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Omaha, 1890-1898; South Omaha, Nebraska, 1902-1903; Sheridan, Wyoming, 1904-1916

DBA: O. M. Zander

Ozias M. Zander was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 7, 1848, the son of carpenter, Aerulius, and Lucinda Zander.[8][13] He practiced his trade of carpenter and builder for twenty-two years, beginning ca. 1870, and then in 1880, while in Minneapolis, was identifying himself as an architect and builder.[1][5] By 1890, when he moved to Omaha, he was devoting his efforts exclusively to architecture. In November of that year he entered into a partnership with J. S. Blake as Blake & Zander.[1] The partnership dissolved in 1895.[1][2][7][9] While in Omaha, the Omaha Society of Architects was formed at his offices in 1897, and in 1898, he displayed a model underground street railway design at the “Greater American Exposition fairgrounds,” a possibly misdirected reference to the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of that year.[14][15]

In 1904 Zander moved to Sheridan, Wyoming, and practiced there at least through 1916.[9][11] By 1920 he had moved to King County, Washington, where he was listed as a 71 year old painter at the shipyard.[10] Zander was married to Mary Jane B. Beach. They had two daughters and five sons, twenty-one grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren. He died at Tacoma, Washington on October 31, 1940.[4][5][6][8][10][12][13]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1894-1904.[7]

Educational & Professional Associations

1870: laborer, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.[12]

1880: architect and builder, Minneapolis, Minnesota.[5]

1890-1895: architect and principal, Blake & Zander, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][a]

1895-1904: architect and owner, O. M. Zander, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[1][4][7]

1904-1916: architect, Sheridan, Wyoming.[6][11]

1920: painter, King County, Washington.[10]

Buildings & Projects

Building for N. Husted (1898), 3221 Poppleton Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[2:164][3] (DO09:0204-091)


a. Zander joined Blake on November 18, 1890.[1]


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Compilation of this page benefited substantially from research contributed by Patrick Thompson, architectural historian, Restoration Exchange Omaha, May 16, 2016.

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