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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1947-1969
Marvin Lee Robinson, ca. 1943.

Marvin Lee Robinson was born August 16, 1907. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nebraska and his Master’s Degree in architecture from Princeton University. Robinson was an instructor in architecture at the University of Nebraska on numerous occasions, and was a member of the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was also involved in the design of the Indianola Internment Camp, which was a project of Davis & Wilson. Additionally, Robinson had an interest in printing; he began the Tortoise Press in 1961, and printed four collections of recipes complete with wood engravings done by him.

Robinson served as a judge in the 1954 selection of a muralist for the Capitol. He was a past Vice President and Board Member of the Nebraska Art Association, past President of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Robinson’s other numerous memberships included the University Club, Lincoln Elks Lodge No. 80; Grid Iron Club, Crucible Club, the American Legion, and the Delta Upsilon social fraternity. Robinson died on February 13, 1969; he was survived by his wife, Margaret, and sons, Peter and John, both of Lincoln, Nebraska.[2][3][4]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1947-1969

Educational & Professional Associations

1915-1923: Hall School, St. Joseph, Missouri.[4]

1923-1927: Central High School, St. Joseph, Missouri.[4]

1927-1928: St. Joseph Junior College, St. Joseph, Missouri.[4]

1929-1932: Department of Architecture, University of Nebraska, B.Arch.[4]

1931-1934: general drafting, Davis & Wilson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

1931-1934: instructor, Drawing and Design, Deptartment of Architecture, University of Nebraska.[4]

1934: Associate Editor, Architectural Forum (wrote Forum of Events, Architectural Criticism).[4]

1935-1936: Lowell Palmer Fellow in Architecture, and Master of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Princeton University.[4][7]

1937-1939: instructor in architecture, University of Nebraska.[4]

1937-1939: Design, Specifications, Rendering and Supervision, Davis & Wilson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

1939-1946: Design, Rendering, Specifications, Supervision, N. Bruce Hazen, Architect, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

1940-1941: instructor in design, University of Nebraska, Department of Architecture.[4]

1940-1941: Design, Supervision, Specifications, Davis & Wilson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[4]

1941-1943: University of Nebraska, Department of Architecture, Critic of Design.[4]

1941-1943: Coordinator, Buckley Field Project Manager, Davis & Wilson, Architects, Internment Camp Indianola.[4]

1943: Registered Professional Architect, Nebraska, November 12, 1943; A-195.[4][a]

1947-1969: architect and partner, Hazen & Robinson, Architects, Lincoln, Nebraska.[1][2][a]

1952: president, AIA Nebraska.[6]

1959: Founded The Tortoise Press.[5]

1966: Board of Directors, Nebraska Art Association.[7]

Buildings & Projects

All known building attributions for Robinson were done on behalf of the Hazen & Robinson partnership. See the Hazen & Robinson buildings and projects.

Visual Arts

Proposed Seward Bath House, drawing for N. Bruce Hazen, Architect (Nebraska State Historical Society)


a. Last Registered in Nebraska, 1969.[4]


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