64. NRHP: Broken Bow Commercial Square Historic District
  65. NRHP: Broomfield Rowhouse
  66. NRHP: Brownbilt Residential Historic District
  67. NRHP: Brownville Bridge
  68. NRHP: Brownville Historic District
  69. NRHP: Bryan Bridge
  70. NRHP: Burlington Depot, WCTG
  71. NRHP: Burlington Railroad Depot
  72. NRHP: Burr Block
  73. NRHP: Burt County Courthouse
  74. NRHP: Burwell Bridge
  75. NRHP: Burwell Carnegie Library
  76. NRHP: C.C. Crowell, Jr. House
  77. NRHP: C. Segelke Building
  78. NRHP: CB&Q Steam Locomotive No. 710
  79. NRHP: CB & Q Holdrege Depot
  80. NRHP: Cahow Barber Shop
  81. NRHP: Cambridge State Aid Bridge
  82. NRHP: Camp Creek Cemetery and Chapel
  83. NRHP: Capitol Garage
  84. NRHP: Captain John O'Rourke House (amendment)
  85. NRHP: Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge
  86. NRHP: Carns State Aid Bridge
  87. NRHP: Cass County Courthouse
  88. NRHP: Cather House, WCTG
  89. NRHP: Cedar County Courthouse
  90. NRHP: Cedar Rapids Town Hall
  91. NRHP: Central Hastings Historic District
  92. NRHP: Chadron Commercial Historic District
  93. NRHP: Chadron Public Library
  94. NRHP: Chalk Cliffs and Republican River, WCTG
  95. NRHP: Champion Mill
  96. NRHP: Charles D. McLaughlin House
  97. NRHP: Charles T. Durkee House
  98. NRHP: Charlton Wm. H. House
  99. NRHP: Chase County Courthouse
  100. NRHP: Chauncey S. Taylor House
  101. NRHP: Chautauqua Pavillion
  102. NRHP: Cherry County Courthouse
  103. NRHP: Chimney Rock
  104. NRHP: Christ Church Episcopal
  105. NRHP: Christian Record Building
  106. NRHP: Christian Specht Building
  107. NRHP: Citizens State Bank
  108. NRHP: City Hall
  109. NRHP: City Hall and Auditorium
  110. NRHP: City National Bank Building
  111. NRHP: City National Bank Building and Creighton Orpheum Theatre
  112. NRHP: Clay County Courthouse
  113. NRHP: Clear Creek Bridge
  114. NRHP: Clem's Opera House
  115. NRHP: Co-Operative Block Building
  116. NRHP: Colclesser Bridge
  117. NRHP: College Hill Historic District
  118. NRHP: College View Public Library
  119. NRHP: Colman House
  120. NRHP: Columbian School
  121. NRHP: Columbus Commercial Historic District
  122. NRHP: Columbus Izaak Walton League Lodge
  123. NRHP: Columbus Loup River Bridge
  124. NRHP: Commercial Hotel
  125. NRHP: Congregational Church and Manse
  126. NRHP: Congregational Church of Blair
  127. NRHP: Cook Blacksmith Shop
  128. NRHP: Cornish Apartments
  129. NRHP: Country Club Historic District
  130. NRHP: Court House and Jail House Rock
  131. NRHP: Crete Downtown Historic District
  132. NRHP: Crites Hall; Chadron State College
  133. NRHP: Crossroads Grave Site, WCTG
  134. NRHP: Custer County Courthouse and Jail
  135. NRHP: David City Park and Auditorium
  136. NRHP: Dawes County Courthouse
  137. NRHP: Dawson County Courthouse
  138. NRHP: Deering Bridge
  139. NRHP: District
  140. NRHP: Doane College Historic District
  141. NRHP: Dodge County Courthouse
  142. NRHP: Douglas County Courthouse
  143. NRHP: Dr. Burdette L. Gainsforth House
  144. NRHP: Dr. Gilbert E. McKeeby House, WCTG
  145. NRHP: Dr. Samuel D. Mercer House
  146. NRHP: Dr. Susan Picotte Memorial Hospital
  147. NRHP: Dr. W.C. Wightman House
  148. NRHP: Drake Court Apartments and Dartmore Apartments
  149. NRHP: Drake Court Historic District Amendment
  150. NRHP: Druid Hall
  151. NRHP: Dry Valley Church and Cemetery
  152. NRHP: Duid Hall
