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Kearney, Nebraska, 1937-1938


Hugh M. McClure, Kearney, Nebraska

Samuel Parnham Walker, Kearney, Nebraska

H.G. Codd, Architect, Kearney, Nebraska

McClure & Walker was an architectural firm that was in business in Kearney, Nebraska. They designed primarily school buildings.

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Kearney, Nebraska, 1937-1938

Educational & Professional Associations

McClure & Company, Kearney, Nebraska

Other Associations

1937-1938: employed Samuel P. Walker.

1938: employed Kenneth B. Clark as a draftsman.

1938: employed Charles F. Hibberd, architect's superintendent.

Buildings & Projects


Proposed Addition (1936), Kearney Public Library, Kearney, Nebraska. [7]

Proposed Swimming Pool & Bath House (1936), Kearney, Nebraska. [7]

South Ward School (1937), 6th Ave. & G St., Broken Bow, Nebraska.[5][6]

Halsey Public School (1937), Halsey, Nebraska.[3] (TM01-018)

Kearney High School Stadium (under construction in 1938), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Mens Dormitory (1938), Kearney Campus, Kearney, Nebraska.[6] (BF05-158)

Plans for City Hall & Fire Department building (in preparation in 1938), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

North Ward Elementary School Addition (1938), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[5]

Oconto School (1938), Oconto, Nebraska.[6][a] (CU14-030)

Gosper County Courthouse (1939-1940), 507 Smith Ave., Elwood, Nebraska.[1][2][4][6] (GO01-001) NRHP form and photos


Burwell School (n.d.), Burwell, Nebraska.[6]

Riverdale School (n.d.), Riverdale, Nebraska.[6]

Holdrege School building (n.d.), Holdrege, Nebraska.[6]

Ashton School building (n.d.), Ashton, Nebraska.[6]

Litchfield School building (n.d.), Litchfield, Nebraska.[6]

Broken Bow School building (n.d.), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[6]

Pleasanton School (n.d.), Pleasanton, Nebraska.[6]

Loup City Auditorium-Gymnasium (n.d.), Loup City, Nebraska.[6]

Sonotorium (n.d.), Harmon Field Park, Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Bath House (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Buffalo County Fair buildings (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Kenwood School (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Salvation Army building (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Whittier School Building remodel (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Buffalo County Courthouse reconstruction (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Anderson Funeral Home (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Peterson Garage (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Saunders Garage (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Residence of A.E. Soderquist (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Residence of Fred A. Nye (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Residence of H.C. Kroger (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Residence of C.L. Gaston (n.d.), Kearney, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), Arapahoe, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), Beatrice, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), Imperial, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), McCook, Nebraska.[6]

Swimming Pool (n.d.), York, Nebraska.[6]

Community Building (n.d.), Scotia, Nebraska.[6]

Community Building (n.d.), Dunning, Nebraska.[6]

Church (n.d.), Holdrege, Nebraska.[6]

Church (n.d.), Broken Bow, Nebraska.[6]


McClure & Walker, Swimming Pool Reference Manual (1938), several-page article.[6]

Honors & Awards

1926: First Place, national small house competition.[6]


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