National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

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National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)

The National Register of Historic Places is our Nation’s official list of historic places worthy of preservation. The Nebraska State Historical Society oversees this National Park Service program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect historic and archeological resources in our state. Being listed on the National Register carries no restrictions, unlike local landmark programs operated by local municipalities. Below are links to the properties that have been listed on the NRHP in the state of Nebraska. These pages represent summaries of the nomination, but they may also include information beyond what was known at the time the original National Register nomination form was prepared.

Visit the Nebraska State Historical Society's website for more regarding the National Register program in Nebraska.


Browse properties by county

Adams County

NRHP: Burlington Station, Hastings

NRHP: Central Hastings Historic District

NRHP: Chautauqua Pavillion

NRHP: Clarke Hotel

NRHP: The Farrell Block

NRHP: Foote Clinic

NRHP: Hastings Brewery Building and Bottling Works

NRHP: Hastings College Historic District

NRHP: Hastings Municipal Airport Hangar-Building 1

NRHP: Hastings Subway

NRHP: Heartwell Park Historic District

NRHP: Jackson-Einspahr Sod House

NRHP: McCormick Hall

NRHP: McCue-Trausch Farmstead

NRHP: Nebraska Loan and Trust Company Building

NRHP: Nowlan Dietrick House

NRHP: St. Mark's Episcopal Pro Cathedral

NRHP: Stein Brothers Building

NRHP: Thirty-two Mile Station Arch Site

NRHP: Victory Building

NRHP: William Brach House

Antelope County

NRHP: Antelope County Courthouse

NRHP: Elkhorn River Bridge

NRHP: Gates College Gym

NRHP: Kester Planing Mill

NRHP: Maybury-McPherson House

NRHP: Neligh Mill

NRHP: Neligh Mill (Boundary Increase)

NRHP: Neligh Mill Bridge

NRHP: Neligh Mill Elevators (Boundary Increase)

NRHP: St. Peter's Episcopal Church

NRHP: Verdigris Creek Bridge

Arthur County

NRHP: First Arthur County Courthouse and Jail

NRHP: Pilgrim Holiness Church

NRHP: C.C. Hampton Homestead

Blaine County

Boone County

NRHP: Albion United States Post Office

NRHP: Cedar Rapids Town Hall

NRHP: Petersburg Jail

NRHP: St. Anthony's Church and School

NRHP: St. Bonaventure Church Complex

Box Butte County

NRHP: Alliance Central Park Fountain

NRHP: Alliance Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Box Butte County Courthouse

NRHP: Running Water Stage Station

Boyd County

NRHP: Lynch Archaeological Site

NRHP: Ponca Agency (1859-1865)

NRHP: Ponca Creek Bridge

NRHP: SS Peter and Paul Catholic School

NRHP: Tower aka "Old Baldy"

NRHP: White Horse Ranch

Brown County

NRHP: Miller Hotel

Buffalo County

NRHP: Dr. A.O. Thomas House

NRHP: Fort Theater

NRHP: George W. Frank House

NRHP: George Meisner House

NRHP: Gibbon Baptist Church

NRHP: Hanson-Downing House

NRHP: Harmon Park

NRHP: John Barnd House

NRHP: John and Lenora Bartlett House

NRHP: Kearney Junior High School

NRHP: Kearney National Guard Armory

NRHP: Kilgore Bridge

NRHP: Klehm House

NRHP: Lowe and Fair Commercial Block

NRHP: Masonic Temple and World Theater Building

NRHP: Meisner Bank

NRHP: St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church

NRHP: Sweetwater Mill Bridge

NRHP: United States Post Office, Kearney

Burt County

NRHP: Burt County Courthouse

NRHP: Burt County State Bank

NRHP: E.C. Houston House

NRHP: E.W. Bryant House

NRHP: H.S.M Spielman House

NRHP: John Henry Stork Log House

NRHP: Logan Creek Site

NRHP: St. John's German Evangelical Lutheran Church

NRHP: Tekamah Carnegie Library

NRHP: Tekamah City Bridge

NRHP: William and Emma Guhl Farmhouse

Butler County

NRHP: Barcal or Skull Creek Site

NRHP: Bellwood Archaeological Site

NRHP: Big Blue River Bridge, Surprise

NRHP: Butler County District No. 10 School

NRHP: Chauncey S. Taylor House

NRHP: Clear Creek Bridge

NRHP: David City Park and Auditorium

NRHP: Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot, Dwight

NRHP: Linwood Site

NRHP: St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, School, and Grottoes

NRHP: Surprise Opera House

NRHP: Thorpe's Opera House

NRHP: Upper Oak Creek Descent Ruts of the Woodbury Cutoff

Cass County

NRHP: Ashland Archaeological District

NRHP: Ashland Archaeological Site

NRHP: Captain John O'Rourke House

NRHP: Captain John O'Rourke House (amendment)

NRHP: Cass County Courthouse

NRHP: Christian Kupke Farmstead

NRHP: The Elms

NRHP: Gibson House

NRHP: Glenn and Addie Perry Farmhouse

NRHP: Gottfried Gustav Pitz Barn

NRHP: James and Margaret Greer Farmstead

NRHP: Kehlbeck Farmstead

NRHP: Manley School

NRHP: McLaughlin-Waugh-Dovey House

NRHP: Naomi Institute

NRHP: Nehawka Flint Quarries

NRHP: Nehawka Public Library

NRHP: Paul Fitzgerald House

NRHP: Paul Gering House

NRHP: Peter E. Ruffner House

NRHP: Plattsmouth Main Street Historic District

NRHP: Plattsmouth Bridge

NRHP: Snoke-Tate Farmstead

NRHP: Theodore Davis Site

NRHP: Union Jail

NRHP: Walker Gilmore Site

NRHP: Weeping Water Historic District

NRHP: Young Cemetery Cabin

Cedar County

NRHP: Bow Valley Mills

NRHP: Cedar County Courthouse

NRHP: City Hall and Auditorium

NRHP: Couser Barn

NRHP: Franz Zavadil Farmstead

NRHP: Hartington Hotel

NRHP: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and Rectory

NRHP: Meridian Bridge

NRHP: Schulte Archaeological Site

NRHP: St. Boniface Catholic Church Complex

NRHP: St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Complex

NRHP: St. Phillip and James Parochial School

NRHP: Wiseman Archaeological Site

Chase County

NRHP: Balcony House

NRHP: Champion Mill

NRHP: Chase County Courthouse

NRHP: Lovett Site

NRHP: Pinkie's Corner

NRHP: Texas Trail Stone Corral

NRHP: Wauneta Roller Mills

Cherry County

NRHP: Bell Bridge

NRHP: Berry State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Borman Bridge

