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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981-


John E. Sinclair, Architect

James “Jim” C. Hille, Architect

Sinclair Hille & Associates, Architects was a Lincoln architectural firm started by John Sinclair and Jim Hille in 1981.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981-2003

Other Associations

1984: Christopher Beardslee, landscape architect, became an associate.[6]

1986: JoAnne Kissel, planner, became an associate.[6]

1988: Richard Toren, architect, became an associate.[6]

1989: Patricia Birch, architect, became an associate.[6]

1992: Gordon Hardle, architect, became an associate.[6]

Buildings & Projects


Addition to Jaynes Street Community Church (1981), Omaha, Nebraska.[6][11]

Remodel of Sports Courts Fitness Center (1981), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Historic Rehabilitation of the Candy Factory Atrium (1982), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

First Church of Christ Scientists (1982), NE corner 19th & D, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Eckhardt Residence (1983), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Goodtimes Fitness Center (1983), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Hillis Greenhouse (1983), 230 N 7th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Wayside Housing (1983), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Historic Rehabilitation of Hayward Place Condominiums (1984), 1223 N 9th St, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Marysville Bank (1984), Marysville, Kansas.[6]

Miller & Paine, Gateway Mall (1984), 6100 O St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Barkley Memorial Center (1984), 253 Center St, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Bruckner, O’Gara, Keating, Sievers & Hendry Law Offices (1985), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Grand Island Parking Garage (1985), Grand Island, Nebraska.[6][11]

Third Floor Addition (1985), Miller & Paine, Gateway Mall, 6100 O St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Valentino’s Restaurants (1985), various locations, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Hardy Building Housing Project (1986), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Lincoln Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic (1986), 575 S 70th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Southern Heights Presbyterian Church (1986), 5750 S 40th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Historic Rehabilitation of WaterPark Condominiums (1986), 2901 A St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Beattie Elementary School, Gymnasium Addition (1987), 1901 Calvert St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

CenterOaks Housing Project (1987), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

FairOaks Housing Project (1987), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Christ Lutheran Church, Education Wing (1987), 4325 Sumner St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Sanctuary Addition, First Presbyterian Church (1987), 104 S. 10th St., Norfolk, Nebraska.[6]

Lincoln Electric System Headquarters Remodel (1987), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Groundwater Educational and Visitor Center (1987), Wood River, Nebraska.[10]

Lincoln Water System Treatment Plant (1987-1994), Ashland, Nebraska.[6]

Fort Robinson Museum Elevator and Vet Hospital (1988), Crawford, Nebraska.[6]

Hawthorne Elementary School Remodel (1988), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

HWS Remodel (1988), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Lincoln Airport Authority Warehouses (1988), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Madonna Centers Rehabilitation Hospital Expansion (1988), 5401 South St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Department of Correctional Services, Double Y Building Remodel (1989), 801 W Prospector Pl., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center (1989), 1326 S 32nd St., Omaha, Nebraska.[6][a]

Irving Middle School Addition and Renovation (1989), 2745 S 22nd St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Jensen Residence (1989), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6][11]

Union Bank Depot Remodel (1989), 20th & O, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Addition and Renovation, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Sanctuary Addition, Christ Lutheran Church (1990), 4325 Sumner St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Clerk of the District Court Remodel (1990), 555 S 10th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Community Mental Health Renovation (1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Grainger Building Renovation (1990), 105 N 8th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Health Department Remodel (1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Juvenile Court Remodel (1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

K Street Records Center Rehabilitation (1990), NW corner 9th & K, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Gymnasium Addition, Northeast High School (1990), 2635 N 63rd St., Lincoln, Nebraska [6]

Que Place Garage (1990), SE corner 11th & Q, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

North Façade Addition, St. Francis Chapel [old St. Elizabeth Hospital] (1990), 12th & South, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel, YWCA Day Care (1990), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Expansion and Remodel, Charles H. Gere Branch Library (1991-94), 2400 S 56th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel, Alexander Building (1991), NE corner 14th & Q, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.[6]

Chimney Rock Visitor Center (1992), 9822 County Road 75, Bayard, Nebraska.[6][b]

Lux Middle School (1992),7800 High St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Scott Middle School (1992), 2200 Pine Lake Rd., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Nebraska Air National Guard, Indefinite Service Contract (1992), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Charles Trust Senior Housing (1993), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Cotner & Vine Senior Housing (1993), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Addition and Renovation, East High School (1993), 1000 S 70th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Nebraska Heart Institute & Heart Hospital (1993-2003), 91st & Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[5][6]

Olsson Associates Office (1993), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Neihardt Hall (1993), Wayne State College, E 12th St., Wayne, Nebraska.[6]

Interior Remodel (1994), Citizen’s State Bank, Seneca, Kansas.[6]

daVinci’s (1994), Omaha, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel (1994), Energy Square, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel (1994), First United Methodist Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel (1994), Health Department, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Lincoln Water System, Operations Center (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Renovation (1994), Lincoln Water System, Treatment Plant, Ashland, Nebraska.[6]