  153. NRHP: Dundee/Happy Hollow Historic District
  154. NRHP: Dundy County Courthouse
  155. NRHP: E.C. Houston House
  156. NRHP: E.W. Bryant House
  157. NRHP: E. F. Hempstead House
  158. NRHP: Eastridge Historic District
  159. NRHP: Eddy-Taylor House
  160. NRHP: Edgar Burnett House
  161. NRHP: Eggerss-O'Flyng Building
  162. NRHP: Elm Street Historic District, WCTG
  163. NRHP: Emmanuel Lutheran Church
  164. NRHP: Episcopal Church
  165. NRHP: Ernest A. Calling House
  166. NRHP: Evangelical United Brethren Church
  167. NRHP: Evans House
  168. NRHP: F.J. Kirchman House
  169. NRHP: F.M. Walcott House
  170. NRHP: Fairbury Carnegie Library
  171. NRHP: Fairbury Commercial Historic District
  172. NRHP: Fairbury High School and Auditorium
  173. NRHP: Fairbury Rock Island Depot and Freight House
  174. NRHP: Fairfield Carnegie Library
  175. NRHP: Fairmont Army Air Field
  176. NRHP: Fairmont Creamery Company Building
  177. NRHP: Falls City Commercial Historic District
  178. NRHP: Farm Credit Building
  179. NRHP: Farmers State Bank
  180. NRHP: Farmers State Bank, Adams
  181. NRHP: Farmers State Bank, Loomis
  182. NRHP: Farmers and Merchants Bank Building, WCTG
  183. NRHP: Father Flanagan's Boys' Home
  184. NRHP: Father Flanagan's House
  185. NRHP: Federal Office Building
  186. NRHP: Federal Trust Building
  187. NRHP: Field Club Residential Historic District
  188. NRHP: Finch Memorial Library
  189. NRHP: First Baptist Church, WCTG
  190. NRHP: First Custer County Courthouse
  191. NRHP: First National Bank Building
  192. NRHP: First National Bank Building, Lincoln
  193. NRHP: First National Bank Building, Omaha
  194. NRHP: First National Bank Steinmeier Building
  195. NRHP: First Presbyterian Church
  196. NRHP: First State Bank of Bethany
  197. NRHP: First Thurston County Courthouse
  198. NRHP: First Unitarian Church of Omaha
  199. NRHP: First United Presbyterian Church
  200. NRHP: First United Presbyterian Church of Auburn
  201. NRHP: Flatiron Hotel
  202. NRHP: Fontanelle Township Hall
  203. NRHP: Fontenelle Apartment Building
  204. NRHP: Fontenelle Bank
  205. NRHP: Ford Hospital
  206. NRHP: Former Wheeler County Courthouse
  207. NRHP: Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
  208. NRHP: Fort Crook Historic District
  209. NRHP: Fort McPherson National Cemetery
  210. NRHP: Fort Omaha Historic District
  211. NRHP: Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency
  212. NRHP: Fox Theater
  213. NRHP: Frank M. Spalding House
  214. NRHP: Frank Rademacher House
  215. NRHP: Franklin County Courthouse
  216. NRHP: Fraternal Hall
  217. NRHP: Frederick Hotel
  218. NRHP: Frederick L. and L. Frederick Gottschalk Houses
  219. NRHP: Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot, Dwight
  220. NRHP: Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot, Plainview
  221. NRHP: Fremont Historic Commercial District
  222. NRHP: Fremont Municipal Auditorium
  223. NRHP: Fremont Municipal Power Plant and Pumping Station
  224. NRHP: Fritz House
  225. NRHP: Front Street
  226. NRHP: Ft. Sidney Historic District
  227. NRHP: G.C. Moses Block
  228. NRHP: Gage County Courthouse
  229. NRHP: Gallagher Building
  230. NRHP: Garber Grove, WCTG
  231. NRHP: Garneau-Kilpatrick House
  232. NRHP: Gates College Gym
  233. NRHP: Gehling's Theatre
  234. NRHP: Geneva United States Post Office
  235. NRHP: George H. Kelly House
  236. NRHP: George Townsend House