NRHP: Brewer Bridge

NRHP: Bryan Bridge

NRHP: Cherry County Courthouse

NRHP: Dry Valley Church and Cemetery

NRHP: F.M. Walcott House

NRHP: Former Valentine United States Post Office

NRHP: Twin Bridge

NRHP: Valentine Public School

Cheyenne County

NRHP: Christ Episcopal Church

NRHP: Deadwood Draw

NRHP: Ft. Sidney Historic District

NRHP: Herboldsheimer Ranch

NRHP: Lodgepole Opera House

NRHP: Sidney Carnegie Library

NRHP: Sidney Historic Business District

NRHP: Sidney Historic Business District Boundary Extension

NRHP: Sioux Ordnance Depot Fire and Guard Headquarters

NRHP: Water Holes Ranch

NRHP: Wes Stevens Site

NRHP: Wild Horse Draw/Leeman's Springs Archaeological District

Clay County

NRHP: Clay County Courthouse

NRHP: Deering Bridge

NRHP: Fairfield Carnegie Library

NRHP: Glenville School

NRHP: Inland School

NRHP: Isaac Newton Clark House

NRHP: St. Martin's Catholic Church

Colfax County

NRHP: Colfax County Courthouse

NRHP: John Janacek House

NRHP: Oak Ballroom

NRHP: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church and Cemetery

NRHP: Schuyler Carnegie Library

NRHP: Schuyler City Hall

NRHP: Schuyler Downtown Historic District

NRHP: Schuyler Site

NRHP: Schuyler United States Post Office

NRHP: Wolfe Archaeological Site

NRHP: ZCBJ Opera House, Clarkson

NRHP: Zion Presbyterian Church

Cuming County

NRHP: John G. Neihardt Study

NRHP: Rattlesnake Creek Bridge

NRHP: West Point City Auditorium

Custer County

NRHP: The Arrow Hotel

NRHP: Benjamin and Mary Kellenbarger House

NRHP: Brenizer Library

NRHP: Broken Bow Carnegie Library

NRHP: Broken Bow Commercial Square Historic District

NRHP: Custer County Courthouse and Jail

NRHP: Finch Memorial Library

NRHP: First Custer County Courthouse

NRHP: First National Bank Steinmeier Building

NRHP: Mason City School

NRHP: Sargent Bridge

NRHP: Security State Bank Building

NRHP: St. Anselm's Catholic Church, Rectory, and Parish Hall

NRHP: Stillman P. Groat House

NRHP: William Dowse Sod House

Dakota County

NRHP: Ben Bonderson Farm

NRHP: Cornelius O'Connor House

NRHP: Emmanuel Lutheran Church

NRHP: Homer Site

NRHP: Meisch House

Dawes County

NRHP: Army Theater

NRHP: Bordeaux Trading Post

NRHP: Chadron Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Chadron Public Library

