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Galesburg, Illinois, 1900-1933

DBA: N. K. Aldrich

N. K. Aldrich was a Galesburg, Illinois architect who was in practice by the late 1890s, continuing until near his death in 1933. Little else is presently known, other than he participated in an Alaska gold rush adventure from 1898-1899, and was a member of the Galesburg Martial Band during the first World War. His single Nebraska architectural attribution appears to be a reworking of another architect’s plan.[1][2][3][4][a][b]

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FM00-020 8306-052-04 1w.jpg
Stockholm Swedish Lutheran Church, 1900-1901 (NeSHPO)

Buildings & Projects

Stockholm Swedish Lutheran Church (1900-1901), Shickley vicinity, Fillmore County, Nebraska.[1][a] (FM00-020) National Register Narrative

Galesburg School Building, two story (1913), Galesburg, Illinois.[6]

Galesburg School Building, one story (1913), Galesburg, Illinois.[7]

C. T. Liken House (1913), 2 Main, Knoxville, Illinois.[7][10]

H. T. Gilbert House (1913), Knoxville, Illinois.[7][8]

A. R. Anderson House (1913), 592 Academy, Galesburg, Illinois.[8][9]

Lake Storey Beach and Pavilion (1929-1930), Galesburg, Illinois.[3]


N. K. Aldrich, "Modern Picturesque Homes". Ca. 1903.[5]


a. Aldrich is credited with the design of the Stockholm Church, “after plans drawn by Swedish-American architect Olaf [sic] Cervin of Rock Island, Illinois.” (Church minutes, 1899; cited in Hendrickson, Landgren, and Gilkerson, 1995).[1]

b. Birth and death years from Robison.[3]


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