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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1900-1903


Marcus Leach

Francis J. Plym

Leach & Plym was an architectural partnership that was in business from 1900-1903, in Lincoln. It was headed by Marcus Leach and Francis Plym. Early in 1903, Plym announced his departure for Kansas City, with the intention of opening an associated office there.[22]

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Compiled Nebraska Directory Listings

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1900-1903

Educational & Professional Associations

Buildings & Projects


Design for City Library (1900), Lincoln, Nebraska.[23][e]

New Central (McKinley) School (1899-1902), 15th & M Sts, Lincoln, Nebraska.[16][17][26][a]

Building to be erected for...D. E. Thompson (1901), North 8th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[27]

Clay Center School (1902), Clay Center, Nebraska.[8]

Lincoln Daily Star Building (1902), Lincoln, Nebraska.[9]

George Loveland house (1902), 1130 S. 20th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska (2sfr., $4500).[10]

Masonic Hall Assoc. (1902), reconstruction (Lincoln, Nebraska?).[10]

N. P. Lundeen house (1902), (2sfr. cottage, $2000), York, Nebraska.[10][25][g]

Bissell & Seavy Brick Store (1902), Wolbach, Nebraska.[11]

Mrs. Harrison house (1902), 14th & H, Lincoln, Nebraska ($5000).[12]

Mrs. Lawless house (1902), 16th & Cherry, Lincoln, Nebraska ($2000).[12]

W. D. FitzGerald house (1902-1903), 1106 South 20th, Lincoln, Nebraska.[3][15] (LC13:D07-0046)

Residence for H. P. Lau, Jr. (circa 1902), probably 1029 D Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[19][24][f]

Lutheran Academy Building (1903), Wahoo, Nebraska.[13][18][b]

Dr. John S. Leonhardt house (circa 1903), probably 1726 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.[7][d]

Sutton National Bank & Odd Fellows Hall (1903), (Sutton?).[4]

H. W. Davis store Building (1903), (Lincoln, Nebraska?).[5]

Osceola Auditorium (1903), Osceola, Nebraska.[6]

Methodist Episcopal Church (1903), Minden.[14]


Considered for Carnegie Library, Grand Island, Nebraska.


a. Improvement Bulletin in October 1901 reported bids were being received in Lincoln for a 10-room school house, designed by Leach & Plym. School Board Journal of October 1902 includes an elevation of "New Central School, Lincoln, Neb. 10 Class Rooms, Library, Reading Room and Manual Training Rooms. Cost $25,000. Leach & Plym, Architects, Lincoln, Neb." School board minutes indicate T. P. Harrison constructed a 10 room school house on the high school grounds in 1902, for $24,500. The school was called "New McKinley School" by 1903.[16][17][26]

b. The Wahoo academy building is estimated to cost $25,000, according to School Board Journal.[18]

c. School Board Journal of January 1899 lists: "Lincoln, Neb. A new $8,000 ward school. Plans drawn by architect M. Leach."[20]

d. The Lincoln Star of January 24, 1903 carried an announcement "Dr. Leonhardt, Office & Residence, Removed to 1726 N Street." The 1903 Sanborn Map Co. atlas of Lincoln shows that parcel as unimproved, while the 1928 edition shows a large two-story frame house on the site. Probably Leonhardt built 1726 N around 1903.[21]

e. The six architectural firms which submitted "separate sets of drawings and specifications" for Lincoln's Carnegie-supported library were Stone, Carpenter & Wilson of Providence, R. I.; Ferry & Clas of Milwaukee; Roberts & Woods, Leach & Plym, and James Tyler & Son of Lincoln; and Fisher & Lawrie of Omaha.[23]

f. Hans Peter Lau, Jr. lived at different addresses in 1900 and 1901, then in 1902 settled into a period of residence at 1029 D Street, a new house beside the house his mother Friedrike Lau was remodeling (1045 D) extensively after the death of her husband (H. P. Lau).[24]

g. Colonel Nils P. (N.P.) Lundeen was a long-time resident of York, Nebraska, involved in state government and especially the Nebraska National Guard.


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