  237. NRHP: George W. Frank House
  238. NRHP: George W. Smith House
  239. NRHP: Georgia Row House
  240. NRHP: Gering Courier Building
  241. NRHP: Germantown State Bank Building
  242. NRHP: Gibbon Baptist Church
  243. NRHP: Gibson House
  244. NRHP: Gillen House
  245. NRHP: Glade-Donald House
  246. NRHP: Glenn and Addie Perry Farmhouse
  247. NRHP: Glenville School
  248. NRHP: Glur's Tavern
  249. NRHP: Gold and Company Store Building
  250. NRHP: Golden Hotel
  251. NRHP: Gosper County Courthouse
  252. NRHP: Gothenburg Carnegie Library
  253. NRHP: Gottfried Gustav Pitz Barn
  254. NRHP: Gottsch Farm
  255. NRHP: Gourley's Opera House
  256. NRHP: Government Square
  257. NRHP: Governor's Mansion
  258. NRHP: Governor Arthur J. Weaver House
  259. NRHP: Governor John Hopwood Mickey House
  260. NRHP: Grace Protestant Episcopal Church, WCTG
  261. NRHP: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall
  262. NRHP: Grand Island Carnegie Library
  263. NRHP: Grand Island Senior High School
  264. NRHP: Grand Theater
  265. NRHP: Grant City Park
  266. NRHP: Grant Commercial Historic District
  267. NRHP: Greek Row Historic District
  268. NRHP: Greeley County Courthouse
  269. NRHP: Gross State Aid Bridge
  270. NRHP: Guy A. Brown House
  271. NRHP: Gymnasium; Chadron State College
  272. NRHP: H.E. Snyder House
  273. NRHP: H.P. Sutton House
  274. NRHP: H.S.M Spielman House
  275. NRHP: Hall County Courthouse
  276. NRHP: Harder Hotel
  277. NRHP: Harmon Park
  278. NRHP: Harmony School
  279. NRHP: Harold J. Cook Homestead Amendment
  280. NRHP: Harold J. Cook Homestead Cabin
  281. NRHP: Harold Lloyd Birth Place
  282. NRHP: Harris House
  283. NRHP: Harry T. Jones House
  284. NRHP: Hastings Brewery Building and Bottling Works
  285. NRHP: Hastings College Historic District
  286. NRHP: Hastings Municipal Airport Hangar-Building 1
  287. NRHP: Hastings Subway
  288. NRHP: Havens-Page House
  289. NRHP: Hayward School
  290. NRHP: Heartwell Park Historic District
  291. NRHP: Heber Hord House
  292. NRHP: Hebron United States Post Office
  293. NRHP: Helmer-Winnett-White Flats; 19th Century Terrace Houses
  294. NRHP: Henry B. Neef House
  295. NRHP: Henry State Aid Bridges
  296. NRHP: Herter Farmstead
  297. NRHP: Herter Hagaman Farmstead Boundary Increase
  298. NRHP: Hill Hotel
  299. NRHP: Hoffman Building
  300. NRHP: Holt County Courthouse
  301. NRHP: Holy Family Church
  302. NRHP: Hooper Historic District
  303. NRHP: Hospe-Anton Music Warehouse
  304. NRHP: Hotel Capital
  305. NRHP: Hotel Chadron
  306. NRHP: Hotel DeFair
  307. NRHP: Hotel Norfolk
  308. NRHP: Hotel Wilber
  309. NRHP: Hotel Yancey, Grand Island
  310. NRHP: Hotel Yancey, North Platte
  311. NRHP: Howard County Courthouse
  312. NRHP: Howard Hanson House
  313. NRHP: Howard Street Apartment District
  314. NRHP: Hoyt Street Bridge
  315. NRHP: Humboldt Commercial Historic District
  316. NRHP: Humphrey City Hall
  317. NRHP: Hupmobile Building
  318. NRHP: IOOF Hall and Opera House
  319. NRHP: IOOF Opera House
  320. NRHP: IOOF Temple Building
  321. NRHP: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and Rectory
  322. NRHP: Immaculate Conception Church and School
  323. NRHP: Inland School
  324. NRHP: Interstate Canal Bridge
  325. NRHP: Ira Webster Olive House
  326. NRHP: Isaac Newton Clark House
  327. NRHP: J.D. McDonald House
  328. NRHP: J. Schmuck Block
