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Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1891

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S. E. Maxon

L. J-B. Bourgeois

Henry C. Cooke

Maxon, Bourgeois & Cooke was a short-lived architectural firm that practiced in Omaha, Nebraska. A partnership of S. E. Maxon "the well known architect of this city" and "Mr. Bourgeois, a French architect and graduate of Des Bourse Arts of Paris," was announced by the Omaha Daily Bee in January 1890.[1] In April through early August of 1890, Maxon and Bourgeois advertised offices in both Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha.[3] By August 11, 1890, H. C. Cooke was added to the advertisements, with the same Omaha and Council Bluffs offices.[5]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1890-1891

Educational & Professional Associations

Buildings & Projects

Proposal (unsuccessful) for high school (1890), Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][a]

Sweesy Block (1890), Sixteenth and Jackson Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.[4][b]


a. In March 1890, Maxon & Bourgeois were listed among a dozen architectural practices which offered designs for a high school to the Lincoln, Nebraska Board of Education. The other proposals came from Fowler & Beindorff of Omaha; Seymour Davis of Topeka; F. M. Ellis of Omaha; Frank, Bailey & Farmer of Kearney; William Gray & O. H. Placey of Lincoln; Pallister & Co. of New York; and R. C. Kerr & Co. of Rock Island. Ferdinand Fiske of Lincoln and Craddock & Hay of Lincoln were mentioned as having plans in preparation "and were given further time to complete the plans." The design of "Maxon, of Council Bluffs" was named among the half-dozen chosen for further consideration, but ultimately none of the plans advanced to construction.[2]

b. The Sweesy Block was described in July 1890 as "It will be 88x63 and five stories high. It will cost about $50,000."[4]


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