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Greeley County Courthouse

Greeley County Courthouse

NRHP Reference #: 89002228

NRHP Listing Date: 19900110


Kildare St, Greeley, Greeley County, Nebraska

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In the fall of 1872, area residents took steps to organize a county, and the governor proclaimed Greeley County as duly established the same year. Two locations vied for the county seat designation in an election held in 1873. Lamartine was the winner. In 1874 Scotia residents succeeded in calling another county seat election, which they won. The issue of where the county seat would reside was not over however, as other communities challenged Scotia for that designation. To solidify their position Scotia residents sponsored the construction of a courthouse in 1885. Additionally, the only railroad in the county passed near Scotia, which had a spur line to it. The present county seat, Greeley, was not established until 1886, when the Burlington Railroad was built through the county. Greeley enjoyed a spot in the center of the county and railroad connections, both important factors in becoming a county seat. After two elections Greeley finally became the county seat in 1890. The first courthouse was a two-story brick building. By 1907 the county determined that it was inadequate and a new structure was needed. A bond issue to support new construction passed in 1912. Actual construction began in 1913 and the Classical Revival-style courthouse was finished in 1914.

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