NRHP: Co-Operative Block Building

NRHP: Crawford United States Post Office

NRHP: Crites Hall; Chadron State College

NRHP: Dawes County Courthouse

NRHP: Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency

NRHP: Gymnasium; Chadron State College

NRHP: Hotel Chadron

NRHP: Library; Chadron State College

NRHP: Wohlers Homestead

NRHP: Women's Dormitory; Chadron State College

NRHP: Women's Hall; Chadron State College

Dawson County

NRHP: Allen's Opera House

NRHP: Dawson County Courthouse

NRHP: Ernest A. Calling House

NRHP: Gothenburg Carnegie Library

NRHP: The Hendee Hotel

NRHP: Ira Webster Olive House

NRHP: Midway Ranch House

NRHP: Midway Stage Station

Deuel County

NRHP: Deuel County Courthouse

NRHP: Menter Farmstead

NRHP: Phelps Hotel

NRHP: Sudman House

NRHP: Waterman Sod House

Dixon County

NRHP: Cook Blacksmith Shop

NRHP: Dixon County Courthouse

NRHP: Indian Hill Archaeological District

NRHP: Ponca Historic District

NRHP: Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Salem Church

Dodge County

NRHP: Barnard Park Historic District

NRHP: Charles T. Durkee House

NRHP: Christopher Knoell Farmstead

NRHP: Dodge County Courthouse

NRHP: Frank Uehling Barn

NRHP: Fremont Historic Commercial District

NRHP: Fremont Municipal Auditorium

NRHP: Fremont Municipal Power Plant and Pumping Station

NRHP: Harder Hotel

NRHP: Hooper Historic District

NRHP: J.D. McDonald House

NRHP: Love-Larson Opera House

NRHP: North Bend Carnegie Library

NRHP: North Broad Street Residential Historic District

NRHP: Nye House

NRHP: Old Fremont Post Office

NRHP: Osterman and Tremaine Building

NRHP: R.B. Schneider House

NRHP: Samuel Bullock House

NRHP: Schneider's Opera House

NRHP: Scribner Town Hall

NRHP: Turner House

Douglas County

NRHP: 10th and Pierce Car Barn

NRHP: Ackerhurst-Eipperhurst Dairy Barn

NRHP: Allas Apartments

NRHP: The Anderson Building

NRHP: Anheuser-Busch Beer Depot

NRHP: Apartments at 2514 North 16th Street

NRHP: Aquila Court Building

NRHP: Arthur C. Storz Residence

NRHP: Astro Theater

NRHP: Bank of Florence

NRHP: Barker Building

NRHP: Beebe and Runyan Warehouse

NRHP: Bemis Omaha Bag Company Building

NRHP: Bennington State Bank

NRHP: Berkeley Apartments

NRHP: Blackstone Hotel

NRHP: Bradford-Pettis House

NRHP: Brandeis-Millard House

NRHP: Broomfield Rowhouse

NRHP: Burlington Headquarters Building

NRHP: Burlington Station, Omaha

NRHP: Cabanne Archaeological Site

NRHP: Capitol Garage

NRHP: Carl Penke Farm

NRHP: Center School

NRHP: Champe-Fremont 1 Archaeological Site

NRHP: Charles D. McLaughlin House

NRHP: Christian Specht Building

NRHP: City National Bank Building

NRHP: City National Bank Building and Creighton Orpheum Theatre

NRHP: Columbian School

NRHP: Cornish Apartments

NRHP: Country Club Historic District

NRHP: Danish Brotherhood in America National Headquarters Building

NRHP: Douglas County Courthouse

NRHP: Drake Court Apartments and Dartmore Apartments

NRHP: Drake Court Historic District Amendment

NRHP: Druid Hall

NRHP: Dundee/Happy Hollow Historic District

NRHP: Edgar-Zabriskie House

NRHP: Eggerss-O'Flyng Building

NRHP: Fairacres Historic District

NRHP: Farm Credit Building

NRHP: Farnam Building

NRHP: Father Flanagan's Boys' Home

NRHP: Father Flanagan's House

NRHP: Federal Office Building

NRHP: Field Club Residential Historic District

NRHP: First National Bank Building, Omaha

NRHP: First Unitarian Church of Omaha

NRHP: Flatiron Hotel

NRHP: Ford Hospital

NRHP: Fort Omaha Historic District

NRHP: Frank Parker Archaeological Site

NRHP: Gallagher Building

NRHP: Garneau-Kilpatrick House

NRHP: G.C. Moses Block

NRHP: General George Crook House

NRHP: George H. Kelly House

NRHP: Georgia Row House

NRHP: Gold Coast Historic District

NRHP: Hanscom Apartments

NRHP: Havens-Page House

NRHP: Henry B. Neef House

NRHP: Hill Hotel

NRHP: Holy Family Church

NRHP: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

NRHP: Hospe-Anton Music Warehouse

NRHP: Howard Street Apartment District

NRHP: Hupmobile Building

NRHP: Immaculate Conception Church and School

NRHP: Immanuel Deaconess Nurses' Home and School

NRHP: Jacob A. Gross Store

NRHP: J.C. Robinson House

NRHP: Jewell Building

NRHP: J.L. Brandeis and Sons Store Building

NRHP: John E. Reagan House

NRHP: Joslyn Castle

NRHP: Keeline Building

NRHP: Kennedy Building

NRHP: Kirschbraun and Sons Creamery Building

NRHP: Leone Florentine and Carpathia Apartment Buildings

NRHP: Lincoln Highway (Douglas County Road 120)

NRHP: Lincoln Highway (Omaha to Elkhorn)

