Searles, Hirsh & Gavin, Architects

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Cleveland, Ohio, 1905-1910


Paul Searles

Willard Hirsh

Donald Gavin

Successor firm to Searles & Hirsh, this short-lived partnership was the last of several such brief Cleveland partnerships, which began with Steffens & Searles in 1896.[1]

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Nebraska Buildings & Projects

William H. Ferguson House (1909-1911), 700 S 16th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][4] (LC13:D08-003) National Register narrative

Ferguson Carriage House (1910), 700 S 16th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

Cuyahoga Telephone Company branch exchange building (n.d.), Euclid Ave. and Lake Front Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.[3][a]


a. A successor firm called Steffens, Searles, & Hirsh, Architects.


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