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Omaha, Nebraska, 1942-1976

Lyle Albert Lydick was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 31, 1911. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nebraska in 1933. After college, Lydick became married in 1938, and would eventually have two children. In 1940, Lydick began his career in architecture at the Union Pacific Railroad Company, where he worked until 1945. In 1945, Lydick was employed at the firm James T. Allan for one year, whereupon he began working for Noel S. Wallace, Architect, until 1951. It was in this year that Lydick began his own firm, Lyle A. Lydick, in Omaha. The AIA was informed of Lydick’s death on February 26, 1986.[2][3][4]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Omaha, Nebraska, 1944-1976

Educational & Professional Associations

1929-1941: Not listed, Omaha, Nebraska.

1940-1945: draftsman, Union Pacific Railroad Company.[2][3]

1945-1946: draftsman, James T. Allan, Omaha, Nebraska.[2][3][4]

1946-1951: associated with Noel S. Wallace, Architect.[2][3]

1951-19__: Lyle A. Lydick, Architect, Omaha, Nebraska.[2][3][4]

1953-1955: architect, 614 Omaha National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

1956-1959: architect, 808 Omaha National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

1961: unlisted, Omaha, Nebraska.

1962-1974: architect, 808 Omaha National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

1975-1976: architect, 1000 City National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

1978-1979: Same as 1976, spouse Hilda L.

1980: Not listed Omaha, Nebraska directory

1981-1984: architect, 100 First National Bank building, Omaha, Nebraska

1985: Retired, Omaha, Nebraska directory

Other Associations

1954-1955: employed Robert A. Teig, draftsman.

1954-1958: employed Victor B. Nelsen, draftsman (1954-1956) and architect (1957-1958).

1956: employed Robert Luther Johnson, 1956.

1965: employed John Ridgely McClurg, Jr., architect.

Buildings & Projects

Home State Bank (1953), Humboldt, Nebraska.[2]

1st National Bank (1955), Wisner, Nebraska.[2][3]

1st National Bank (1955), Essex, Iowa.[2][3]

Wilkinson Manufacturing Company (1958), Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska.[3]

Farmers State Bank (1960), Millard Nebraska.[3]

Parkside Baptist Church (1961), Omaha, Nebraska.[3]

Carl A. Anderson Inc (1961), Des Moines, Iowa.[3]

Col. Complex (1966), Tarkio, Missouri.[4][a]

Lutheran Church (1969), Omaha, Nebraska.[4]

Manufacturing Plant (1969), Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska.[4]


a. Lydick was associate architect with James M. Hunter.[4]


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