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Omaha, Nebraska, 1911-1913


Max Rudolph Nippell, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Charles Bellas, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska

Nippell & Bellas was the short-lived partnership of Max Rudolph Nippell, a Swiss-born architect who located in Omaha in 1905, and Charles Bellas, a native-born builder who also came to Omaha in 1905 and began working as a draftsman. The partnership was formed in 1911, and produced nearly a dozen known buildings before it was dissolved in April of 1913.[7] Both individuals went their separate ways, Bellas leaving Omaha and Nippell teaming up with Fred Petersen for a time in Omaha.[7]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1911-1913

Buildings & Projects

House for Dr. H. L. Arnold (ca. 1911), 434 N 38th Ave, Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

House for H. Steele (1911), 1338 S 33rd St, Omaha, Nebraska.[1:92][2] (DO09:0204-088)

Truax Laundry Building (1911), 1518 Cass St, Omaha, Nebraska.[2][6] (DO09:0127-013)

Bank Building (1911), Sterling, Nebraska.[6]

House for E. M. West (1911), Syracuse Street, Omaha, Nebraska.[6]

Auto Garage for Electric Cars (1911), northwest corner 40th & Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska.[8]

American Hungarian Society Building (1912), 1623 Cuming, Omaha, Nebraska.[1:110][2] (DO09:0130-007)

Bank of Talmage (1912), Talmage, Iowa.[4]

Plans for addition to Rose Hill School (1912), Benson, Nebraska.[5]

Rowhouse (1913), 2802 Calwell St, Omaha, Nebraska.[2] (DO09:0217-007)



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