NRHP: Livestock Exchange Building

NRHP: Lizzie Robinson House

NRHP: The Logan

NRHP: M.A. Disbrow and Company Buildings

NRHP: Malcolm X House Site

NRHP: The Margaret

NRHP: Mary Rogers Kimball House

NRHP: Mason School

NRHP: Melrose Apartments

NRHP: The Memmen Apartments

NRHP: Meyer and Raapke

NRHP: M.F. Shafer and Company Building

NRHP: Military Road Segment

NRHP: Minne Lusa Residential Historic District

NRHP: Moyer Row Houses

NRHP: Nash Block

NRHP: National Indemnity Building

NRHP: Nicholas Street Historic District

NRHP: Normandie Apartments

NRHP: North 24th and Lake Streets Historic District

NRHP: North Presbyterian Church

NRHP: Northern Natural Gas Building

NRHP: Northwestern Bell Company Regional Headquarters

NRHP: Notre Dame Academy and Convent

NRHP: The Nottingham Apartments

NRHP: Oft-Gordon House

NRHP: Old Market Historic District

NRHP: Old People's Home

NRHP: Olson's Market

NRHP: Omaha Bolt, Nut, and Screw Building

NRHP: Omaha Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant

NRHP: Omaha High School

NRHP: Omaha National Bank Building

NRHP: Omaha Park and Boulevard System

NRHP: Omaha Power Plant Building

NRHP: Omaha Public Library

NRHP: Omaha Quartermaster Depot Historic District

NRHP: Omaha Rail and Commerce Historic District

NRHP: The Omaha Star

NRHP: The Ottawa Block

NRHP: Packer's National Bank Building

NRHP: Park Avenue Apartment District

NRHP: Park School

NRHP: Peerless Motor Company

NRHP: The Polish Home

NRHP: Poppleton Block

NRHP: Porter-Thomsen House

NRHP: Prague Hotel

NRHP: Redick Tower

NRHP: Robbins-Franklin School

NRHP: Rose Realty-Securities Building

NRHP: Rosewater School

NRHP: Sacred Heart Catholic Church Complex

NRHP: Saddle Creek Underpass

NRHP: Dr. Samuel D. Mercer House

NRHP: Sanford Hotel

NRHP: Saunders School

NRHP: Scott Omaha Tent and Awning Building

NRHP: Scottish Rite Cathedral

NRHP: Selby Apartments

NRHP: Selma Terrace

NRHP: Sherman Apartments

NRHP: Simon Brothers Company

NRHP: South Omaha Main Street Historic District

NRHP: St. Cecilia's Cathedral

NRHP: St. John's A.M.E. Church

NRHP: St. Joseph Parish Complex

NRHP: St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church

NRHP: St. Matthias' Episcopal Church

NRHP: St. Philomena's Cathedral and Rectory

NRHP: St. Richard's Catholic School and Rectory

NRHP: Stabrie Grocery

NRHP: Standard Oil Building Amendment

NRHP: Standard Oil Company Building of Nebraska

NRHP: Steiner Row House 1

NRHP: Steiner Row House 2

NRHP: Strehlow Terrace

NRHP: Swartz Printing Company Building

NRHP: Swoboda Bakery

NRHP: Terrace Court

NRHP: Thiessen Pickle Company

NRHP: Traver Brothers Row Houses Historic District

NRHP: Trinity Cathedral

NRHP: Turner Court Apartments

NRHP: Twin Towers

NRHP: Undine Apartments

NRHP: Union Passenger Terminal

NRHP: USS Hazard

NRHP: USS Hazard and USS Marlin

NRHP: Vinton School

NRHP: Vinton Street Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Weber Mill

NRHP: Webster Telephone Exchange Building

NRHP: West Lawn Mausoleum

NRHP: Wohlner's Neighborhood Grocery

Dundy County

NRHP: Dundy County Courthouse

Fillmore County

NRHP: Auditorium, Geneva

NRHP: Belle Prairie Township Hall and Strang Town Hall/Jail

NRHP: Big Blue River Bridge, Grafton

NRHP: Dempster-Sloan House

NRHP: Eberhardt Farmstead

NRHP: Fairmont Army Air Field

NRHP: Fairmont Creamery Company Building

NRHP: Fairmont Village Hall

NRHP: Fillmore County Courthouse

NRHP: Geneva United States Post Office

NRHP: George W. Smith House

NRHP: J.M. Burk Residence

NRHP: Maple Grove Sale Pavilion and Farrowing Barn

NRHP: Milligan Auditorium

NRHP: Ohiowa Public School

NRHP: Stockholm Swedish Lutheran Church and Cemetery

NRHP: Strang School District #36

NRHP: Warner's Filling Station and Residence

Franklin County

NRHP: Dupee Music Hall

NRHP: First Congregational Church

NRHP: Franklin County Courthouse

NRHP: Lincoln Hotel, Franklin

NRHP: Lost Creek Archaeological Site

NRHP: Republican River Bridge

Frontier County

NRHP: Mowry Bluff Archaeological Site

NRHP: Red Smoke Archaeological Site

Furnas County

NRHP: Cambridge State Aid Bridge

NRHP: W.H. Faling House

Gage County

NRHP: Barneston Site

NRHP: Beatrice Chautauqua Pavilion and Gate House

NRHP: Beatrice City Library

NRHP: Beatrice Downtown Historic District

NRHP: Beatrice Municipal Auditorium

NRHP: Beatrice State Development Farm

NRHP: Big Indian Creek Bridge

NRHP: Bloody Run Bridge

NRHP: Blue Springs

NRHP: Bridge, Wymore

NRHP: Burlington Northern Depot

NRHP: Christ Church Episcopal

NRHP: DeWitt Flour Mills and King Iron Bridge

NRHP: Elijah Filley Stone Barn

NRHP: Farmers State Bank, Adams

NRHP: First Commercial Bank

NRHP: Freeman Homestead and Freeman School; Homestead National Monument

NRHP: Gage County Courthouse

NRHP: Hoyt Street Bridge

NRHP: Johnson Cabin Museum

NRHP: J. Schmuck Block

NRHP: Lake Bridenthal House

NRHP: Marion and Ruth Ann Dole Residence

NRHP: Mission Creek Bridge

NRHP: North 7th Street Historic District

NRHP: North 11th Street Historic District

NRHP: Paddock Hotel

NRHP: Rachel Kilpatrick Purdy House

NRHP: Samuel D. Kilpatrick House

Garden County

NRHP: Ash Hollow Cave

NRHP: Ash Hollow Historic District

NRHP: Garden County Courthouse

NRHP: Lewellen State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Lisco State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Rackett Grange Hall

Garfield County

NRHP: Burwell Bridge

NRHP: Burwell Carnegie Library

NRHP: Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds

NRHP: Hub Building

Gosper County

NRHP: Gosper County Courthouse

Grant County

NRHP: Hotel DeFair

Greeley County

NRHP: Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

NRHP: Ed Wright Building

NRHP: First Presbyterian Church

NRHP: Greeley County Courthouse

NRHP: Spalding Power Plant and Dam Site

NRHP: St. Michael's Catholic Church Complex, Spalding

Hall County

NRHP: Andrew M. Hargis House

NRHP: Burlington Railroad Depot

NRHP: Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

NRHP: Evangelische Lutherische Dreienigkeit Kirche

NRHP: Glade-Donald House

NRHP: Gloe Brothers Service Station

NRHP: Grand Island Carnegie Library

NRHP: Grand Island FCC Monitoring Station

NRHP: Grand Island Senior High School

NRHP: Grand Island USPO and Courthouse

NRHP: Hall County Courthouse

NRHP: Hamilton-Donald House

NRHP: Heinrich Giese House

NRHP: Mrs. H.J. Bartenbach House

NRHP: Hotel Yancey, Grand Island

NRHP: Lee Huff Apartment Complex

NRHP: Liederkranz

NRHP: Lincoln Highway-Grand Island Seedling Mile

NRHP: Nine Bridges Bridge

NRHP: Roeser-Gartner House

NRHP: Shady Bend Gas Station, Grocery, and Diner

NRHP: Stolley Park Historic District

NRHP: Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

NRHP: Townsley-Murdock Immigrant Trail Site

NRHP: William Stolley Homestead and Site of Fort Independence

Hamilton County

NRHP: Hamilton County Courthouse

NRHP: IOOF Opera House

NRHP: St. Johannes Danske Lutherske Kirke

NRHP: Streeter-Peterson House

NRHP: United Brethren Church

NRHP: Temple Craft Building

Harlan County

NRHP: Alma City Auditorium and Sale Barn

NRHP: Prairie Dog Creek Bridge

NRHP: Sappa Creek Bridge

NRHP: Turkey Creek Bridge

Hayes County

NRHP: J.M. Daniel House

NRHP: J.M. Daniel School

NRHP: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran German Church and Cemetery

