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Swedish Crosses Marker (NSHS)
Chrisman sisters sod house (NSHS)
Chimney Rock (D. Murphy)
Nebr National Bank (Om Illus)
Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph (D. Murphy)
Welcome to the Nebraska State Historical Society's, Historic Nebraska - People, Places and Landscapes, site!

Current Thematic Contents

View Nebraska Historical Markers for information on the state's more than 500 historical markers. Access to Nebraska's marked historic places is available by county and category in addition to searching the site.

Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects. Entries for over 960 architects (deceased) and architectural firms known to have worked in Nebraska from the Territorial Period to the year 2000, with emphasis on their buildings and designs. Browse by name, search the site, or follow the links.

Page of the Month!

Nebraska Historical Marker: Nebraska Statehood Memorial

Notable Recent Entries

Stanley John How, Jr. (1928-2011), Architect was a notable mid-century architect working out of Omaha. Pages for him and his circle of associations are recent additions.

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