Meadow Ridge Apartments (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Nebraska Air National Guard Composite Support Facility (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Nebraska Air National Guard Engine Shop (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Nebraska Municipal Power Pool Energy Corporate Office (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Papillion Public Library (1994), Papillion, Nebraska.[6]

Park Meadows Apartments (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Pine Street Station Redevelopment (1994), Grand Island, Nebraska.[6]

Remboldt Ludtke & Berger Law Office, Master Plan and Remodel (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Ridge Hollow Apartments (1994), 5851 N 23rd St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Sandoz Coating Room (1994), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

YWCA Housing Project (1994), SW corner of 15th & O, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

14th & Old Cheney Development (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Ridge Place Development (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Bluestem Apartments (1995), Grand Island, Nebraska.[6]

Design Data Corporate Park (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Hall of Justice (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Addition (1995), Lancaster County Juvenile Attention Center, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Landscapes Unlimited Office Building (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Landscape Design (1995), Lincoln Water System Treatment Plant, Ashland, Nebraska.[6]

Olsson Associates Office Expansion (1995), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Olsson Associates Office Remodel (1995), Grand Island, Nebraska.[6]

Gas Cylinder Storage Building (1995), Sandoz Labs, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel (1995), Alexander Building (Office of Admissions), NE corner 14th & Q St., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Student Union Expansion and Renovation (1995), 1400 R St., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Emergency Housing (1996), Department of Correctional Services, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Remodel (1996), Lincoln Community Playhouse, 2500 S 56th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Paul VI Heights Housing (1996), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Union Bank (1996), NW corner 27th & Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Interior Remodel (1996), Union Bank, SW corner 13th & O, Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Van Dorn Meadows (1996), Lincoln, Nebraska.[6]

Sinclair Hille Office Building (ca. 1999-2000), NE corner 7th & Q, Lincoln, Nebraska.[ed]

Haymarket Parking Garage (ca. 2001-02), NW corner 9th & Q, Lincoln, Nebraska.[ed]

Student Suites and Townhouse Village (ca. 2002-03), Nebraska Weslyan University, 5000 St Paul Ave., Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

Marvin and Virginia Schmid Law Library expansion (ca. 2002-03), University of Nebraska, East Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][c]

North Star High School (ca. 2002-03), 5801 N 33rd, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4][d]

University Housing-Husker Courtyards (ca. 2002-2004), SW corner 17th & Vine, Lincoln, Nebraska.[ed]

Fallbrook “new urbanism” style Housing Plan (2003), Fallbrook, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3]

City of Lincoln, Block 38 LLC, garage and highrise (2011), 13th & Q, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7]

North American Martyrs Catholic Church (2004), 1101 Isaac Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska.[8]

Horizons Community Church, 3200 Grainger Parkway (2004).[8]


Southwood Lutheran Church (n.d.), 4301 Wilderness Hill Blvd., Lincoln, Nebraska.[8][a]

Capitol Environs Master Plan (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Urban Transit Shelters (n.d.), NW corner of 11th St. & N St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Triangle Park Master Plan (n.d.), 27th & Capitol Pkwy., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Statue of Liberty Plaza (n.d.), corner of 27th & A St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Christ Lutheran Church Master Plan (n.d.), 4325 Sumner St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Historic Rehabilitation of Tifereth House Apartments (n.d.), 344 South 18th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Historic Rehabilitation of H.P. Lau Office Building (n.d.), 231 N. 8th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[11]

Blue Valley National Bank (n.d.), unknown. [11]

Hebron Recreation Center (n.d.), Hebron, Nebraska. [11]

Floors Inc. Warehouse (n.d.), 5201 S 19th St, Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Hastings State Bank (n.d.), Hastings, Nebraska. [11]

Taylor Greens Community Development (n.d.), Rockhurst Dr. & Haverford Circle., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Radcliffe Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Gade Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Ruud Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Reed Residence (n.d.), Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Gold’s Galleria Tenant Spaces interior design (n.d.), SW corner of 11th & O St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Gold’s Galleria 5th floor interior design (n.d.), SW corner of 11th & O St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Interior, Modern Business Systems (n.d.), 8251 Northwoods Dr., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Interior, Sheppard’s Business Interiors (n.d.), 725 S 72nd St, Omaha , Nebraska. [11]

Interior, Brester Contruction Co. Offices (n.d.), 1200 Infinity Ct, Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Interior, Sinclair, Hille, & Associates Offices (n.d.), NE corner of 8th & Q St., Lincoln, Nebraska. [11]

Honors & Awards

2005: Honorable Mention – International Parking Institute’s 2005 International Parking Awards competition, Haymarket Parking Garage, corner of 9th and Q St., Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]


a. The lead designer was Patricia Birch.[6]

b. The lead designer was Kevin Clark.[8]

c. These projects were completed in association with Alley Poyner Architecture.[2]

d. These projects were completed in association with Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker, Architects.[4]


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