Hitchcock County

NRHP: Bridge, Stratton

NRHP: Massacre Canyon Battlefield

NRHP: St. Paul's Methodist Protestant Church

NRHP: Weyl Service Station

Holt County

NRHP: Brantly E. Sturdevant Residence

NRHP: Eagle Creek Archaeological Site

NRHP: Golden Hotel

NRHP: Holt County Courthouse

NRHP: Old Nebraska State Bank Building

NRHP: O'Neill United States Post Office

NRHP: Redbird 1 Site

NRHP: Rouse Ranch

Hooker County

NRHP: Hooker County Courthouse

NRHP: Humphrey Archaeological Site

NRHP: Kelso Site

Howard County

NRHP: Columbia Hall

NRHP: Coufal Ridge Site

NRHP: Dannevirke Lutheran Church and Community Hall

NRHP: Howard County Courthouse

NRHP: Palmer Site

NRHP: St. Peder's Dansk Evangelical Lutheran Kirke

Jefferson County

NRHP: Anna C. Diller Opera House

NRHP: Colman House

NRHP: Fairbury Carnegie Library

NRHP: Fairbury Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Fairbury High School and Auditorium

NRHP: Fairbury Rock Island Depot and Freight House

NRHP: IOOF Temple Building

NRHP: Jefferson County Courthouse

NRHP: Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group, Jefferson

NRHP: People's State Bank

NRHP: Steele City Historic District

NRHP: Steele City Public School District #1

NRHP: Woral Smith Lime Kiln and Limestone House

Johnson County

NRHP: George Townsend House

NRHP: Johnson County Courthouse

NRHP: Keim Stone Arch Bridge

NRHP: Tecumseh Architectural District

NRHP: Tecumseh Opera House

Kearney County

NRHP: Bethphage Mission

NRHP: Dobytown

NRHP: E.E. Carpenter House

NRHP: Fort Kearny

NRHP: Kearney County Courthouse

NRHP: Minden United States Post Office

NRHP: Salem Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church

NRHP: W.T. Thorne Building

Keith County

NRHP: Alkali Station

NRHP: Beauvais' Ranche Archaeological Site

NRHP: Big Blowout Site

NRHP: Brandhoefer Mansion

NRHP: Dr. Burdette L. Gainsforth House

NRHP: California Hill

NRHP: Diamond Springs Stage Station

NRHP: Front Street

NRHP: Keystone Community Church

NRHP: Meismer Bison Kill Site

NRHP: Ogallala United States Post Office

NRHP: Roscoe State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Standard Oil Red Crown Service Station

Keya Paha County

NRHP: Keya Paha County High School

NRHP: Lewis Bridge

Kimball County

NRHP: Brookside Farm

NRHP: Fraternal Hall

NRHP: Kimball County Courthouse

NRHP: Maginnis Irrigation Aqueduct

NRHP: Wheat Growers Hotel

Knox County

NRHP: Argo Hotel

NRHP: Commercial Hotel

NRHP: Congregational Church and Manse

NRHP: Episcopal Church

NRHP: Gross State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Knox County Courthouse