  329. NRHP: Jackson's Reserve, WCTG
  330. NRHP: Jackson-Einspahr Sod House
  331. NRHP: James D. Calhoun House
  332. NRHP: James and Margaret Greer Farmstead
  333. NRHP: Jasper A. Ware House
  334. NRHP: Jasper Newton Bell House
  335. NRHP: Jefferson County Courthouse
  336. NRHP: John Barnd House
  337. NRHP: John Cattle, Jr. House
  338. NRHP: John E. Reagan House
  339. NRHP: John G. Neihardt Study
  340. NRHP: John Holman House
  341. NRHP: John Janacek House
  342. NRHP: John M. Thayer House
  343. NRHP: John Sautter Farmhouse
  344. NRHP: John and Lenora Bartlett House
  345. NRHP: Johnson County Courthouse
  346. NRHP: Johnston-Muff House
  347. NRHP: Johnston Memorial Building
  348. NRHP: Joslyn Castle Amendment
  349. NRHP: Kacirek-Woita General Store
  350. NRHP: Karl Stefan Memorial Airport Administration Building
  351. NRHP: Kearney County Courthouse
  352. NRHP: Keim Stone Arch Bridge
  353. NRHP: Kendall House
  354. NRHP: Kennedy Building
  355. NRHP: Kester Planing Mill
  356. NRHP: Keya Paha County High School
  357. NRHP: Keystone Community Church
  358. NRHP: Keystone Hotel
  359. NRHP: Kiesselbach House
  360. NRHP: Kimball County Courthouse
  361. NRHP: Kinner House
  362. NRHP: Kirschbraun and Sons Creamery Building
  363. NRHP: Knorr-Holden Continuous Corn Plot
  364. NRHP: Knox County Courthouse
  365. NRHP: Kregel Wind Mill Company Building
  366. NRHP: Lancaster Block
  367. NRHP: Lawrence Opera House
  368. NRHP: Legion Memorial Park
  369. NRHP: Leone Florentine and Carpathia Apartment Buildings
  370. NRHP: Lewis-Syford House
  371. NRHP: Lewis-Syford House amendment
  372. NRHP: Lewis Bridge
  373. NRHP: Lincoln Army Air Field Regimental Chapel
  374. NRHP: Lincoln County Courthouse
  375. NRHP: Lincoln Haymarket Historic District
  376. NRHP: Lincoln Highway Duncan West
  377. NRHP: Lincoln Highway Gardiner Station
  378. NRHP: Lincoln Hotel
  379. NRHP: Lincoln Hotel, Franklin
  380. NRHP: Lincoln Hotel, Scottsbluff
  381. NRHP: Lincoln Liberty Life Insurance Building
  382. NRHP: Lincoln Veterans Administration Hospital Historic District
  383. NRHP: Lincoln YWCA Building
  384. NRHP: Lindsley House
  385. NRHP: Linoma Beach
  386. NRHP: Little Nemaha River Bridge, Dunbar
  387. NRHP: Little Nemaha River Bridge, Syracuse
  388. NRHP: Livestock Exchange Building
  389. NRHP: Lizzie Robinson House
  390. NRHP: Lodgepole Opera House
  391. NRHP: Long Creek School District 8
  392. NRHP: Loosveldt Bridge
  393. NRHP: Loup City Township Carnegie Library
  394. NRHP: Love-Larson Opera House
  395. NRHP: Lowe and Fair Commercial Block
  396. NRHP: Lyman Terrace; 19th Century Terrace Houses
  397. NRHP: M.B. Quivey House
  398. NRHP: Main Street Historic District, WCTG
  399. NRHP: Malcolm X House Site
  400. NRHP: Manley School
  401. NRHP: Maple Grove Sale Pavilion and Farrowing Barn
  402. NRHP: Marion and Ruth Ann Dole Residence
  403. NRHP: Marquis Opera House
  404. NRHP: Martha Ellen Auditorium
  405. NRHP: Mason City School
  406. NRHP: Mason School
  407. NRHP: Masonic Temple
  408. NRHP: Massow-Schutz House
  409. NRHP: Mathewson-Gerecke House
  410. NRHP: Matthew R. Bentley House, WCTG
  411. NRHP: Maybury-McPherson House
  412. NRHP: Mayhew Cabin
  413. NRHP: McCartney School
  414. NRHP: McCook Carnegie Library
  415. NRHP: McCook YMCA
  416. NRHP: McCormick Hall
  417. NRHP: McLaughlin-Waugh-Dovey House
  418. NRHP: Meisner Bank
  419. NRHP: Melrose Apartments
