Patrick Joseph Creedon (1845-1931), Architect-Builder

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Omaha, Nebraska, 1886-1913

DBA: P. J. Creedon

Patrick Joseph Creedon was born in Cork, Ireland on March 17, 1845.[6] He was married to Margaret, who died in 1887.[6] They had a son, Edward, who died January 1, 1889, while a student at Creighton University.[6] P. J. Creedon died in Omaha on July 31, 1931.[6]

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Interior, St. John’s Catholic Church (Lynn Meyer)
St. John’s Catholic Church (1887-88) (Lynn Meyer)

Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1886-1897, 1906-1910

Educational & Professional Associations

1886-1893 : architect and builder, Omaha, Nebraska.[d]

1886-1887: architect and partner, Creedon & Latenser, Omaha, Nebraska.lacking verification

1888-1889: architect and partner, Creedon & Berlinghof, Omaha, Nebraska.

1890-1893: architect and builder, firm not listed, Omaha, Nebraska.

ca. 1890: architect and partner, Bell, Creedon & Berlinghof, Omaha, Nebraska.

1894-1895: no directory.

1896-1898: architect, 525 Paxton Blk, Omaha, Nebraska.

1899: no directory.

1900: architect and partner, Creedon & Linahan, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1901: contractor, Omaha, Nebraska.

1902-1913: architect and superintendent, P. J. Creedon & Sons, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[e]

Buildings & Projects

Kuncl-Hruska House (1887), 1732 S. 15th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[3] (DO09:0115-024)

Frank Murphy house No. 1 (1887), 22nd & Cass, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][b]

Duchesne Academy (1887), 3601 Burt St., Omaha Nebraska.[f] (DO09:0323-003)

St. John’s Catholic Church (1887-1888; 1920-1923), 2500 California St., Omaha, Nebraska.[3][5][g] (DO09:0213-001)

Frank Murphy house No. 2 (1888), 18th & Dodge, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][b]

Frank Murphy house No. 3 (1888), 22nd & Cass, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][c]

Frank Murphy house No. 4 (1888), St. Mary’s Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][c]

Building (1894), 2407 Cuming St., Omaha, Nebraska.[3] (DO09:0215-008)

Gahm Block (1900), 414-418 S 12th, Omaha, Nebraska.[1:187][2][3][a] (DO09:0121-039)

St. Claire Franciscan Monastery (1901), 1302-24 N. 29th St., Omaha, Nebraska.[h] (DO09:0217-003)

Flat (1907), 3307 Burt St., Omaha, Nebraska.[3] (DO09:0214-010)


a. This is a rebuild of the old Mercer Hotel into a warehouse for Joseph Gahm, 1900.[2] The original six-storey hotel construction was by Charles F. Beindorff (1862-1898), Architect

b. Plans were drawn but it was not built.

c. Drew the plans and started construction, with Creedon as both the architect and builder, but the house was not completed.

d. First Omaha directory listing, 1886.

e. Last Omaha directory listing, 1913.

f. Multiple buildings, multiple architects in NEHBS.

g. Creedon designed the original church in 1887, and Jacob M. (James) Nachtigall (1874-1947), Architect added the transepts and the apse in 1923.[5] The steeple of the east tower (to the right in the photographs) was built in 1976. Creedon's original design included a lantern or belfry, which would have been located between the existing clock and the spire (see the newspaper ad above).

h. Three architects listed in the Omaha Architect’s database.


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Other Sources

“P. J. Creedon, Architect and Builder,” [adv.] Omaha Bee (December 1, 1892), 5.

Dennis N. Mihelich, The History of Creighton University: 1878-2003 (Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2006).

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