NRHP: Niobrara River Bridge

NRHP: Ponca Agency Archaeological District

NRHP: Ponca Agency Building

NRHP: Ponca Fort Site

NRHP: Pospeshil Theater

NRHP: Řád Sladkovský Pishelville Hall

NRHP: St. Rose of Lima Catholic School and Church Complex

NRHP: Winnetoon Jail

NRHP: ZCBJ Opera House, Verdigre

Lancaster County

NRHP: Agricultural Hall

NRHP: Albert Watkins House

NRHP: Amel H. Koop House

NRHP: Antelope Grocery

NRHP: Arthur C. Ziemer House

NRHP: Barr Terrace; 19th Century Terrace Houses

NRHP: Beatrice Creamery Company

NRHP: Beattie/Miles House

NRHP: Boulevards Historic District

NRHP: Brownbilt Residential Historic District

NRHP: Burr Block

NRHP: CB&Q Steam Locomotive No. 710

NRHP: Christian Record Building

NRHP: City Hall

NRHP: College View Public Library

NRHP: Eastridge Historic District

NRHP: Eddy-Taylor House

NRHP: Edgar Burnett House

NRHP: Ehlers Round Barn

NRHP: Federal Trust Building

NRHP: First National Bank Building, Lincoln

NRHP: First State Bank of Bethany

NRHP: Frank M. Spalding House

NRHP: Gillen House

NRHP: Gold and Company Store Building

NRHP: Government Square

NRHP: Governor's Mansion

NRHP: Greek Row Historic District

NRHP: Guy A. Brown House

NRHP: Harris House

NRHP: Hayward School

NRHP: Helmer-Winnett-White Flats; 19th Century Terrace Houses

NRHP: Herter Farmstead

NRHP: Herter Hagaman Farmstead Boundary Increase

NRHP: Hotel Capital

NRHP: James D. Calhoun House

NRHP: Jasper Newton Bell House

NRHP: John M. Thayer House

NRHP: Kiesselbach House

NRHP: Lancaster Block

NRHP: Lewis-Syford House

NRHP: Lewis-Syford House amendment

NRHP: Lincoln Army Air Field Regimental Chapel

NRHP: Lincoln Haymarket Historic District

NRHP: Lincoln Liberty Life Insurance Building

NRHP: Lincoln Veterans Administration Hospital Historic District

NRHP: Lincoln YWCA Building

NRHP: Lyman Terrace; 19th Century Terrace Houses

NRHP: Masonic Temple

NRHP: Mount Emerald and Capitol Additions Historical Residential District

NRHP: Municipal Lighting and Waterworks Plant

NRHP: Murphy-Sheldon House

NRHP: Nebraska City to Fort Kearny Cutoff Ruts at Spring Creek Prairie

NRHP: Nebraska State Capitol

NRHP: Nebraska State Capitol Landscape Amendment

NRHP: Nebraska State Historical Society Building

NRHP: Nebraska Telephone Company Building

NRHP: Nimrod Ross House

NRHP: Nine-Mile Prairie

NRHP: Old Main Nebraska Wesleyan University

NRHP: Old University Library

NRHP: Oliver J. and Anna Burckhardt House

NRHP: Palisade and Regent Apartments

NRHP: Park Hill

NRHP: Park Manor Residential Historic District

NRHP: Peter Peterson Farmstead

NRHP: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House

NRHP: Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity House

NRHP: Pioneers Park

NRHP: President and Ambassador Apartments

NRHP: Quinn Chapel AME Church and Parsonage

NRHP: Retzlaff Farmstead

NRHP: Rock Island Depot

NRHP: R.O. Phillips House

NRHP: Rose Kirkwood Brothel

NRHP: R.O. Stake House

NRHP: Royer-Williams House

NRHP: Ryons-Alexander House

NRHP: Schrader Archaeological Site

NRHP: Scottish Rite Temple

NRHP: Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

NRHP: Skypark Manor

NRHP: South Bottoms Historic District

NRHP: State Arsenal

NRHP: St. Charles Apartments

NRHP: Stuart Building

NRHP: Temple of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun

NRHP: Terminal Building

NRHP: Thomas P. Kennard House

NRHP: Tifereth Israel Synagogue

NRHP: Trago T. McWilliams House

NRHP: University Place Historic Residential District

NRHP: Veith Building

NRHP: Wesleyan Hospital and Nurses Training School

NRHP: W.F. Hitchcock House

NRHP: Whitehall

NRHP: William H. Charlton House

NRHP: William H. Ferguson House

NRHP: William H. Tyler House

NRHP: William Jennings Bryan House

NRHP: Woods Brothers Building

NRHP: Woods House

NRHP: Woodsshire Residential Historic District

NRHP: Wyuka Cemetery

NRHP: Yates House

NRHP: Yost House

Lincoln County

NRHP: Fort McPherson National Cemetery

NRHP: Fox Theater

NRHP: Hotel Yancey, North Platte

NRHP: Johnston Memorial Building

NRHP: Lincoln County Courthouse

NRHP: North Platte Post Office and Federal Building

NRHP: O'Fallons Bluff

NRHP: Scout's Rest Ranch

NRHP: Sutherland State Aid Bridge

Logan County

Loup County

NRHP: Pavillion Hotel

NRHP: Thomas and Mary Williams Homestead

Madison County

NRHP: First United Presbyterian Church

NRHP: Grand Theater

NRHP: Hotel Norfolk

NRHP: Karl Stefan Memorial Airport Administration Building

NRHP: Mathewson-Gerecke House

NRHP: Norfolk Carnegie Library

NRHP: St. Leonard's Catholic Church and Rectory

NRHP: Stubbs-Ballah House

NRHP: United States Post Office and Court House

NRHP: Warrick House

McPherson County

Merrick County

NRHP: Cahow Barber Shop

NRHP: Heber Hord House

NRHP: Martha Ellen Auditorium

NRHP: Nelson Farm

NRHP: Patterson Law Office

NRHP: Riverside Park Dance Pavilion

NRHP: Wright Morris Boyhood Home

Morrill County

NRHP: Camp Clarke Bridge Site

NRHP: Chimney Rock

NRHP: Court House and Jail House Rock

NRHP: Greenwood Stage Station

NRHP: Morrill County Courthouse

NRHP: Mud Springs Pony Express Station

NRHP: Mud Springs Station Archaeological District Amendment and Boundary Increase