  420. NRHP: Memorial Building
  421. NRHP: Menter Farmstead
  422. NRHP: Meridian Highway
  423. NRHP: Merrick County Courthouse
  424. NRHP: Midwest Theater
  425. NRHP: Miles Ranch
  426. NRHP: Miller Hotel
  427. NRHP: Milligan Auditorium
  428. NRHP: Minden United States Post Office
  429. NRHP: Miner Brothers Store, WCTG
  430. NRHP: Miner House, WCTG
  431. NRHP: Minne Lusa Residential Historic District
  432. NRHP: Mission Creek Bridge
  433. NRHP: Moon Block, WCTG
  434. NRHP: Morrill County Courthouse
  435. NRHP: Morton-James Public Library
  436. NRHP: Moses Merrill Baptist Camp
  437. NRHP: Mount Emerald and Capitol Additions Historical Residential District
  438. NRHP: Municipal Lighting and Waterworks Plant
  439. NRHP: Murphy-Sheldon House
  440. NRHP: Nash Block
  441. NRHP: National Bank of Ashland
  442. NRHP: National Indemnity Building
  443. NRHP: Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group
  444. NRHP: Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group, Jefferson
  445. NRHP: Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group, Rulo
  446. NRHP: Nebraska City Burlington Depot
  447. NRHP: Nebraska City Historic District
  448. NRHP: Nebraska City Historic District Update
  449. NRHP: Nebraska City to Fort Kearny Cutoff Ruts at Spring Creek Prairie
  450. NRHP: Nebraska Loan and Trust Company Building
  451. NRHP: Nebraska State Capitol
  452. NRHP: Nebraska State Capitol Landscape Amendment
  453. NRHP: Nebraska State Historical Society Building
  454. NRHP: Nebraska Telephone Company Building
  455. NRHP: Nehawka Public Library
  456. NRHP: Neligh Mill
  457. NRHP: Neligh Mill Bridge
  458. NRHP: Neligh Mill Elevators (Boundary Increase)
  459. NRHP: Nelson Cemetery Walk
  460. NRHP: Nelson Farm
  461. NRHP: Nemaha County Courthouse
  462. NRHP: New Opera House
  463. NRHP: Nicholas Street Historic District
  464. NRHP: Nimrod Ross House
  465. NRHP: Niobrara River Bridge
  466. NRHP: Norfolk Carnegie Library
  467. NRHP: Normandie Apartments
  468. NRHP: North Broad Street Residential Historic District
  469. NRHP: North Loup Bridge
  470. NRHP: North Omaha Creek Bridge
  471. NRHP: North Platte Post Office and Federal Building
  472. NRHP: North Presbyterian Church
  473. NRHP: Northern Natural Gas Building
  474. NRHP: Notre Dame Academy and Convent
  475. NRHP: Nuckolls County Courthouse
  476. NRHP: Nye House
  477. NRHP: O'Neill United States Post Office
  478. NRHP: OK Market
  479. NRHP: Oak Ballroom
  480. NRHP: Ogallala United States Post Office
  481. NRHP: Old Ithaca Grain Elevator
  482. NRHP: Old Log Cabin
  483. NRHP: Old Main Nebraska Wesleyan University
  484. NRHP: Old Market Historic District
  485. NRHP: Old Nebraska State Bank Building
  486. NRHP: Old University Library
  487. NRHP: Oliver J. and Anna Burckhardt House
  488. NRHP: Olson's Market
  489. NRHP: Omaha Bolt, Nut, and Screw Building
  490. NRHP: Omaha Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant
  491. NRHP: Omaha High School
  492. NRHP: Omaha National Bank Building
  493. NRHP: Omaha Park and Boulevard System
  494. NRHP: Omaha Power Plant Building
  495. NRHP: Omaha Public Library
  496. NRHP: Omaha Quartermaster Depot Historic District
  497. NRHP: Opera House, WCTG
  498. NRHP: Osterman and Tremaine Building
  499. NRHP: Otoe County Courthouse
  500. NRHP: Packer's National Bank Building

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