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Argo Hotel

Argo Hotel

NRHP Reference #: 99000478

NRHP Listing Date: 19990505


211 Kansas, Crofton, Knox County, Nebraska

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The Argo Hotel, constructed in 1912, is located in Crofton. It is significant for its association with the building boom of second generation hotels that was occurring on a statewide basis during the first quarter of the twentieth century. The hotels built during this period, as exemplified by the Argo, were multi-floor, brick buildings that offered the most modern conveniences (such as indoor plumbing and gas or electric lighting), and catered especially to the businessmen who traveled on the railroad. Aside from providing pleasant quarters for travelers, the new hotels became the symbol of a prospering community with a bright future. For this reason, towns and cities of all sizes thought it was important to showcase a "modern" hotel as an indication of their prominent standing in the state. It is within this context that the importance of the Argo Hotel is realized. The building is also significant for its association with health and medicine. In 1940, the hotel was converted into a health clinic which provided a much needed service to Crofton and the surrounding area.

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