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Omaha, Nebraska, 1906-1913

Max Rudolph Nippell was born on October 26, 1871 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. His parents were Jean-Pierre and Anna Lydia (née Batten) Nippell.[1][b] Nippell's father was an English teacher at a college in Neuchâtel, and his mother was later indicated, by Nippell, as English.[4] Nippell immigrated to the United States around 1905, and was employed as a draftsman in the office of John McDonald in Omaha. In 1907, he worked for Frederick W. Clarke. By 1911, he began the partnership of Nippell & Bellas, Architects with Charles Bellas. He married Grace Wilkins in 1907 in Omaha, with whom he had at least two children.[5] In about 1919, Nippell married Adella J. Edwards in Jackson County, Missouri.[6] After this, Nippell is found living in Dallas, Texas; Springfield, Massachusetts; Englewood, New Jersey; and San Diego, California.[7][8][9][10] Max Nippell died on November 21, 1941, in San Diego.[10]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1907-1911, 1913

Educational & Professional Associations

1905-1906: draftsman, John McDonald, Omaha, Nebraska.[a]

1907: architect, F. W. Clarke, Omaha, Nebraska.

1908-1909: architect, 806 New York Life Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

1910: architect, 429 Paxton Block, Omaha, Nebraska.

1911-1913: architect and partner, Nippell & Bellas, Architects, Omaha, Nebraska.

1913: architect and partner with Fred Petersen, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[11]

1915-1917: architect, Fort Dodge, Iowa.[12][13][14][15][16]

1920: residing in Dallas, Texas.[7]

1926: architect, Springfield, Massachusetts.[8]

1930: architect, Englewood, New Jersey.[9]

1941: residing in San Diego, California.[10]

Buildings & Projects

Bungalow for Mrs. L Strow (1917), Olsen Park, Fort Dodge, Iowa.[12]

Bungalow for W. C. Halsey (1917), Eagle Grove, Iowa.[12]

Garage for Ft. Dodge Auto Company (1917), 12th St., & 1st Ave., Fort Dodge, Iowa.[13]

Residence and Garage for W.G. Moore (1917), east end, Fort Dodge, Iowa.[14]


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b. Some sources give his birth date as either November 22, 1872 or 1873, but all corroborate his parents' names.[2][3]


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