NRHP: Rush Creek Battlefield

NRHP: Schuetz Log Cabin

Nance County

NRHP: Burkett Archaeological Site

NRHP: Cottonwood Creek Archaeological Site

NRHP: Cunningham Archaeological Site

NRHP: Evangelical United Brethren Church

NRHP: Fullerton Archaeological Site

NRHP: Genoa Site

NRHP: Horse Creek Pawnee Village

NRHP: Moses Merrill Baptist Camp

NRHP: Pawnee Mission and Burnt Village Archaeological Site

NRHP: US Indian Industrial School

NRHP: Wright Site

Nemaha County

NRHP: Auburn Historic District

NRHP: Auburn United States Post Office

NRHP: Brownville Bridge

NRHP: Brownville Historic District

NRHP: Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge

NRHP: First United Presbyterian Church of Auburn

NRHP: John W. Bennett House

NRHP: Legion Memorial Park

NRHP: Nemaha County Courthouse

NRHP: New Opera House

NRHP: St. John's Lutheran Church Complex

NRHP: Thomas P. Majors Farmstead

NRHP: Wilber T. Reed House

Nuckolls County

NRHP: Kendall House

NRHP: Lawrence Opera House

NRHP: Nelson Cemetery Walk

NRHP: Nuckolls County Courthouse

NRHP: Superior City Hall and Auditorium

NRHP: Superior Downtown Historic District

Otoe County

NRHP: Arbor Lodge

NRHP: Boscobel

NRHP: Bridge, Lorton

NRHP: Bridge, Nebraska City

NRHP: Camp Creek Cemetery and Chapel

NRHP: Camp Creek School

NRHP: George F. Lee Octagon Houses

NRHP: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall

NRHP: Harmony School

NRHP: Jasper A. Ware House

NRHP: Kregel Wind Mill Company Building

NRHP: Little Nemaha River Bridge, Dunbar

NRHP: Massow-Schutz House

NRHP: Mayhew Cabin

NRHP: McCartney School

NRHP: Memorial Building

NRHP: Morton-James Public Library

NRHP: Nebraska City Burlington Depot

NRHP: Nebraska City Historic District

NRHP: Nebraska City Historic District Update

NRHP: Otoe County Courthouse

NRHP: Saint Benedict's Catholic Church

NRHP: South 13th Nebraska City Historic District

NRHP: South Nebraska City Historic District

NRHP: Unadilla Main Street Historic District

NRHP: United States Post Office, Nebraska City

NRHP: Wolf Creek Bridge

NRHP: Wyoming Bridge

Pawnee County

NRHP: E. F. Hempstead House

NRHP: Farwell Archaeological District

NRHP: Harold Lloyd Birth Place

NRHP: Lindsley House

NRHP: Pawnee City Carnegie Library

NRHP: Pawnee City Historic Business District

NRHP: Pawnee City United States Post Office

NRHP: Pawnee County Courthouse

NRHP: Rinne Farm

NRHP: Steinauer Opera House

NRHP: Table Rock Archaeological Site

NRHP: Table Rock Opera House

NRHP: Table Rock Public Square Historic District


Perkins County

NRHP: Grant City Park

NRHP: Grant Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Perkins County Courthouse

Phelps County

NRHP: Brenstrom Farmstead

NRHP: CB & Q Holdrege Depot

NRHP: Farmers State Bank, Loomis

NRHP: Kinner House

NRHP: Phelps County Courthouse

Pierce County

NRHP: Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot, Plainview

NRHP: Meridian Highway

NRHP: Plainview Band Shell

NRHP: Plainview Carnegie Library

NRHP: Willow Creek Bridge

Platte County

NRHP: Albery and Lina Stenger House

NRHP: Behlen House

NRHP: Citizens State Bank

NRHP: Columbus Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Columbus Izaak Walton League Lodge

NRHP: Columbus Loup River Bridge

NRHP: C. Segelke Building

NRHP: Evans House

NRHP: Feye Archaeological Site

NRHP: First Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church and Cemetery

NRHP: Frederick L. and L. Frederick Gottschalk Houses

NRHP: Glur's Tavern

NRHP: Hanna Larson Archaeological Site

NRHP: H.E. Snyder House

NRHP: Hill-Rupp Site

NRHP: Humphrey City Hall

NRHP: Lincoln Highway Duncan West

NRHP: Lincoln Highway Gardiner Station

NRHP: Monroe Congregational Church and New Hope Cemetery

NRHP: Platte County Courthouse

NRHP: St. Michael's Catholic Church Complex, Tarnov

NRHP: Wurdeman-Lawson Archaeological Site

Polk County

NRHP: Charles H. Morrill Homestead

NRHP: Clarks Site

NRHP: Governor John Hopwood Mickey House

NRHP: Polk County Courthouse

NRHP: Strickland Archaeological Site

NRHP: Victor E. Wilson House

Red Willow County

NRHP: Doyle Archaeological Site

NRHP: H.P. Sutton House

NRHP: Keystone Hotel

NRHP: McCook Carnegie Library


NRHP: Norden Bombsight Vault

NRHP: Red Willow County Courthouse

NRHP: Senator George W. Norris House

Richardson County

NRHP: Falls City Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Gehling's Theatre

