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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1954-1976
Sidneywillsoncampbell 1w.jpg
Sidney Willson Campbell, 1941.

Sidney Willson Campbell was born on July 22, 1918 to Maude and Alva W. Campbell of Lincoln, Nebraska. He received his BA in Architecture from the University of Nebraska in 1940, where he was President of the Student Architect Society. Campbell continued his architectural education in 1948, and in that same year received the AIA Medal. A hobby of Campbell’s was foreign travel, where he visited placed such as China, Japan and the Philippine Islands.[1] He was a practicing architect in Lincoln for about twenty years, starting at the firm Davis & Wilson, and later working at such firms as Unthank & Unthank, where he was chief designer for six years, and Hull & Campbell, as partner. He was married to Dorothy Alderson Hobbs in 1970. Sidney Campbell died on February 16, 1985.[6]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1954-1976

Educational & Professional Associations

1940: BA, architecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1940: President, Student Architect Society.[1]

1940-1949: draftsman, Davis & Wilson.[1]

1944-1946: lieutenant, marine corps, Guam & Pacific, WWII.[5]

1948: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1]

1949-1955: chief designer, Unthank & Unthank, Architects [1]

1955-1956: partner, Hull & Campbell, Architects Lincoln, Nebraska [1]

Buildings & Projects

Prescott Elementary School Auditorium (1956), Lincoln, Nebraska [1][d]

Honors and Awards

1947: $100 Prize, Chicago Tribune’s “Better Rooms for Better Living” competition [3][c]

1948: American Institute of Architects Award, UNL Arch. Dept. [4]

1953: Second Place, NAA Concrete Masonry House Plan Competition.[2][a]


a. Design submitted by Reginald E. Davies and Sidney W. Campbell in association with Unthank & Unthank.

b. Special Thanks to architectural historian Catherine Cramer, Tucson, Arizona for References 3, 4, & 5.

c. Award for “ideas concerning decorating and furnishing a recreation room” [3]

d. Building done for Hull & Campbell, Architects [1]


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