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Kearney, 1938-1944; and Omaha, Nebraska, 1929-1957

Samuel Parnham Walker was born on July 7, 1887 in Newark-on-Trent, Nottingham, England to Samuel Walker and Elizabeth Cawthan Parnham. He was educated at Newark-on-Trent High School, then the London Polytechnic Institute and Royal Institute of British Architects from 1904 to 1907, while also apprenticing for the office of Bailey & Wood of London. After practicing 3 more years in London, he took his work to Canada. He spend a year in the office of J.H.G. Russell in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and another year in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1912, he made the move to Chicago, Illinois, where he worked in the office of Perkins, Fellows, & Hamilton and later with A.S. Schuler. By 1913 he was doing work in Omaha, Nebraska with Frederick A. Henninger. Later he worked with George Lee Fisher for a few years, and spent around 10 years with the Leo A. Daly Company. After a break from the Daly Company, he spent a few years as an independent architect in Omaha. At this time he worked as the resident engineer on various Public Works Administration projects. In 1936, he started working in the office of McClure & Walker in Kearney, Nebraska. [2] He was married to his wife Alfhid (Alfie) Johnson in June of 1915 while living in Omaha, and he died in Pasco, Florida in August 1974 at the age of 77.[3]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Kearney, Nebraska, 1938-1940, 1942-1944

Omaha, Nebraska, 1945-1957

Educational & Professional Associations

1904-1907: London Polytechnic Institute & Royal Institute of British Architects, London, England.[2]

1912-1913: study of architecture throughout Europe.[2]

1904-1907: apprentice, Bailey & Wood, London, England.[2]

1907-19010: architect, Newark-on-Trent, England.[2]

1910: architect, J.H.G.Russell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[2]

1911: architect, Vancouver, British Columbia.[2]

1912: architect, Perkins, Fellows, & Hamilton, Chicago, Illinois.[2]

1912: architect, A.S. Alschuler, Chicago, Illinois.[2]

1913-1917: draftsman, Frederick A. Henninger, Omaha, Nebraska.

1917-1918: US army, World War 1. Balloon School engineering department, Omaha, Nebraska. Sargent, Camp AA, Humphrey, Virginia.[2]

1921-1932: draftsman, Leo A. Daly Company, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[2]

1934-1936: resident engineer, Public Works Administration.[2]

1934: engineer, Met Utilities Dist, Omaha, Nebraska.

1935: fire knocker, UPRR, Omaha, Nebraska.

1936-1938: architect and partner, McClure & Walker, Kearney, Nebraska.

1937-1946: lab, UPRR, Omaha, Nebraska.

1938: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, A-38; January 25, 1938.[1]

No 1947 directory.

1948: not listed, Omaha, Nebraska.

1949: architectural designer, Leo A. Daly Company, Omaha, Nebraska.

No 1950 directory.

1951-1953: architect department chief, Leo A. Daly Company, Omaha, Nebraska.

1954-1957: architect, Leo A. Daly Company, Omaha, Nebraska.[b]

Buildings & Projects


St. Catherine’s Hospital (1948-1949), Omaha, Nebraska.[a]

West Point Hospital (1948-1949), West Point, Nebraska.[a]


Burwell School (n.d.), Burwell, Nebraska.[2]

Broken Bow School (n.d.), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[2]

Kearney State College men's dormitory (n.d.), Kearney State Campus, Kearney, Nebraska.[2]

Gosper County Courthouse (n.d.), Elwood, Nebraska.[2]


a. Project manager for Leo A. Daly Company. Application of Sam Favara for Registration to Practice Professional Engineering and Architecture, Nebraska State Board of Examiners for Professional Engineers and Architects, April 29, 1957. Nebraska State Historical Society RG081 SG2

b. Last Omaha directory listing, 1957.


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