NRHP: Governor Arthur J. Weaver House

NRHP: Humboldt Commercial Historic District

NRHP: John Holman House

NRHP: Leary-Kelley Site

NRHP: Miles Ranch

NRHP: Mount Zion Brick Church

NRHP: Nebraska-Kansas Public Land Survey Thematic Group, Rulo

NRHP: R.A. Clarke House

NRHP: Richardson County Courthouse

NRHP: Schmid Farmstead

NRHP: Way Side Stock Farm

Rock County

NRHP: Bassett Lodge and Range Cafe

NRHP: Carns State Aid Bridge

NRHP: Rock County Courthouse

Saline County

NRHP: College Hill Historic District

NRHP: Crete Downtown Historic District

NRHP: Doane College Historic District

NRHP: Frank Rademacher House

NRHP: František Pisář Farmstead

NRHP: Hotel Wilber

NRHP: Jessie C. Bickle House

NRHP: Johnston-Muff House

NRHP: Michael Witt Farmstead

NRHP: Řád Saline Center čís. 389 ZČBJ

NRHP: Řád Tábor Cís. 74 ZCBJ

NRHP: Richard R. Kiddle House

NRHP: Saline County Bank

NRHP: Saline County Courthouse

NRHP: Sokol Pavilion

NRHP: Tělocvicna Jednota Sokol

NRHP: Tĕlocvičná Jednota “T.J.” Sokol Hall

NRHP: Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church

NRHP: Warren's Opera House

NRHP: William H. Mann House

Sarpy County

NRHP: Bellevue College Dormitories

NRHP: Big Papillion Creek Bridge

NRHP: Blacksmith Shop

NRHP: Fontenelle Bank

NRHP: Fontenelle Forest Historic District

NRHP: Fort Crook Historic District

NRHP: John Sautter Farmhouse

NRHP: Kurz Omaha Village

NRHP: Linoma Beach

NRHP: Moses Merrill Mission and Oto Indian Village

NRHP: Old Log Cabin

NRHP: Patterson Site

NRHP: Peter A. Sarpy Trading Post

NRHP: Presbyterian Church

NRHP: Sarpy County Courthouse

NRHP: Springfield Community Building

NRHP: William E. Gordon House

NRHP: William Hamilton House

NRHP: Zweibel Farmstead

Saunders County

NRHP: Ashland Bridge

NRHP: Ashland Carnegie Library

NRHP: Barnes Oil Company

NRHP: F.J. Kirchman House

NRHP: Hoffman Building

NRHP: Howard Hanson House

NRHP: Israel Beetison House

NRHP: Kacirek-Woita General Store

NRHP: Leshara Site

NRHP: McClean Site

NRHP: National Bank of Ashland

NRHP: OK Market

NRHP: Old Ithaca Grain Elevator

NRHP: Pahuk Hill

NRHP: Řád Plzeň čís. ZČBJ

NRHP: Saunders County Courthouse

NRHP: St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

NRHP: Wahoo Burlington Depot

NRHP: Woodcliff Burials

NRHP: Yutan Site

Scotts Bluff County

NRHP: Fontenelle Apartment Building

NRHP: Fort Mitchell

NRHP: Gering Courier Building

NRHP: Henry State Aid Bridges

NRHP: Interstate Canal Bridge

NRHP: Knorr-Holden Continuous Corn Plot

NRHP: Lincoln Hotel, Scottsbluff

NRHP: Marquis Opera House

NRHP: M.B. Quivey House

NRHP: Midwest Theater

NRHP: Robidoux Pass

NRHP: Saddle Club

NRHP: Sandford Hall

NRHP: Scottsbluff Carnegie Library

NRHP: Scotts Bluff County Courthouse

NRHP: Scotts Bluff National Monument

NRHP: Scottsbluff United States Post Office

NRHP: Severin Sorensen House

NRHP: Signal Butte

NRHP: Tri-State Land Company Headquarters Building

NRHP: Western Public Service Building

Seward County

NRHP: Deutsche Evangelisch Lutherische Zion Kirche

NRHP: Germantown State Bank Building

NRHP: Harry T. Jones House

NRHP: John Cattle, Jr. House

NRHP: Seward County Courthouse

NRHP: Seward County Courthouse Square Historic District

NRHP: States Ballroom

NRHP: Troyer Site

NRHP: Zimmerer House

Sheridan County

NRHP: Antioch Potash Plants

NRHP: Camp Sheridan and Spotted Tail Indian Agency

NRHP: Colclesser Bridge

NRHP: District #119 North School

NRHP: Fritz House

NRHP: Gourley's Opera House

NRHP: Loosveldt Bridge

NRHP: Sheridan County Courthouse

NRHP: Spade Ranch

NRHP: Spade Ranch Store

Sherman County

NRHP: Ellie Mae Site

NRHP: Frederick Hotel

NRHP: Loup City Township Carnegie Library

NRHP: Sherman County Courthouse

NRHP: Sweetwater Archaeological Site

Sioux County

NRHP: Agate Springs Ranch/Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

NRHP: Harold J. Cook Homestead Amendment

NRHP: Harold J. Cook Homestead Cabin

NRHP: Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Site

NRHP: Sandford Dugout

NRHP: Sioux County Courthouse

NRHP: Wind Springs Ranch Historic and Archaeological District

Stanton County

Thayer County

NRHP: Hebron United States Post Office

NRHP: Richard E. Dill House

Thomas County

NRHP: Bessey Nursery

Thurston County

NRHP: Blackbird Hill

NRHP: Dr. Susan Picotte Memorial Hospital

NRHP: First Thurston County Courthouse

NRHP: North Omaha Creek Bridge

NRHP: Susan La Flesche Picotte House

NRHP: Thurston County Courthouse

Valley County

NRHP: Bruha House

NRHP: Fort Hartsuff Historic District

NRHP: North Loup Bridge

NRHP: Řád Slavín Cís. 112 ZCBJ Hall

NRHP: Schultz Site

NRHP: Valley County Courthouse

Washington County

NRHP: Abraham Castetter House

NRHP: Alfred and Sarah Frahm House

NRHP: Bertrand

NRHP: Blair High School

NRHP: C.C. Crowell, Jr. House

NRHP: Congregational Church of Blair

NRHP: Engineer Cantonment

NRHP: Fontanelle Township Hall

NRHP: Fort Atkinson State Historical Park

NRHP: Gottsch Farm

NRHP: Long Creek School District 8

NRHP: Old McDonald Farm

NRHP: Washington County Courthouse

Wayne County

NRHP: Wayne Commercial Historic District

NRHP: Wayne County Courthouse

NRHP: Wayne Municipal Auditorium

NRHP: Wayne United States Post Office

NRHP: Dr. W.C. Wightman House

Webster County

NRHP: Auld Public Library

NRHP: Burlington Depot, WCTG

NRHP: Cather House, WCTG

NRHP: Chalk Cliffs and Republican River, WCTG

NRHP: The City Pharmacy, WCTG

NRHP: Crossroads Grave Site, WCTG

NRHP: Elm Street Historic District, WCTG

NRHP: Farmers and Merchants Bank Building, WCTG

NRHP: First Baptist Church, WCTG

NRHP: Garber Grove, WCTG

NRHP: George Cather Farmstead, WCTG

NRHP: Dr. Gilbert E. McKeeby House, WCTG

NRHP: Grace Protestant Episcopal Church, WCTG

NRHP: Hill Farm Site

NRHP: IOOF Hall and Opera House

NRHP: Jackson's Reserve, WCTG

NRHP: Main Street Historic District, WCTG

NRHP: Matthew R. Bentley House, WCTG

NRHP: Miner Brothers Store, WCTG

NRHP: Miner House, WCTG

NRHP: Moon Block, WCTG

NRHP: Opera House, WCTG

NRHP: Pavelka Farmstead WCTG

NRHP: Perkins-Wiener House, WCTG

NRHP: Railroad Addition Historic District, WCTG

NRHP: Red Cloud Bridge

NRHP: Red Cloud United States Post Office

NRHP: Seward Street Historic District, WCTG

NRHP: Starke Round Barn

NRHP: St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church, WCTG

NRHP: St. Stephenie Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church, WCTG

NRHP: Warner-Cather House, WCTG

NRHP: Webster County Courthouse, WCTG

NRHP: Willa Cather Memorial Prairie, WCTG

NRHP: William Cather Homestead Site, WCTG

NRHP: William Ducker House, WCTG

Wheeler County

NRHP: Former Wheeler County Courthouse

NRHP: Headquarters Ranch

York County

NRHP: Bradshaw Town Hall

NRHP: Clem's Opera House

NRHP: W.S. Jeffery Farmstead

NRHP: York Public Library

NRHP: York Subways