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Neligh Mill

Neligh Mill

NRHP Reference #: 69000128

NRHP Listing Date: 19691015


111 W 2nd, Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska

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The Neligh Mill, constructed in 1873-74 on the Elkhorn River, is one of hundreds of mills established during Nebraska's early settlement years, but would eventually become the largest milling company in northeastern Nebraska. John D. Neligh, founder of the town, had the mill built to encourage rural settlement and town growth. By 1900 the prospering mill was shipping flour throughout the U.S. and Europe. Elevators (1886 and 1899) and a warehouse (1886) provided the storage capacity needed to assure a ready market for grain grown in the region. Stephen F. Gilman overhauled the mill's water power system during his tenure as owner from 1898-1915. The flume and penstock were rebuilt, the dike system was reinforced and new concrete and steel dams were constructed across the Elkhorn River in 1909 and the Merritt Cut-off in 1912. Despite such efforts, harnessing the Elkhorn River proved a constant challenge and water power was permanently abandoned after a disastrous flood in 1920. Water power usage is still evident at Neligh Mill and within a 40 acre upriver site across the Elkhorn River.

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